Non Sequitor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Stories Galore

Six young people indulge in very high tempo crime and adventure and draw ina banker to their web of deceit.

 Non Sequitor

By Jack Kay




There are six people in this story who meet at the YWCA. They all have a patched life. Different stories indicate that they have been really left behind by their parents and possibly abused either physically or emotionally. Once they come together their lives develop an unbelievable amount of chemistry. They became supportive of each other but their path is one that is destructive. They do not have as individuals the ability to act alone but as a group they are deadly as the narrative will tell. This is a true story.


Chapter 1 Emma

Emma had contemplated suicide, since the incident at Christmas. If not for the fact that the employment agency had called to tell her of an interview she would have walked down to the Vale River and jumped in. She had completely lost her confidence.

Emma Shore was born in Park-Dale, a suburb of Seattle Washington. Her parents resented her because she was conceived following a night of drunken partying. They did not want children. Both had jobs and lived the high life. Steve Shore was the sales manager for a Ford Dealership and earned a very good salary. Anita Shore sold cosmetics in a major department store, making very commissions and a salary. The pregnancy almost cost her the job.

The little girl grew up in the midst constant drunken bickering. They proved not to be happy drunks but despised their own child and made sure she was being taken care of by others. Emma was constantly being taken to her grandmother or to a baby sitter. When she was seven they arranged to have her entered into a boarding school in Seattle. At times she felt loved by staff members and teachers but many of them came and went. She hardly ever saw her parents and when she was sixteen not at all.

She was shocked to learn that she was being cast out of her parental home at age seventeen with a small monthly payment of 600.00 , and they would no longer pay for her education or board at the school. A teacher at the school helped her to gain entrance to a state run secretarial school. She boarded with a family who needed extra money but it was a terribly lonely experience. After she had paid her tuition and the board she had so little left that she was unable to do anything but watch television. It was just an existence for her. She tried on several occasions to try and get in touch with her parents but to no avail. Her grandmother also did not want to have anything to do with her.

She took a job on weekends at a Dairy Queen restaurant which helped her to meet people and to earn extra money. The couple that she boarded with tried to exact more money from her for board and room. She moved out and took a room at the YWCA, where she met other young people. The cost was just a fraction of what she had paid to board. She found different places to eat her meals.

Emma  completed her secretarial course when she turned eighteen .She had passed all of the exams with flying colours. Within weeks of finishing school she was interviewed for a position with a legal firm in Seattle. They were very impressed with her skills but the job was an entry level position and she was in the typing pool. The job proved to be drudgery. She was typing documents almost from morning to night. Lunch hour was a half hour and there was a twenty minute break at three in the afternoon. Otherwise she was head down all day. Her salary was fifteen hundred dollars a month, which she found was just enough to get by, as she continued to live at the “Y”.Her parents had ceased to provide any monthly support

She was able to buy some useful clothes and began to use cosmetics . After a while some of the other employees at the agency began to take notice of her. She refused all attempts at dates but occasionally went with other stenographers to dinner after work. She was well liked because she never complained about the job or the lawyers who were constantly looking for affidavits. She purchased a membership at the YWCa and worked out mostly on weekends.

Eventually after a few years she was granted a wage increase and was given a job as a secretary to two of the staff lawyers. It was a great move for her because she took phone calls handled appointments and did a number of jobs for the legal team she worked for. She decided after much thought to contact her mother. She had learned that her parents had separated and that her mother was living in Seattle. They met and her mother was now in very good spirits. She said she was now on the wagon and that she had a great job at Macy’s department store in the Seattle Mall.

She was extremely impressed with Emma and began to help select clothing and worked with her on cosmetics. Within two years of having made a happy connection with her mother Anita passed away from cancer. Emma was heartbroken. She considered her mother as more like a friend. Her mother died penniless. Emma paid for her burial and used almost all of her savings.

The law firm was going through very tough times. There was just too many mouths to feed. Steno staff became depleted and even the two lawyers she worked for were let go, but she still hung onto her position. She was continually run off her feet. The weekends were mostly spent trying to get back her energy .Every day she came home to her little room exhausted. The law office pulled through and she became the go-to steno and secretary in the office. It made her proud but somehow she realized the pay was extremely low for so much responsibility. Emma however never asked for a raise. She was frightened of pursuing more money when others applicants were sending in resumes by the dozens.

Some new lawyers joined the firm and that is when her problems began. She noticed that they often would be in coffee room discussing their cases. When she came in they would deliberately began using expletives. On one occasion one them patted her on the shoulder. She shook him off without comment. Emma mentioned it to her supervisor who laughed it saying ’Men will be men“.

She realized over a period of time that by complaining she had stirred a hornets nest. She stopped using cosmetics and bought some very ugly clothing in a nearly new shop, but the inappropriate comments and small pats started to become ugly. They began to rub their hands on her backside, when she went over to take a cup of coffee. Other women employees she noted were not the object of their fondling. After an episode in which she went for an afternoon tea in which she found herself alone with one of the partners who saying absolutely nothing reached over and struck her on the behind saying “hows life Emma”


After that she did not go to the coffee room. It was at this time that the comments began to increase as they made a bee-line for her desk. It had become an office joke. She became so stressed that it effected her job. She dreaded going to work and often would break down in the washroom Through it all not one person came to her defence. The supervisor she found out was of no assistance at all. Emma had thought about changing jobs but jobs were few and far between for legal secretaries. After seven years on the job she was assaulted by one of the senior partners at a Christmas party.



Chapter 2 Boris


The mass emigration to North America by families from Eastern Europe had begun long before Jacob Ha- levy moved to the United States. At the customs desk on Ellis Island when asked his name because his accent was so thick it sounded to the agent like he said Hall and from that moment on they were known as the Hall family. Jacob Hall had no skills but started a small printing shop which began to flourish in Orange New Jersey. His wife passed away after three years in the States. He remarried and two more children were added to his already burgeoning home. He was actually only making a small living from his print shop so he began searching for other opportunities. Just before the First World war he found a printing shop for sale in Seattle Washington, sold out his business , took a train with his new wife and four children to the west coast .

The printing shop was equipped with ancient presses but he made do eventually the business grew because of his hard work. In the post war period of the 1920,s through to WW2 his company prospered. He was joined by Two of his sons , both of whom had large families . In the war two of his grandsons were in the United States Navy and when World conflict was over Jacob retired .  He moved to Palm Springs California and passed away in the 1960“s. His sons increased the size of the printing shop to become a Plant that employed over a hundred workers.

The entire family were working in the business started by Jacob. By the late 1980’s the business flourished. They were turning out newspapers, magazines and every facet of the print trade. One of the grandsons , Benjamin Hall became the president and immediately hired his son Boris who was 22 to become the foreman of the plant. This did not sit well with the other brothers and family members. Boris was unskilled, and had no training to be a printing foreman. His father was overbearing with everyone with whom he came in contact. Boris was as his sister said “an incompetent failure in every phase of his life” . His parents housed him for a while but his slovenly habits caused them to eventually ask him to leave.

Boris knew he was in over his head , and pleaded with his father to find him other work. He was given a small monthly payment and sent packing. He moved in with a friend and that was over within a few months again when his friend could not stand his terrible habits. His luck changed when he was given a room for the usual small fee at the YMCA. He awoke one day and realizing he was twenty-six years old and had destroyed his relationship with his family, was not very fit and was living like a pig. The transition took him a while. He did not have a job or was he able to get one with absolutely no meaningful skills. He could run a photo copier, and a small printings press.

He began to make the rounds of printing shops but to no avail. His small allowance from his parents did not go very far. The room cost him over half and the rest of his money was for meals. He got a job in a grocery store as a bag boy to tied him over. Within two weeks he was fired for missing work . He tried stocking shelves in a dollar store which was at night and was let go after being found sleeping on the job. Then he met Emma one day while working out.

Boris found Emma to be very difficult to get along with almost from the beginning of their relationship. He felt that the only reason she took up with him in the first place was to get him a printing job so she would look good at her law firm. That situation seemed to work when through her he got full time employment. As the time progressed she appeared constantly angry with him even though he was very good to her. Suddenly one night everything changed when she announced to him angrily that she was desperate for sex and of all things a child -like spanking. The first time was  absolutely shocking for him because he spanked her on her bottom until she almost bled and then she was so wet he entered her almost immediately and held on as long as he could but finally succumbed to her bouncing up and down. She screamed with joy despite the fact that she was able to deflower..her.

