A poem about being stuck in life


Traumatized by my past, I sit and wonder what’s next.

Shackled by fear, I stand in quicksand while I pretend to be at my best.

Lying awake at night I wonder if the world knows that I pretend.

Wondering if they’re waiting to expose me, message typed just waiting to hit send.


Once my truth is out, I can no longer hide behind the mask.

Instead of facing who I am, Ill turn to unhealthy vices to avoid facing the task.

Breaking every mirror and any reflection of me I see.

I find it’s better to live a lie, than to embrace and accept me for me.


Although I am dying inside, I’ll forget my feelings and keep up the big lie.

I will use compliments and likes from others, to cover up when I want to cry.

While continuing to ignore my flaws, I will point fingers and judgment at the failures of others.

Falling deeper into the person I pretend to be, ill smile on the outside while my internal being suffers.


Because of my own life, I think everyone just fakes their own happiness.

So caught up in everyone’s opinions, I use hate and envy to fill my emptiness.

Praying daily for freedom from these chains and for a life that is fulfilled and real.

 But instead, I struggle because I know life is about choices, and this is the life I wake up and choose to live...

Submitted: July 20, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Ofc. lott. All rights reserved.

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Nice poem! I like the theme and think many can relate.

Mon, January 17th, 2022 9:48am

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