Luke and Maxine

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Luke,a 21 year boy,after being jailed for theft,has to go to Rons and finish his education.There he meets teens who are as cruel as life in jail.What happens when he meets Maxine.

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I was taught to be tougher than the world,no matter what i had to always fight for whats mine.I did and it brought me here.

[metal creaking]

Officer:Luke you have a visitor

Luke:Who is it?

officer:Get up and move

It was my lawyer.I really hoped he had brought good news.

Lawyer:The court has dismissed you.You will be getting out tomorrow at seven.But you can't go home someone else will be taking care of you .

Luke:Why can't i go home?

Lawyer:Your family claimed no custody of you.

[Whispers] Right when i got out i saw my new people.This is how things went.I am 21,but have to go to high school.They gave me a new birth certificate indicating am 17years.It couldn't get worse,it
was a rich school.
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Maxine P.O.V

Learning at sirus high is devastating.Every teen thinks Sirus high is like a castle,well its not.I got into that school with the help of my step dad the third wealthiest man on earth.Sirus is like
juvi but with more rules,Anyone has a reason to get in Sirus.One reason is your family is filthy rich two,you got sponsered,three its not your will.

Me:Jeremy,i'll miss you

Jeremy:You kidding,just don't mess everything up.

Jeremy is my step brother,but i refer him as my brother i don't like the step brother thing.

Mom:Sweetie,your new school is amazing.I know you are going to like it.

Sdad:[scoffs]Yes you are.Its perfect.

My step dad is like Chris evans or Henry cavill.He has the looks and everyone likes him.i wish i could say the same.

After the goodbyes,i took my luggage to my assigned room.Later we would assemble.

[dingly bell rings)

Weird bell.

???:Attention!Students please report to the rile right now.

Me:Whats a rile

???:Its the assembling point.

I turned to find a girl like me.Her name was Billie.

Two days after the weird rile thing,rules,maintainance what so ever,it was time to get into our classes.Trust me there was nothing i haven't seen before.
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