“More” she whispered hoarsely to him after every session.

“I need a few minutes to get it up again he derided her”

She would beg him constantly like she was making up for lost time, she was 26 years old and the sensation for her was an addiction.


Chapter 3 Lucy Lee

The patriarch of  the Lee family arrived in the Canada in 1888 at age 16. . He had come from China in steerage and it had taken 12 days. He had been hired to work in a laundry. The location was in the China Town area of Vancouver British Columbia. His first name was Jin but he changed it to Jim while working in the laundry. The work proved to be pure drudgery . He started at six in the morning and worked until 8:00 in the evening six days a week. One day he noticed a man with a small cart selling carded goods to store keepers. He approached the man and asked about his business. The man remarked to him that he needed a seller for Chinese groceries and corner stores on Sunday. The pay was very low but Jim took it on as a way out of his miserable existence. He had  an advantage because he now was able to at least speak some pigeon English.

He proved to be a very good salesman and the owner offered to buy another cart and set him up in the business. Jim payed a deposit for the cart and began to learn how to both buy and sell goods from manufacturers and wholesalers. Jim studied English almost every night so that he was able to go out of China Town to sell and he hired a friend from the laundry to work with him. From the years 1895 to 1901 Jim had 5 salesmen out selling all around Vancouver. He went from carts to wagons and horses. He rented a small warehouse where he stocked most of the merchandise that he sold. Jim married a Chinese Canadian Woman named Lynn Hong in 1905 and they had three children all of whom eventually joined the business. The company flourished through the First World war and sputtered through the intervening years of the depression. The extended family grew with two sons joining the firm. Just following WW2 he  passed away and one of his grandsons Chun , known as Charley married an American girl from Seattle Washington named Francis Wong. Charley started up his own company also selling small wares. This was the age of the so called Wagon Jobber and Charley with the help of his wife purchased a Ford van and began travelling through Seattle selling directly from his truck as his grandfather had done.

In 1948 the Coca Cola company released a product which took America by storm it was their coke bottle lighter. Charley purchased the item which came at a dozen on a card, and he sold them in the millions and it spelled a massive success for his wholesale business. He had two daughters who married and their children also entered the firm. Lucy Lee was born to Charley’s granddaughter Gloria in 1985. Lucy was a difficult child. She refused to help at the warehouse after school and was constantly asking for money to buy new clothes and jewellery. Lucy’s father blamed his wife for the problem daughter. When she was sixteen and a junior in High School she ran with a very bad Caucasian crowd and began to smoke , and to use marijuana . She was suspended with many members of her gang from the High School for two weeks when the School guard discovered drugs in her locker. Her parents were extremely embarrassed particularly in the Chinese community of Seattle. Her father ordered her out of the house giving her a small allowance and telling her to get a job.

She was a disaster on her own moving from bed sitting rooms to run down motels. In an effort to get her life on track she moved into the YWCA and met both Emma and Boris. They helped to change her life.

Lucy Lee needed a job badly, she was living on a very small income with a drug habit, with very little future, She had barely enough money to buy food, and began to search around to see if she could steal enough to get by. Boris caught her one day when she sneaked into the locker area and hid behind t hem. He made a decision not to call police and when Emma showed up they took her aside to find out what the problem was.

Lucy Lee broke down and cried telling them her story. They promised to help her to shake the drug habit by getting her professional care. It was Boris who found her a job working in a fast food restaurant near the “Y” Both he and Emma walked her to a clinic every day to assist her in drying out, within a month she had become clean. Boris and Emma became closer because of the efforts on their part to get Lucy Lee out of the drug culture.

One night they took Lucy out for a pizza and they met Ronnie who Boris knew slightly from  the YMCA where he worked out. They introduce him to Lucy and suddenly his interest was peaked and they made a date for the next night. Over the next several weeks the foursome got together often. It was however at a theatre where Ronnie saw his sister June and her boy friend Greg that with that the six of them adjourned afterwards to a restaurant called Homers,  the liked each other and  became friends.


Chapter 4 Ronnie and Lucy

.Ronnie Bell was born in Bellingham Washington moving with his family to Seattle  when his father got a job at the Boeing aircraft plant in the finance offices. Ronnie was a very quiet boy who did everything he was told. His father was extremely strict with both he and his sister June . Everything had to be scheduled, meals, homework and bed time. Weekends were spent working around the house on Saturday and going to Church on Sunday. His mother was completely dominated by their dad. She never spoke unless spoken to , and when alone was always refer to their father’s dictum's. She did not have a mind of her own on any matter including meals and any of the chores to be carried out in their home. His sister June  received a beating at age 10 for having a poor report card. She was completely embarrassed because it was done in front of her brother and mother. She began to plan revenge and asked Ronnie to join her. He said it would need planning . He was older and she took his advice.


It all began with the delivery of unordered Pizzas just as they sat down for dinner. Their father was livid . Next they shut the stove off for dinner while their mother slept on her afternoon nap. pretending  to come home just as their father arrived home. Again he was angry, now at their mother and shook her, until she cried. They got friends to make calls from telephone booths while they were home studying , giving nasty messages into the phone and then hanging up. Several other incidents while they were at home or in school caused their father to become completely paranoid. A friend came by one night while they watched Television and slashed the tires on their family car. When Ronnie saw it he couldn’t help but burst out laughing. His father struck him across the face bloodying his nose and his mouth causing to be treated at the emergency room of the hospitable. The last episode was carefully planned now by Ronnie when he went to the police and swore out a complaint on his father . His father was taken in to custody and charged with child abuse.


Their father received a suspended sentence with numerous warnings but never dared to strike them again, or for that matter to even speak to them. He left their upbringing to his wife and spent most of his time in the recreation room of their home where he was served his meals . They grew up without any parental interference. Both went to High School and graduated . Ronnie had a plan to join the army and June worked for a jewellery store in down town Seattle. Ronnie was not selected for service because of several health issues. . Ronnie had grown quite tall and he towered over his father and began to make treats with the result that his mother told him to move out.  He moved into a boarding house and took a job working nights stocking shelves at a Publix market. He  eventually took a small apartment on the west side of Seattle and June moved in with him . They shared the expenses. Ronnie induced June to join him for work outs at the ’Y“ They became acquainted with other young people who also shared their interest in keeping fit.


June met a man who was called the HUNK because of his size , his name was Greg and he was a a very well developed man with large biceps and stood about 6 fours inches tall. He and June hit it off and very quickly they became a couple. Ronnie couldn’t help but like the guy because he often came to their apartment and brought food with  wine. .He knew that shortly after June met with HUNK that they were sleeping together but always stayed out late when Greg came over.


Ronnie began to save in order to buy a business, he kept working at the market , sometimes long hours in order to add to his wealth. His break came when he was given the chance to purchase a beauty and barber supply wholesale company. The seller had a small warehouse and office which was rented. Ronnie applied for a small loan which was to his dismay not granted. June had some money but it wants enough to cover the $20,000 needed for the purchase. Ronnie was running out of time and he went to visit his father and mother. It had been several months since they had seen each other. He stated his case that he needed money to invest in a prosperous supply company and that he would pay back the money with interest. They asked him to leave.


He grew desperate but Greg learned through June that he was in need of money and immediately said he would come up with the cash for Ronnie. It was a loan but Ronnie told him that he would also have a 25% share in the business. Ronnie closed the deal with both June and Greg there to help him celebrate. Ronnie was able to buy a van for both deliveries and calling on customers. He carried a number of items on his daily visits to barber shops and beauty shops. June quit her job at the jewellery store in order to run his office and take orders. Within six months the business doubled and  he also came in to assist when he wasn’t seeing clients. It was through Greg that Emma and Boris became friends.


