An esoteric life story.

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 I spent some time with a dear friend. He bought property on the same road as my place. I live out in the country in the Ozarks. I o... Read Chapter


 These pages attempt to weave conversations and experiences from my life, into a sensible narrative. If some parts seem extraordinar... Read Chapter

The Zoo

 After the longest week in history, I turned into Val's driveway. We had a pleasant dinner, then snuggled on the couch watching an o... Read Chapter


 I got home from California on a Tuesday and was off until Monday. Surprising Val at work, "I see you have your car, so you don't ne... Read Chapter

The Park

 In the morning I asked, "Do you want to go out for breakfast?" She liked the idea, we went to the local restaurant. I drove the Pon... Read Chapter

King Arthur

 The next Wednesday, I went to work early and got off early. Val was chipper as we prepared to leave for Nancy's. On the way I frett... Read Chapter

Starry Nights

 The next week Val was tired when she got home. I made a simple dinner, I knew she enjoyed coming home to a nice meal. We sat on the... Read Chapter

No Guts, No Glory

 I began, "I wanted to tell you about an incident, one that had profound and irrevocable effects. Hopefully it will bring everything... Read Chapter

A Book For My Mother

 I went to pick up Val for Tony's wedding. It was a Thursday night, so it worked out well with her job. She had her hair done and wo... Read Chapter

A Life

 After Nancy left I asked, "Are you in the mood for a talk?" We sat at the lake feeding the geese. It was a nice morning, you could ... Read Chapter

Old Business

 We settled back down and I continued, "There's a big organized group of us, pursuing this cycle of learning. It's all part of an ex... Read Chapter


 I hugged Nancy at her car, she was looking forward to the morning confab. We had a puff and caught up on the news. After reading th... Read Chapter

Another Talk

 Val was upbeat in the morning, like everyone on their first day off. As we sipped tea I asked, "Do you remember drinking tea at the... Read Chapter

Our Wedding

 The next morning sipping tea she said, "You know, I think I'm going to quit work."  "That's the bee's knees. Why don't you p... Read Chapter


 On the way home Val asked about yoga. After gathering my thoughts, "First, the word itself. The books I've read said it means to yo... Read Chapter

An Old Haunt

 Sipping tea one afternoon, we were wondering how to spend the fine evening. Deciding on the park to watch the sunset, then supper a... Read Chapter

Home Sweet Homestead

 As we finished the paperwork on the Villa. The title agent gave us some history of the property. The house was built by a couple fr... Read Chapter

A Gift Of Wisdom

 Right after we married, Val went skipping down the yoga trail. We had talks about breathing exercises and meditation. She progresse... Read Chapter

The First Holiday Dinner

 We were invited to Corporate for the holiday party. That was my first time and a bit of a surprise. It was a coveted feather, even ... Read Chapter

The Library

 When we could, we went on astral adventures together. In the beginning we stayed on Earth, visiting natural places like Victoria Fa... Read Chapter

Human Beans

 After a break I said, "Okay, one more. Name your poison, Capital Planet, celestial chemistry or human beans."  She smiled, "... Read Chapter

Valerie's Villa

 As a child I spent time with my grandfather. He introduced me to industrial skills, equipment and vehicle repair, the use of hand a... Read Chapter

The Harvest

 We found an injured box turtle while hiking in the forest. When it was restored, I kissed it and told it with utmost sincerity, "I ... Read Chapter

The First Summer Concert

 While planting flowers one morning, Val suggested a summer dinner party. We talked about themes, I threw out an idea. Involve music... Read Chapter

Astral Angel

 Visiting the higher floors gave us a new appreciation for the astral. Emotions and desires are the flavors and spices of life. They... Read Chapter

The Yoga Monster

 Near the end of summer in our first full year at the Villa, it was a clear moonless night. We were sitting outside chatting, watchi... Read Chapter

Our Other Home

 We wanted to go together to see our home on the third floor. Eventually the stars lined up, we made it to the bench on the lookout ... Read Chapter

More Fun At The Lakes

 When the early bulbs were blooming, in the spring of our second full year at the Villa. We were chatting at the breakfast table. I ... Read Chapter

Ends And New Beginnings

 Valerie and I had interesting lives together. There was always a new twist, something to learn or fulfilling ways to serve. We had ... Read Chapter