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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Six or seven years ago someone worked out that "Al Quaeda" is part of the Arabic term for database. When confronted with this, surprisingly, the C.I.A. admitted that Al Queada the organisation had never existed. It seems Al Quaeda is actually a computer database the C.I.A. keeps of people who support freedom, democracy, justice. The C.I.A. watches them, terrorises them, and in extreme cases murders them!

The C.I.A.'s evil database
Is being compiled day by day,
Of all the heroes in the world
Who they think they'll have to slay.

All the glorious freedom fighters
Who want to bring democracy back,
Anyone who opposes evil
Will find themselves under attack.

Rebels, like our Lord Jesus
Are being spied on day and night,
Because they dare to oppose things
Which they know just can't be right.

Anarchists who oppose terrorism
Are illegally being watched,
And if they stand up for justice
One way or another they will be stopped.

Injustice now is the Western Way
The way to keep all freedom down,
To slander rebels as terrorist
To see intolerance does abound.

The Big Brother Chip helps them
To spy on you over the Net,
If you fight for, write for justice
No more chances will you get.

They'll hack your PC, and locked you out
To stop you from telling the truth,
They'll slander you over the Web
And more evil things they'll do.

They'll invade your friendly country
And send evil goons around,
And if you won't admit their lies,
You'll end up underground!

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Submitted: July 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts. All rights reserved.

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