Chapter 5 June

June had moved into the small apartment with her brother Ronnie. She worked at a jewellery store in the town mall centre of Seattle. She was pretty and customers liked her but she was poorly paid, despite the fact that she was a top sales person. She asked for a commission on sales but she was flatly turned down. June dressed very well but she was slowly beginning to realize that her days at the store were numbered. She had met Greg by chance in a small luncheon restaurant one day when they sat next to each other at the counter. She fell for him almost immediately. He asked her out and she slept with him after just being with him for a few weeks. Ronnie was very impressed with the Greg who he found out was known as the Hunk. Ronnie knew that June was having sex with Greg simply by the fact that they were very noisy lovers. He did caution June not to get pregnant and she she insisted that Greg wear protection.

When Ronnie needed financial help Greg stepped up and they became partners in the Beauty and barber supply wholesale.


Chapter 6 Greg(Gregor)

All of his life Greg whose real name was Gregor  had been an easy read. He was the child of a somewhat dysfunctional family in Seattle. His father was a terrible drunk and fought constantly with his mother. His father beat everyone in the household including his sisters . He was extremely volatile. Ronda his mother had called the police several times. But she stuck it out because her husband Andres made a very good living as a plumber.


When Greg was twelve he was receiving a beating from his father with a belt when he fought back grabbing the belt. He had become quite a big boy and overpowered his old man and grasped him around the neck. The entire family tried to get Greg to let go but when he did let go he began striking his father with his father’s  belt , laying on heavy blows on the neck and face. Blood began to spurt from cuts and abrasions. Andres begged Greg or to stop but he demanded his father to stop beating members of the family and when he agreed the fighting stopped. The old man was now frightened . Greg at 12 years old ran the household. His father was punched several times by his son especially if he came home drunk. Soon he did not come home. His  mother became desperate. An uncle who worked in the textile industry came on a visit and never left. He moved in and took his brother’s place in Ronda’s bed. He was very good to the children.


Greg continued in school and graduated ,going on to University of Washington. He quit after two years to take a job in a gym and became a personal trainer. He became known as the HUNK. He had very good paying clients and was secure financially. It was then that he met June and Ronnie.


Chapter 7 Emma 2

Emma had to force herself to attend the Christmas party and vowed to eat at at the buffet provided and have one drink and leave. The party was held in the offices of the law firm. They hired a live band for these functions. The music was very light and several of the office staff got up and danced. The food was served quite early , but the bar remained the centre of attention by the attendees.

One of the junior lawyers asked her to dance and she took him up on his offer , he proved to be a poor dancer and slipped away after a few minutes of attempting to move around the floor. She had just finished her drink which was a watered down rum and coke when when one of the older senior partners came over and without asking took hold of her hand for a dance. She realized instantly that he was very drunk. When he spoke it was indiscernible. The music being played was very old tune , a slow fox trot which she had heard before and she mentioned it to him but he did not respond. Without warning he began to clutch her more firmly running his hand up and down her back. He got closer to her and she recognized that he had a full blown erection sticking into her middle through his clothes . He then began to run his hands down to her behind, and clutched the cheeks. He roamed until she asked him to stop, but he kept it up, she spoke louder trying to get him to cease , her face grew very hot and red , he then pushed right into her holding with both his hands in a motion suggested as dry humping. Suddenly he closed his eyes and groaned as he held onto her, she screamed as he had an organism. He held onto her as the seamen oozed out of his pants. He kept on rubbing against her and she screamed again. Some of the men and women who were dancing came to her aide. She was whisked a away to the women’s rest room, by two of the younger women. She began to wail and they held her. They were however not interested in what had occurred.

They assisted Emma as she got her coat and helped her into a cab. Emma was unable to sleep, she did not take any food, but drank water and other beverages. She stayed in her apartment for three days, they did try to reach her from the office. She made up her mind never to return, she did not call or write to give notice. She knew she would have to use her savings to survive. After two weeks a letter arrived which was her termination , enclosed was a cheque for her salary but also an additional 500.00. The letter said that the money was severance. She recognized that it was simply a way to shut her up. Emma called her office, which was the first time she could remember having taken a stand in her own behalf. She was finally able to speak to a junior partner and said simply:

“ I know the law, what Mr Kincaid did was abusive , the mistreatment of an employee and I will go to the newspapers as well as seek to take a criminal action”

“Do you have any witnesses” he responded. She responded. “Lots of people saw him holding me inappropriately”

“Well I suggest you get them to provide witness statements. Emma you got 500 bucks for any trouble that you might have had so you can just take your problems and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.”

He hung up and she knew she was really out of ideas. She became despondent but knew she needed a job soon. She sat down and figured out that she needed to get employment quickly. She had enough to get by for only one month. She began contacting temporary employment agencies. Nothing happened for over two weeks and she was growing desperate. Her rent was due and her telephone bill was overdue. The agency called to say that they had arranged an interview for the Monday of the following week.

The idea of suicide was put on her back burner and she prepared for the interview. First she called for a reference , carefully speaking only to the office manager who asked her what she had been doing and why she left. She pretended that she had had been ill and that somehow she had taken offence at Mr Kincaid”s advance. But she was now over it and was looking for other work, The woman didn’t seem to know that she had called and confronted one of the lawyers, so she agreed to provide a reference which she would send by courier.

Two days later armed with the documentation she was interviewed by a young lawyer and the office manager of a very large law firm which was very close to where she lived. The discussion lasted a brief ten minutes. She was hired immediately with a salary almost a  thousand more than she had earned previously.

She started work within an hour of the interview for which they were impressed.

The legal office was known as the North West law firm and over sixty lawyers were employed. Her work was varied, but for her quite interesting. She was often asked by other secretaries and office employees different questions which she had ready answers. She noted on one occasion that the printing office was not staffed and people were lined up out of the door waiting to use the photo-copy machines. An idea flashed in her mind but she kept it to herself until she met Boris.


Chapter 8 Boris  and Emma

Emma had continued her visits to the ’Y“ after her debacle with the law firm. She felt much more confident about herself with her new job. Every day she worked out on a bike and cross trainer. She showered and usually had a meal set up waiting for her. Boris had begun working out shortly after he left his family . He was very short of money and was no longer able to keep a car, and walked most places or took a bus. His employment possibilities were now very limited . He took a job working for a telephone  loan company. He worked an average of 4 hours per day, it was for him at least a paying job with few problems.

His daily workouts seemed to coincide with Emma's regime. He found her very attractive but also had a very sour look on her face . She in turn pretended not to notice him. He moved closer to the row she was situated on and she would wait for him to make a move and then find machine farther away. She did glance back at him and noticed that he was very fit and smiled constantly. One day she moved three times , each time abruptly. She could hear him laughing out loud.

“How many bikes do you need lad “ he said chocking up with laughter.”

“That is not your concern”

“Ah ha, why do you keep looking like there is no one else here”, He said walking over to her

She also got up and took hold of her gym bag and a towel

“Don’t you come near me, I will call for the manager” she said stepping back.

“You know all I really want to do is get to know you a little bit, my name is Boris, I work for a on line loan place, but I really know the printing business because of my family”

She hesitated and put her bag down, he stood a few feet away, but she remained on her guard.

’What kind of printing work can you do“

’You know offset, photo-copy , letters, I am trained on all printing machines in use -why do you ask?’

She hesitated momentarily not wanting to seem interested. He stood waiting for her next move.

“Okay what do you want of me that you keep stalking me here”?

“I just would like to get to know you , my intentions are honorable.”

Emma smirked at him but after a few more minutes chit-chat decided to meet him for a coffee the next day after work. She found him mildly amusing, he did most of the talking but she listened carefully responding with a few words now and again. She thought that she would see him again and agreed to have a lunch with him on a Saturday. He came by her apartment to pick her up and they took a bus to a restaurant near the city centre. After lunch he offered to pay but she told him she was an independent woman and always paid for own. He paid the tip and they strolled for a few minutes. on the crowded sidewalk. It was at this time she told him about the printing position at her law firm

He became quite excited after she explained that she would advise the office manager that he was qualified and that she mentioned, a probation of two weeks for him at a minimum salary. Boris tried to kiss her but she staved that off by telling him nothing was in the bag and for him not to quit his day job. He said he would take evening shifts so he could work at the law office in the mornings .The office manager was quite elated when she related the story about Boris and that he would be in the next day. Boris arrived the next morning was introduced and within a few minutes went to work. He set up a system immediately where file jackets were available for each printing job. He asked the office manager for desk trays for incoming and outgoing work. He then got the manager to set up a system to have staff bring work to him to do. Boris also asked to have the copy room off limits to all employees including the lawyers. He would do all of their printing in a timely manner. This practice proved to be a boon for the entire staff.

