A History of War

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Seems like most great wars had Democrat presidents ignore issues. WwII could have been ended earlier, and Vietnam would have not been a war, only if the Democrat presidents listened. Now we have a boiling cauldron, and a president ignoring foreign matters. Democrats just love making federal government state government, when globally we need federal government to do its job. At least the high and mighty AOC is right about Israel. Geezo!

Russia and Germany once friends
Poland soon raped under segregation
Afraid of war, watching the UK burn
Sitting smug being safe, by isolation
History ignored by American policy
A president happy to let things be
Russia pushing boundaries constantly
Democrat presidents stand quiet consistently
A war will happen as history is told
Just listen to the stories of the old
Democrats know how to start a war
Either by fanning flames or to ingore

Submitted: July 21, 2021

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