Maybe it will

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Can we truly put ourselves into sb else's shoes, even if something similar has happened to us? It's surely up to the other person to tell. But we might feel stronger to think that our words or actions may help a bit and it's our way to hold on to sth and to feel others might lift their spirits fo us.

Honestly don’t know if this might help

on a situation like this

still don’t know.


But every day feels closer

and it’s supposed to be natural

it would suppose to be like a law

but in the mind, it’s not so.


I think it could never be,

when a mother’s love

bonds so deeply to a daughter,

to a son,

and they bond the same with her.


A world of words, lots of words,

sometimes they might dazzle,

or there may simply be not enough,

they could be not understood,

or that someone wouldn’t stand them.

Sometimes they’re remembered

they fly by, cheer up, and are really heard.


In an instant,

an eternal second,

it’s for the rest of the long life left

some people never had it

some others lost it really soon

and sometimes those split seconds last a while,

but we always want them to last longer than that.


Too soon

time will pass by and it’ll still be too soon

it might be yet more incredible

or it could be very real.


Can’t fully understand

to be in that place.

Or maybe it will be possible to think about

seeing, listening, and saying the unsaid longing words to each other.


Maybe, it could help

to think or imagine,

to chat or to visit,

to breathe and to weep every second,

but maybe, we can do more than that.

Our people,

our loved ones present in our head all the time,

will be able to talk,

and will whisper,

will hear

will breathe

will live

will have a second chance

in our best and unforgettable dreams

and we should make the best of it. 

Submitted: July 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Million miles. All rights reserved.

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nicely put poem about an important subject. very nice job.

Mon, July 19th, 2021 4:34pm

Million miles

I really appreciate your comment Gilbert. There are thoughts dedicated to someone not extremelly close but whom I feel a great bond. And when she experienced a really recent loss, it felt a bit as it would happen to me and that loss would be a great deal. However, it made me think of all of the people saying and experiencing sort of real feelings but on the other side, thinking
they might be trully lovely and kind words of consolation but not exactly the same shoes though. Thanks a million.

Mon, July 19th, 2021 6:16pm

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