Within a week of starting at the law firm Boris was offered a full time job at considerably more than the minimum wage. Emma was given wage increase and was also promoted to the job of scheduling appointments for lawyers in the office. She was delighted. She and Boris met often for lunch but their meeting were mostly at mid day. She set her limits on him, although he was becoming interested in her, she allowed no touching, but something was constantly biting at her. She was unable to recognize why she felt a desire to copulate. They attended a movie and he tried to hold hands but she brushed him off, as well when he tried to put his arm around her. She asked him not to sit so close to her. But she did not want to scare him off. He always acted like a perfect gentleman, and began to insist on paying whenever they went out anywhere. She acquiesced, knowing he was now getting a salary and his work was appreciated at the office.

One night after show and a dinner he thought it was time to have it out with her. He asked her why she was so distant all the time and if they were going out were they not an item, and why did she brush him off when he tried to show her affection. Something inside of her finally broke.

“Boris I don’t need or want a boyfriend - what I need is something else and so far we just haven’t reached that plateau.”

’Please tell me how I can reach that level, you are so uncommunicative, I might as well have a wall to speak to, I really like you but you seem to be doing everything you can to block me from having a decent relationship.”he said waving his arm in a circular fashion.

She became red in the face and in her anger blurted out “ I don’t need you as a boy friend Boris what I need is for you to take me across your knee and pull down my pants and spank me until my ass is burning hot and then for you to give me a damn good fucking”.

For a moment time stood still while Boris took in what she had said. She was shaking from her anger at him for not recognizing that she needed a way to still the physical demand she felt. He had also gotten a jolt from her in the form of an erection. She did not seem to see that he had one. But kept staring at him awaiting his reply.

“ I think I can do that if you like, your place or mine?”


Chapter 9 The Team

The Team

None of them could remember exactly when they actually made up their minds to become a team. Ronnie they said was really the brains behind their team for which in the beginning they had no goals. Ronnie was fixated on Lucy but she was not ready to sleep with him although they had almost had sex one night in Ronnie’s van. June laughingly told him to be careful, to imitate his suggestion for her.

True to his word Boris made a woman out of Emma by two times a night and for which she always seemed to want more. Now that she had found out what it was like she became insatiable and needed to be fulfilled regularly. Boris found he was getting very tired in the middle of the day , and they agreed for him to move in with her which he regretted because she was always on him for more pleasuring.


Greg and June were now living together, as she had moved out of her brother’s apartment.

They usually met on the weekends and it was on one of the get togethers that Ronnie mentioned that they needed to think of something exciting to do as a group.

The suggestion that they have group sex was a fun laugh but Ronnie said that he wanted something with danger attached.

He also suggested that they rent a house somewhere out of the way that could be reached by bus from their jobs.

They settled on a rented a 3 bedroom ranch house near highway 95 and close to all the amenities The house was in a wooded area and within n 5 miles of Seattle. .They all took on special jobs. Greg was in charge of security. Emma was made the accountant. Ronnie was immediately selected as the leader. Boris was given the job of getting furniture and bedding. June and Lucy Lee were the house keepers making sure that the larder was kept full and the house was kept spotless. After they rented the house Lucy quit her job and stayed home every day to do the chores. Shortly after they moved in Ronnie and Lucy became intimate and he found she was very good in bed .


They all chipped in for the furnishings and Boris gathered up beds, living room furniture and other necessary items. The cost far exceeded their donations ,but Boris arranged for a loan from his father. They all donated money to a growing fund which they planned to use for the expenses and to repay the loan. Boris also bought a used car which was useful. Emma leaned to drive as did June . Greg had security cameras and other items such as lights installed. Boris was able to get more money from his father who was happy to oblige Boris since Boris now was entering domestic life, unaware that he was moving into a group lifestyle.


One day Ronnie brought home a German Sheppard pup, who they called Duke. They all became accustomed to the dog who would muzzle them and the girls help to train him and he wandered about the house, not venturing very far. He would bark when anyone approached and the idea of having security and a watch dog was .proving invaluable. Their mail was sent to a box number at a nearby post office.


They went out to a restaurant pub every Friday but set aside Sunday afternoons for meetings. Ronnie proposed different plans but it was Lucy Lee who to their surprise came up with scheme that they all agreed had possibilities. She explained how she came up with the idea.


“ I was watching a documentary one morning on TV. They used actors to represent real characters ,but the story behind the episode was that they were going to rob a diamond merchant of several million dollars in diamonds. They practised their roles in looting a diamond merchant in Chicago”.

They discussed the project well into the late afternoon. Ronnie said he would have to think it out over the next week , but he was adamant that they not discuss with anyone or each other the possibility of moving ahead with a planned theft. Greg did say they would need to fence anything they were able to steal. Ronnie agreed it would need a careful strategy once they had all the information.





Chapter 10 The Ice Gang Part 2


The Team met the following Sunday. Ronnie was still working out the scheme. he had broken down the jobs so that all of them would have a major contribution. The major outline was given by Ronnie, but without the object that he had in mind.

“ We will have to rely on June to find out which of the diamond merchants we will need to hit. Those that are located in store fronts are out because there is too much traffic. We need to find a diamond sales office working out of an office building . We will also need to know something about what they have in diamonds on hand at any one time and basically their volume of sales. It would not work if they are small time or have a minimum of stock. We need to know their security arrangement. If they have armed guards. We will need to know if they are on a floor near the stairs and elevator. Alarms will need to be checked as well”.


Ronnie stopped and waited for questions . Emma put up her finger to speak

“ What do we know about diamonds, and how we dispose of them for cash once we are able to get away with them”.

“Good questions Emma, I am coming to that. June is studying the information regarding the importation of ice as it is called. I think we have to understand that this is a long term project. We will need weapons”

“That will make this theft dangerous ” interjected Boris

’No doubt we will have to have steady nerves. But most importantly we need a foolproof plan, know the layout of out target and everyone must do their work quickly and efficiently. In the mean time I will draw up jobs for all of us, they will all be prior to what we can refer to as the heist“.

Emma put up her finger to speak. Ronnie was a bit cautious of her and considered her to be the weak link in their operation along with Boris.

“There are some matters which need to be considered. First we should have only weapons that are not armed. This is important because if something goes wrong we would have to shoot our way out and everyone of us could be looking at heavy time”

They all broke out laughing at her criminal vocabulary.

Ronnie was amused but told her to carry on speaking

She continued. “ I am really not kidding guys and girls. I work in a law office and every day lawyers have clients in really big do-do , looking at a hefty prison sentence. Guns are in but bullets are out. Another thing is we are going to need a lot of money to launch this haul. Right now we have three thousand in the bank and about 500.00 here in the house with the rent due next week. We will need to buy clothing , some kind at least, like overalls. The guns we buy on the underground market and as well we need to have an extra car which will be there for us to cover our tracks. We also need a diversion so the cops are somewhere else while we pull this job.


“Good thinking but how do you foresee a way to get the money we will need”. said Boris,


’Yes, what is your idea about getting additional capital so to speak“ June remarked

“Easy we set up a phony mortgage on a property that really doesn’t exist . Banks and Mortgage companies never inspect properties they accept the documents and meet with the sellers and buyers as well as the real estate agencies”.

“Give us a scenario for the way you would develop your plan” Ronnie said actually warming up to the subject.


Emma stood up for a bit more drama. “We find a house that is vacant at a distance from Seattle. One of us acts as estate Agent. We search for a property that is furnished . Two of us act as the sellers and two as buyers. Leaving one to be a lawyer. Boris can have cards printed and we submit other printing needs such as the location .We no doubt need to find a house that is unoccupied and not on the market. Owners away -that sort of thing. I will come up with phony mortgage papers and bids on the house from the so called prospective owners. Next I approach a mortgage company. The names of the owners are on the original title and we call it a free hold. The holders are Mr and Mrs Smith-that is two of us and Mr and Mrs Brown are the purchasers. We will need to rent an apartment for their address. Next we arrange for a mortgage, present all the documents and down payment which is part of the sale price. Speed becomes important because the check to cover the down payment must not clear the bank, but the payment for the house must be cashed within 15-20 minutes of the transaction.

