The Secrets of Charis

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

(I originally posted this to Wattpad but I'm going to be posting it both here and there :)

Orion just wants his brother to be proud of him. He's been told story's about Charis and it's spirits, all bad. But when Orion befriends the spirits he realizes that they aren't as evil as he was made to believe they we're. Can he find a way help them? Or will his brother convince him otherwise

(Just a small warning most of my characters have very dark pasts that might be a little bit triggering, ex: mild child neglect and mentally abusive family members. If anxiety/panic attacks trigger you as well please don't read)

Table of Contents

Mountain Dweller

How long has it been? How long since I became what I am now?" Thoughts like this consumed me on a daily basis. I'm not human but I look l... Read Chapter


While Orion slept I decided to clean up a bit, my house was often messy with books and trinkets scattered everywhere. I glanced over at O... Read Chapter


I looked at Azure after my outburst. We both had a surprised look on our faces. I have known Azure ever since I could remember, and I jus... Read Chapter


After he met the triplets and Sierra, Orion and I decided that he would meet queen Eliza in the morning. I explained Eliza's role in our ... Read Chapter

brotherly "love"

Orion made his way through the forest. He walked all the way to the entrance then continued even further until he knew he was alone. ... Read Chapter

A Reunion?

In the morning I conjured Orion some new clothes, Rain told me it was important and made sure to remind me. I laid out Orion's clothe... Read Chapter


After we finished talking with Eliza I wanted to get Orion's mind off of things so I took him to hang out with the triplets and Sierra. ... Read Chapter

A worried Queen

I stayed with Orion for a while to make sure he had fallen asleep before I went into the main room. Once I was sure, I stood up and squee... Read Chapter

The seed of doubt

I left Eliza's castle shrouded in darkness. There's no reason for me to worry. I know that: Or do I? I'm not even sure if Orion is a ... Read Chapter

Rising suspicion

Orion and I talked and joked all the way to Eliza's castle. Before I knew it we were in her study with tea, ready to talk with her. "... Read Chapter

It was an accident

TW: This chapter includes a panic attack! As well as someone being made fun of/ ignored during one! If you don't want to read it Scroll t... Read Chapter

Keeping Secrets

Orion wiped his tears and backed away from Onyx. "Don't tell the others about this." Orion mumbled. "I won't if you don't want me... Read Chapter

Rain and Dawn?

"Why are you guys so quiet?" Aspen yelled as he jogged over. "Your back!" Sierra cried out. She eggarly ran over to the three boys an... Read Chapter


Orion noticed that Onyx looked uncomfortable then  glared at Eliza before asking if he was ok. Eliza stepped back with surprise and ... Read Chapter

Flower Crowns

Rain led Onyx and Orion back and sat down on the grass in front of a group of large rocks. Orion looked around for the others but couldn'... Read Chapter


"I told you already Onyx, I can't say anything just drop it" He snapped. Onyx was far from satisfied with his answer. He got up from ... Read Chapter


Dawn wrote something down on a piece of paper then with a sigh crumpled it up and threw it into a large pile she had accumulated. She... Read Chapter

"For the greater good."

Dawn walked through the rows of tents trying her best to ignore the soldiers that were still wounded from Oliver's last battle. She w... Read Chapter

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