The Mermaid

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

“My kingdom for a man,” she muttered to herself, “or maybe a mountain,” she added, staring absently into the endless, pale horizon. 

From this vantage point, atop the highest mountain she could find, everything was shockingly clear. Shockingly empty.

She had wasted no time finding her Prince, and he was so easily conquered. How innocent I was, she thought, picturing the naive little mermaiden she had been—always craning her neck towards the forbidden sky. 

A gust of wind. 

She wrapped herself in the knit blanket he gave her. The air’s too cold, she thought, shivering. She ran her slender fingers through her desiccated, dry hair. 

She studied her hands and sighed. My soft webbing… gone forever.

“The siren lied to me,” she murmured, remembering the lure of her old desires. The sky had sung with such sonorous, wanton passion. That same sky burned red the day she left her Prince—satisfied this life was not for her. The frothy tides crashed against her as she walked, walked.

“No!” she screamed, thrashing deeper, deeper. “Siren! Where’s my tail? Siren!”

Silence. Her ocean was gone.

Mermaid or not, I’m going home. The waters rose above her chin. She drank, inviting the flood, the dark embrace of a salty scythe—repose. 

And then she woke up, lying on her back, covered in sand. He was breathing life back into her. Screaming, she closed her eyes. 

“Coralee!” he cried. 

But without a word to her Prince, she stalked away, unwavering into the night. 

I’m not a Princess…


Now she had a mountain. The first time she saw it, the distant silhouette seemed as impossible to reach as the highest star in the sky. 

The mermaid stood, turning away from her lost sea. 

What else is there? She wondered—inhaling the wind. 

Submitted: July 22, 2021

© Copyright 2021 notley nix. All rights reserved.

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