“Whoo you said easy but it is involved just the same.” Leader Ronnie remarked after giving Emma thumbs up.


Emma sat down and sipped a can of coke . “ We need to take one step at a time. Find a location and gather the paper work as well as act out all of our positions. The main factor is we will need to find a loans officer that can be either bought off or one that is needy in their job.”

Greg spoke out “ I like your idea but what about the money. The cops or the FBI will trace it to any account we open.”

“Emma smiled and glanced at them” We do not touch the money, I transfer it immediately to an off shore account. I can close the original account in a second , their idea of following the money, will end regardless of how hard they work. We then withdraw monies as we need them by going to the location I plant the money and withdraw small amounts as a necessary under ten thousand bring it home and use it for our main target the diamonds.


Ronnie began writing down a few facts. He then went over and kissed Emma on her cheek.

Ronnie closed the meeting by telling them to get their thinking caps on for the next meeting so they could make some inroads of their plan.


Chapter 11 Boris and Emma Part 2

Boris could not get over how clever Emma was and praised her especially when they went to bed

Often, as Emma discovered fate will intervene as happened to her the following week. She had been appointed as  a pre-consultations clerk at the law office. She would meet with clients and briefly notate their legal problems, so that the lawyer assigned to the case would not have to waste time going through the legal aspects and could immediately begin reading the law.

On the Tuesday following the meeting a middle aged woman arrived at the Law office having made an appointment the previous week. Emma ushered her into a vacant meeting room and offered her coffee, which she accepted. Emma was quite taken with how well the woman was dressed and her hair which was quite blonde and nicely arranged . They discussed the whether and the Seattle traffic before the woman began to relate her legal difficulties. She spoke witha very soft and eloquent voice which was very distinct.

“My name is Michelle Wilson and I have been working at the Pacific bank of Commerce which has several branches in the State of Washington. I began working in the main branch over twenty years ago as a teller, eventually working my way up to a class B mortgage lender. It is a very .stressful job however am coming up for retirement in four months. I am eligible for a pension spanning twenty-one years. I was also scheduled to receive a lump sum settlement in lieu of severance which amounted to one weeks pay for each year of my employment. Three months ago I was told by the financial manager that the program had been terminated, thus I would be given a five hundred dollar payout. This really rankled me so I wrote a letter explaining that I had been grandfathered into the plan and that I still had the entitlement, and I received this response.”


She then presented letter to Emma in which denied her application for the money

She continued “I then wrote back stating that I had depended on the money being available in order to help supplement my savings and use the annual interest along my other savings.”

“How much are we talking about” interjected Emma

“Fifteen thousand dollars, and I have nearly sixty thousand saved so this would have given me four hundred dollars per month in addition to my pension and my Social Security. It was a large chunk of money and I could live comfortably, later I received a letter from the bank’s lawyer again insisting that the policy has been struck and that they cannot make any exceptions.”

She began to tear up and Emma went over to comfort her as she handed over the letter she had carefully placed in a plastic cover.

“ I am -pardon my language, totally pissed off at these ass holes, They have made a rule only to suit their bottom line and I want to sue not only for the money but also the legal charges and pain and suffering.”

Emma continued writing her report which she would submit to a lawyer, but at the same time her mind was rolling over . Here in front of her was the answer to their need of a mortgage specialist. She was absolutely perfect but Emma would need advice on how to proceed. She asked Michelle to wait in the waiting area and immediately took the file folder with the information to Andrew Masters , the law firm’s office manager.


’Andrew I think this woman is worth examination for a Pro Bono“

He took the file and nodded at her and placed it in his in tray.

’Thanks Emma I will have a look-see and pass it on . Tell the person that we will review it and make a determination probably by next week“

Emma rejoined Michelle in the waiting room where there were several other clients waiting and chatting with one another.

She took Michelle back to the meeting room and seated her again

’Michelle, here is my card and I have recommended a Pro Bono consideration for your application“

Michelle eyes lit up and she hugged Emma.

’Thank you thank you Emma you are really a saviour.“

Emma knew that the Pro Bono depended on the higher ups making the decision but she also wanted to keep Michelle in her sights.


“Tell you what -suppose we have lunch at the restaurant across the street called the Munch Lunch, sometime this week. I have some ideas how you can be helped.

Michelle was quite excited about that prospect and agreed to meet Emma in three days for lunch. Emma bid her goodbye and since she did not any appointments for an hour she nipped down to see Boris

“I have something I think which is possibly the answer to our prayers ” She told Boris in whispers.

He turned away from a his work for a moment and took hold of a piece of scrap paper and wrote in block letters:

Wait until later today at home and destroy this immediately.

Emma took the note and rolled it up putting it in her mouth to a swallow, she coughed a bit but after a moment it went down her throat.

She and Boris met after work to head home and he cautioned her not to speak as soon as they entered his car. They discussed work and other matters. She had him stop for some groceries which had been ordered by Lucy. When they arrived home everyone sat down to dinner and the dog muzzled them all and hoped for some leftovers but Ronnie shooed him away. After dinner and the dishes had been washed, Emma signalled for a meeting in their dining room. But Ronnie asked for her to come alone.

Emma began by telling Ronnie exactly what she had learned from Michelle Wilson and characterization of Michelle’s plight

Ronnie questioned her about the woman’s degree of anger, as to whether she could be trusted and if Emma believed that the problem was big enough for her to come on board their scam. opinion took along time to answer, and considered his opinions.

“Ronnie, I have been doing this work for quite a while and many of the people that walk into the conference room are frightened, really scared to act on their own. The idea for me is to discern whether they are able to stand up against losing a case in court or through of the firm’s inability to follow up. This woman has a strong case but more than that she is absolutely furious that after all her years at the bank , they would stick it to her and not feel any empathy towards her. I know human nature, She would jump at the chance to get back at them . That's my take on her”

Ronnie said nothing more until they stood up to end the meeting.

He then called the others in and explained to them what had happened. He also took the time to say that it was his opinion that the gang should proceed with the original plan and ask Wilson to join them. At the same time he said that he felt Emma was the brains of their gang and would be setting the tone for their further plans. They all agreed.


Chapter 12 The Scam

Emma met with Michelle Wilson a few days later at the Lunch bar near the office. Michelle was very forthcoming about her life . She had been engaged to be married earlier in her twenties. The man had been proved to be a jerk as she described him. He wanted sex but refused to look for a decent job, even though he had a degree to teach school. . They grew away from each other and she became quite bitter about relationships. She had had a number of boyfriends but mostly just for companionship and to sleep with occasionally. She spoke quite honestly , and was quite candid concerning all of her experiences. Emma sat and waited for the right moment.

“Michelle, what would it take to get you to take a drastic action against your employers”?

“Why do you have an idea on how to put them in their place?’

’Actually better than that I belong to a group that have some plans that would achieve some satisfaction as well as earn you some real money“.

Michelle took hold of her coffee and glanced out into the crowded restaurant. She reddened slightly but kept sipping on her at her cup.

’You are talking about something illegal I think Emma“.

Emma studied her carefully before responding, and took the initiative.

“You see Michelle before I can answer that I have to know whom we are dealing with, you know I truthfully think you can be trusted, and have a good mind”.

“Thats very nice but you know I don’t want to be sitting in prison during my winter years. If you are planning something to do with a heist than you can count me out”.

Emma chuckled and took a long drink on her soft drink.

“Its nothing like that Michelle, but this is not a place to discuss the project. I really just wanted to find out if you are interested . I wonder if on Saturday we can meet say at Volunteer Park near the Seward Statue at 11:00 am ”.

Michelle nodded her head yes and they finished their meal with Emma picking up the tab.

