alike, forever

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As I climbed, and my fingers kept slipping in-between the rocks, 'the virus can't get up here', I thought.  The mountain-top twinned between the peaks, ripping tides touched only the jagged rock, formed by it, on the sides.  Not unknown when, life will feel of no consequence, I keep forwarding. The covid shot is the booster shot, now, all-inclusive, to render non-airborne sickness.  People are running amuck down-there, it seems, with the truth, as I sit on this brown-dirt and, not under it. Unyielding, I will stare at the sky, while undoubtedly and symbolically winking at-all mountain-top patrons.  Who wouldn't dare?  'Who would think to...climb this mountain?'  I thought, as I, breathlessly, glared around for another patron willing to agree, whole-heartedly, with me.
Strinkingly,  all of the sudden, amid looking around at the cool-rocks, absolved from hot-molten-lava, I thought I saw God in a glaze of hot, sun rays, as if out of a dream.  He said to me: 
"You are in heaven, little girl.  The doctor gave you an update.  This is 
your new paradise.  You died from Covid five hours-ago.  Your uphill 
battle is over."
I turned around, out of fear, to go back down the mountain, but its image closed like the shutters of a camera lens and as I peered around into a new, brighter world, I realized this was no dream, and I asked, "So, this is what heaven looks like?" - - to God.  And God affirmed with his resonating, deep voice, "Yes, you are in this place."  "This voice seems to come from all around me," she said.  "Because, now," she said, God is everywhere, and, real to me, are  the mountain-tops and heavenly skies, alike, forever."  "I will make this my new home," she said with some withdrawal, to God.

Submitted: July 21, 2021

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