On Saturday Boris drove Emma to the park and they arranged to meet later at the Park entrance. Emma walked swiftly to the arranged location and sat down on the park bench nearby. The weather as usual looked like rain but she had brought her umbrella and there were covered areas nearby. Shortly after she arrived Michelle met her and had a morning sandwich as well as a coffee for them . They settled on a bench located in a shelter near the statue.

Emma began by telling Michelle what she would say was purely conjecture and it could be absolutely nothing -only a thought on her part-a story perhaps for a magazine or book. She said that nothing at this point had actually happened or would occur . Michele stuck up her thumb which made Emma giggle. Emma proceeded to give the outline of the scam and waited for a response from Michelle. They sat eating in silence eventually Michelle turned and after taking a mouthful of coffee Michele responded .

“There are a number of holes in what you have described. To begin with you would to have the names , and various background checks on both the buyer and seller. Secondly I don’t approve the loans , it goes to another department. Finally if you were to go into this, just remember that this is more than just fraud it is a federal matter and they, the FBI are unrelenting these days since the bubble burst with prime mortgages. No, I see this as a complete failure based on what you have told me and I would never suggest that you go that route. I need to think about how this could be accomplished without any after shocks. May I ask how many people are involved?”

Emma told her -just remember that it is just a possibility but that they were six members”. She wanted to insure that she gave as little information as possible lest Michelle would perhaps blackmail them or in the event she went to the police. Both waited on the other to speak.

’You need to have real people, that is buyers and sellers that can be traced. As an example the SMITHS live in Blaine and the buyers the JONES reside in Vancouver Washington. Stealing their identity is the main source of this subterfuge. This has happened and the perpetrators were long gone in a case at the bank five years ago. The mortgage lender was questioned for hours but they could not uncover the plot. I worked in the clerical department at the but as far as I know the money was never recovered.“

’ What did they do to correct the situation“ Emma asked curiously

Michelle laughed very hard waiting for Emma to understand why.

’Thats just it,Emma they did nothing“ !!

They talked for several minutes and agreed to meet again the following week at the same place. Emma reported that she was working on the so-called project and they left the matter to her. Ronnie questioned her about Michelle’s attitude toward their group and she replied that she felt the same way as in the beginning that Michelle appeared to want a measure of revenge beyond a law suite.



Emma met again on the following Saturday with Michelle but since it was a sunny day they selected a bench near the flower gardens. Michelle began by telling her that she had studied their plan and that she had found a plausible loophole that could be employed.

“ I went into the system to see if there might have been some people that applied for a mortgage and were turned down. Almost invariably they delete them off their confidential system. I went really deep until I found some. In one case the people were denied based on their income and their living conditions. Their name is Fraser- Dan and Amanda . They live in a row housing out in Renton. The couple have no children and he works for the American Art Alliance. They supply art pieces to homes that want to hang paintings that are copies of originals. They live like slobs, and he is making the minimum wage . They have a 90 inch TV and not enough to eat and hardly any furniture according to the mortgage application report made. Remember that this was three years ago. There is however three items that are on the computer file, driver licenses, their birth certificates and a copy of their IRS filing. Given the fact that those are the items needed we could develop a phony tax report , expanding the income. Also we could have a statement regarding their credit report manufactured easily. This all ties into your plan regarding the purchasers. We also will need a bank statement in their names so that could be a problem but with a cut and paste we could overcome that problem. The house is the easy part , an empty house in Renton. the owners are living in Florida, no one will ever be able to tell and I have the liberty of selecting an Estate agent so that would work out nicely”.

She stopped speaking, waiting to see if what she had told Emma made sense. Then carried on with her background information

“The reason that the file remained in our computers was I think was as a training example for employees. But yesterday I got a special memo from my supervisor advising me that prior to going on retirement I must delete all documentation regarding previous mortgages and applications from my hard drive”.

Michelle burst into uncontrollable laughter, which made Emma join her, Michelle could not not stop her display of glee. Emma was not quite sure why she had joined in and waited while Michelle calmed down to explain.

“You see Emma , here is the kicker-this young hotshot college grad gave me the opportunity to get this scam going without the slightest problem. I can put this application through without any degree of accountability. Here in this envelope are business cards which we have in the office for Real Estate agents and a lawyer. The woman on the estate cards passed away 2 years ago and the lawyer moved away to LA. Here is my schedule of events..”

She withdrew a small folder from her large purse and handed it to Emma who placed it in a brief case she had for the meeting. Emma then asked their new partner what kind of money they were talking about.

“The house is on the market for 379,000.00 but the offer of purchase will need to be 370,000.00. I will want 1000,000.00 of the money leaving you the balance.

The other matters include a book of cheques in the Fraser name, and various documentation. For the money to be advanced we will need a down payment which will come back when the money is received.”

Emma was truly elated at the prospect of what Michelle had proposed. They separated, with Emma advising her that she would be in touch.

After returning home , she found that Ronnie was out on calls and Boris was doing some much needed painting in their dining room. They talked for a moment when Emma suddenly seized Boris and demanded sex right there and then. He was surprised and they immediately went to their bedroom and had a very passionate intercourse. Afterwards she related what had happened and he was delighted at her success.

Later in the day Emma met with Ronnie to bring him up to date with the her progress on their swindle. He was very receptive but had more questions than which there were answers. On Sunday they had their weekly meeting at which time Emma laid out their deception. Greg was not happy with the cut Michelle wanted. Most agreed that they were entitled to at lest 30000.00. Ronnie also was not happy with the separation of the money. Emma concluded that they needed to have Michelle come to a special meeting, held some where other than their house. June suggested that they meet with her at a road rest on I 95 near the Canadian border the following Saturday in the morning. Emma said she would make arrangements. The matter of the thirty-five thousand was also discussed and Ronnie said he would work on that aspect. Greg also reported that he had purchased four pistols with ammunition. Lucy suggested they save bottles and cans for target practice.

They were quite nervous all week and generally got on each others nerves but Saturday arrived . Boris took his car to pick up Michelle who was waiting in front of a Grocery store. Emma sat in the back while Boris drove, Ronnie took his van with the others. Emma noticed that Michelle was dressed very well although she herself wore her usual weekend outfit of blue jeans and a blouse. Ronnie stopped off and bought a coffee box that would be good for them during the meeting. He bought donuts as well as muffins .The distance was about 80 miles outside Seattle near Bellingham. Boris arrived first and within twenty minutes Ronnie drove up. It was an overcast day so they selected an outside picnic table near the washrooms. Ronnie suggested that Greg and Boris keep watch  so that they were not interrupted or that there was no one nearby taking pictures. They were in luck however as the only other vehicle was a transport truck parked on the other side of the parking lot near the park area.

After the introductions Michelle spoke first reiterating the entire caper giving the time element which would be very near the end of her employment. She again mentioned that they would need at least 35,000 dollars to be a certified cheque and would be part of their haul and returned . The cheque would never be cashed however and the there was no worry about it going lost. The money would be paid by the bank into a contingency fund set up in a lawyer’s name which was still unknown. The bank would deposit the funds into the lawyer’s account and he was suppose to deduct his expenses as well the commission of the Estates agent and supposedly pay the sellers the balance She pointed though that the money would be siphoned off on arrival into the account of the sellers- the unnamed couple. “The split would be as  I told her ”. she said nodding to Emma.

Ronnie said he really liked the idea but objected to the split saying that they other obligations and need more than she had said was available.

Michelle thought about his observation for a minute. In the mean time Lucy Lee spoke up.

“Michelle wouldn’t it appear weird if you suddenly came up with a large amount of money?”

Michelle waited as they all began to speak at once about Lucy Lee’s astute comment

“Yes Lucy I have thought of that possibility but there are ways to keep the money hidden, some of which I will pass onto you all. But I understand how you feel about the idea of my getting a large chunk of the cash. But you all must realize I am going to be sixty years old , I am sticking out my bum  for a beating, as they say.”

Before she could continue, they all laughed and pointed to Emma who turned bright red.

“Emma knows what you mean by that” , said June as they all laughed uproariously.

Michelle smiled as she looked at Emma and said “You are a naughty girl Emma”

They agreed to meet again on the next Saturday this time at another destination which was also on I 95 Highway and was the site of an old mill that was used as a picnic spot near a shallow stream . It was called the “Old Mill Stream Park”.



The day of the meet dawned dark and gray with rain showers. Boris picked up Michelle and drove out to the park , but by the time they arrived a spring shower had turned into a fully bodied storm. Ronnie pointed to a building which housed a store which was open, for coffee. They gathered there but many others had braved the elements to wait until the rain stopped. The store keeper pointed to a small enclosure nearby and they adjourned there. Michelle began by saying that she would be willing to take lot less money if she could be made a member of the group. Ronnie replied that it was possible and asked how much she wanted. They agreed to amount of $70,000.00, but without any strings attached at that time.

Michelle seemed to to be happy with the asking price and began to go over the details.

“All of what I am suggesting needs practice, lots of it. We need to know exactly what we are doing, in every aspect of this fraud”

“Who is doing what?” piped in Greg.

Ronnie waited for Michelle to set up the actors in her plan.

“My read of the group is that Ronnie and June look too much alike, so that won’t work. Emma and Boris are probably too young to be the Frasers. So I think June and Greg would do nicely. Greg  will need to grow a beard and moustache, June needs to have her hair grow in and wear some tacky clothing. I don’t think we have to worry about the lawyer they never attend closings. Emma you have a name and person for the role of the lawyer”.

Emma sat forward on the park bench and began speaking very angrily.

“There is a lawyer at the original law firm I worked at that really deserves to be given a shake up which will definitely occur after we disappear with the cash. His name is Andrew Kincaid. I know how we can obtain his business cards. I will look after that, as well as some other things like his signature which is on documents sent to me after I was fired”.


Emma knew the schedule of her previous law firm. She waited until lunch hour, then she made her move. She took the elevator to the law office , noticed that the receptionist was away from her desk which was usual for 15 minutes before a substitute normally appeared and calmly walked up to the desk scoffed Kincaid’s cards from a place holder on the desk , and took the stairs exit. returning to her own office by cab.

They gathered for a special meeting without Michelle discussing their needs for the future. Greg felt that that one of them needed to prepare themselves for the next move , getting their money into an offshore bank. Transferring a large amount of money would not get over the radar. They needed several accounts spread around into various holding places. Ronnie said he would study the situation. They also made a firm agreement to move from their present location prior to the day of the scam. Living as a group would not work. Boris said that he and Emma would take on the task of finding alternatives. They also had a lengthy discussion about Michelle whom for all of them presented a problem.

They knew clearly that Michelle would crack quickly if she was leaned on by police or FBI. They spent several hours talking about the possibilities, but did not come up with a solution. Greg intimated that she would probably need to be eliminated from the equation. June said she would not take part in any action that would end in homicide.

Further discussion did not provide and answer to their dilemma.



In the coming weeks their plan began to take shape. Ronnie was able to get a short term loan for 35,000.00 Greg and June rehearsed their role in the caper and Boris pretended to be the lawyer if it was necessary. Emma and Ronnie opened up bank accounts in two different banks while Lucy Lee was sent out to buy clothing for them all. Two weeks before the fake mortgage was to take place- the participants known as the Frasers met at Michelle’s office. She advised them that the house they wanted to buy was on the market for 379,000.00 but their real estate agent suggested they offer 370,000.00. Michelle had developed a financial plan in which she said they were eligible for 335,00.00 and with a down payment of 35,000.00 they would be able to handle the mortgage.  She had opened a bank account. Emma was to be the estate agent. Ronnie took on the part of the lawyer in their scheme and opened an account in a bank calling it the Kincaid's client trust or escrow He presented the business card and faked driver license to the bank. He changed his appearance dressed in a black suit and hat and had grown a beard and moustache. He then boarded a plane from the Sea-Tac airport flying to New York and thence to the Caribbean Island of St Kits. He opened three separate bank accounts in local banks and rented a condo in Basseterre near the beach. This was to be their getaway headquarters. He stayed for three days getting acquainted with the surroundings and taking ferry over to the sister island Nevis.

Ronnie returned and gave everyone an update, they began to close out their house, regardless of the outcome they had to move for the time being in separate directions.



Three days before the transaction was to take place they met to complete all of the arrangements. This time they selected an out of the way location in a run down motel in nearby in Kirkland Washington They discussed every facet of their parts in the scam. Michelle reported that her supervisor was going to sit in on the deal making. This was a small inconvenience because she had promised not to speak. Both of the “buyers” were again warned to act dumb. The lawyer was not going to be present as was not unusual. All of papers had been drawn up and were ready for signature. She went over their process While the others watched Michelle , June and Boris acted out their roles . With that meeting the plot was set. Ronnie explained what would be happening at the closing which would happen a week later. The money was to be deposited electronically into the escrow account of Allen W Kincaid,  which Ronnie had access Then money was paid to the sellers Mr and Mrs Halder, who had an account in Basseterre, St Kits. From there the money would go to an account in another bank in in Nevis which was supposedly where they lived. As soon as the cash was available, a cashier’s check for 70,000.00 would be made to Michelle under her assumed name of Young which was her mother’s maiden name. The rest of the proceeds of the three hundred thousand would then  be transferred to the 3rd account Ronnie had opened in Basseterre. On the arrival of each of the gang members money would be distributed to each of them which they would transfer to accounts they open in Nevis . Earlier Michelle had gone to Portland where her mother was living in a senior’s home and took her passport having it renewed it using her picture which very much resembled her mother. She also moved to Portland near her mother’s seniors home into a small bungalow.

They had just over a month to  get completely lost. That was when the mortgage would come due. The buyers would have missed a mortgage payment before the bank would send a letter to the address with a demand and at least another month would elapse before the matter would be investigated. Michelle would stay put, although Ronnie had his fear she would be taken in for questioning , they would have their money safely squirrelled away in an off shore bank where it could not be traced. forensically.


Chapter 13 A No Hitch Swindle

The group with Michelle’s help had ht a home run. Every aspect of the fraud went off without a flaw. The couple known as the “Frasers” returned to Michelle’s office and signed the mortgage papers. Michelle was joined by her supervisor Mary-Ann Gunderson who monitored the transaction and within minutes it was approved on the spot. The transaction was signed off by by a senior bank employee the next day, the money was transferred to the account in the name of Kincaid. Ronnie flew to St Kits, the day the money was deposited, he had immediately wired the money to his bank on the island and moved various entities of cash to other banks. As ordered Michelle deleted all documentation except the mortgage from her computer. All of the other gang members left Seattle travelling different routes to St Kits. Michelle had a retirement party on the night before her last day at the bank. She left for Portland to take up her residence within a few days later that same week She also departed to St Kits after she had got settled in her new home. The final item of divvying up the proceeds of their fraud took place a week later. They remained for a few days longer departing separately to other islands located in the Caribbean. Michelle returned home after placing her money in a safety deposit box in a Credit Union on the island of Nevis.


Chapter 14 FBI Agent Roy Lumpkin Enters the Scene

Sally Yip the security officer for the Pacific bank of Commerce was not overly excited when she she received an investigation report regarding a recent mortgage “failure to pay notice”. Almost every one was due to bankruptcy or a communication problem. She visited with the Mortgage manager Mary Ann Gunderson who told her that she had been present when the papers had been signed and everything was handled according to the bank’s policy. She also said that the mortgage clerk was very experienced but because she was retiring Mary Ann thought it best to be on scene . Afterwards she approved the paper work and sent the file to the payments department so that the mortgage would be approved for payment on closing.

Sally went through her usual list of questions. Everything seemed to be in order from the bank’s standpoint, however when she put through a call to the purchasers their telephone had been disconnected. She still did not panic, she headed out to the new home of the purchasers. The grass was cut, flowers were growing in the front yard but no one seemed to be around. She went to nearby home and rang the door bell. A youngish woman answered the door , Sally explained why she was there and produced her security badge and card. The woman reported that the home belonged to Mr and Mrs Jim Reilly but they spent most of their time in the Caribbean. Sally asked if she knew if they had sold the house to a couple named Fraser. No one had moved in she said or had the Reilly’s moved out . She had a note from them which she showed to Sally saying that they would be home at the end of May and that their son and daughter would be over to supervise the cleaners. Sally asked if she could have the note and also have their phone number at their winter home in .St. Lucia. She visited two other neighbours, one of whom was a business partner of Jim Reilly. He emphatically stated that his partner Jim was not changing his residence.

Armed with the knowledge that the mortgage was in fact fraudulently obtained , Sally called the Seattle Police Fraud squad Detective Sgt Wayne Boland to call as soon as possible.She also reported her findings to the Senior Management team including the Vice President in charge of Home Mortgages. Boland called later that afternoon and they set up a meeting , he also advised her that better sooner than later to bring in the FBI because bank fraud was a federal matter.

He arranged a meeting for the next day with FBI agent Roy Lumpkin of the Seattle Field office. Sally knew almost immediately that the theft was very a clever deception, because more than a month had elapsed and the trail would be very cold. Sally made a few calls in order to have a report for the following day. First she called the office of the Rainbow Realtors and asked for the estate agent listed on the mortgage named Thelma Yarborough only to be told that the agent had passed away two years previously. The shock for her increased when she reached the Law Office of Bradford, Kincaid and Hellman only to hear that Mr Kincaid was on vacation in Sarasota Florida. She did not at that point ask how long he had been away but would bring the matter up at the meeting scheduled the next day at the bank.


Chapter 15 Reunion in Vancouver , Canada


The gang members returned to North America following two weeks of fun in the sun. Boris and Emma returned to work at their law firm in Seattle. Ronnie took another week to find a strata to rent in Vancouver Canada. Greg, June and Lucy Lee met with him after the lease had been secured. Boris and Emma drove up on the weekend. They met in the apartment which was at that point sparsely furnished. Ronnie had moved the money several times with the transfers being deposited  in a bank located in Hong Kong. He advised them that no more than $10,000 could be brought into the USA by any of them at one time. The cover for their scheme was moving the cash at various intervals. He also reported that there was no news coverage of the fraud as yet but he was sure that it would soon be discovered. He told them that they had to be very vigilant. Moreover their next action had to be carefully planned over the next several weeks.

June advised them that she had a target located in Seattle and was beginning to research the possibilities. A diamond merchant was situated in a ground floor office located in the heart of the  jewellery mechanizing centre of Seattle. She was able to find out that at any one time there were well over 3 million dollars in cut diamonds on the premises. She also reported that beside the owner there were five employees as well as three armed guards. She added that the place was glassed in, so that visitors needed to be buzzed in from the interior office. There appeared to be several alarms most of which were hidden. Two previous attempts had ended in shooting where the thieves were killed by the guards. They were all impressed with her work and clapped. Greg reported that he now had a full selection of weapons including two rapid fire military style automatic firing guns. At this time the couples informed each other that they were living in temporary accommodation, mostly small one bedroom bungalows. Lucy Lee was given the job of staking out the diamond firm on a regular basis by getting a job as a waitress in a Korean restaurant which was immediately across the street. A day time robbery was not a consideration because of the presence of armed guards. They needed to know as much as they could learn about sensors, hidden cameras and alarms.

The question of Michelle was brought up to the meeting by Emma. She gave an account on a recent meeting with her.

“Michelle is living in Portland and is keeping a very low profile. Her mother lives close by in a seniors home and she visits regularly. Her law suit is moving ahead with one of our junior lawyers handing it. She has not at this time had any contacts with the bank. She said she expects to receive a call soon but has as she said all of her ducks in a row. I think also she may have her money in a bank safety deposit box so that it cannot be accessed by federal US agents because the location is outside their jurisdiction. I suspect that she may have all the information regarding our fraud as well as our names in that same deposit box. She did not say anything but I feel she is very clever and if she goes down or we try anything she has us by the so called short hairs.”

It was growing dark outside as they discussed Emma’s revelation.

Ronnie began by saying “My thinking is that if it gets really hot and she blows the whistle we need to keep clear of as much as possible. She cannot be eliminated from our equation. Some where down the road she will begin to use the money and they will never let up on her”.

Emma interrupted him “That may be true but there is not one shred of evidence that she pulled off this fraud. If we think about this for a moment every single part of the mortgage was completed within the letter of the bank’s instructions. She did the paper work for many transactions and none of them backfired”.

Nancy spoke up “Lets leave this now, we need to discuss several items for our diamond heist”.

They stopped for a while to eat pizza that Lucy Lee had slipped out to buy and then slowly began to plan their next activity. Ronnie had purchased sleeping bags for them and later they retired to the their bedrooms for the night.

As usual Boris and Emma slept in the nude, their bag was perfect for two people. Emma reached down to hold Boris by his penis as she did every night. He whispered that he was rock hard and they began to make love. Both were very passionate, he began to stimulate her with his finger and she became very excited. They smoothly joined together in the missionary position. They ended as usual coming tog ether in unison and squealing with delight.


 Part 3 Chapter 16 The investigation begins in Earnest

Where has the Money Gone?

Sally Yip met with Special Agent Roy Lumpkin, of the the FBI Seattle Field Office, whom had been assigned to the case. She was well acquainted with Wayne Boland of the Seattle Police Department. They met in the bank conference room . She updated them on her findings. The mortgage supervisor Mary-Ann Gunderson was interviewed and reported that there was nothing out of the ordinary with the mortgage . She mentioned that the people seemed natural without any difference in their demeanour. Sgt Boland asked her if she could remember enough to have a composite sketch by a police artist of the couple . He also asked if they could take Michelle Wilson's computer for a forensic examination. It was discovered that the bank policy when a mortgage employee leaves that their computer hard drive is cleaned. Lumpkin thought it was bad idea but could be corrected by with a program called ANGEL. Sally was also requested to supply the name of the lawyer who handled the mortgage. When told, Boland said he knew the name and that the person in question was a lawyer that was known to police because of his drinking habits and womanizing in Seattle. sally also mentioned that Kincaid Had left right after the fraud to Florida.

“This just might be a coincidence” remarked Lumpkin “but just the same he needs to be questioned” Sally had learned that he was staying with a nephew in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

“We will need to speak to him possibly at this time by sending a detective from the  FL  police to speak to him”

Boland called his office and asked if his captain would make the necessary arrangements.

Sally also mentioned that she had found out that after the money was transferred to Kincaid’s  escrow account it had been moved again to an off shore account which they  had  not as yet determined because it was numbered account transfer.

’I think this is going to be tough to follow the money because this gang have  an air tight plan. What about the mortgage clerk, lets get her in here as soon as we can.

Sally said she would call her immediately but found out the number had been disconnected..Boland then called ATT and T to get a number for her and was advised that the customer had moved to Portland and was given the new number. He put through the call immediately and Michelle answered the phone on the second ring. Boland did not say very much except that she would need to come to  Seattle on a matter of extreme urgency. She told him she would come the very next day and would travel by car . He told her to meet with them at the Police Building, second floor interview room at 1:00 pm. and thanked her.

They adjourned until the their next meeting three days hence.


Chapter 17 Michelle's Interview with the Police

Michelle arrived in plenty of time and waited in a hallway for her meeting with a police officer. She was surprised that there were two of them. They introduced themselves and began their questioning.

Boland began “We are investigating a mortgage fraud at the bank where you were employed, this is a chance to give your statement”.

Michelle responded by saying she understood.

“Now would you go through with us the entire work you did as you can remember on the mortgage with folks known as the Frasers, beginning with your review of their application.

Michelle looked them both in their eyes and began her narrative“ First I have worked at this bank for 21 years ,in the beginning we did these loans by pencil,pen and they were typed.. For the past 12 years I was trusted to work alone as a mortgage administrator, and I can say , nothing , absolutely nothing has there ever been any failures from my office.. For ten years we  have had a computer . Every facet of the transaction goes through a very exacting process. In all cases the documents are checked and double-checked. In this case the same care was taken.

Lumpkin interrupted her “ Why is it that in this application the credit bureau information that we have here does not correspond with the people indicated on the mortgage?”

“The report came directly from their office and is on their letterhead, as you can see. We even checked their current address and employment against the background stated in the credit and income application declaration. You can confirm the report with the credit bureau. You are not reading the credit report correctly, the report is a previous application made by these people, they had a change to their resources and employment, if you look further you will see later information”.

They studied the additional documents and continued their interview with Michelle asking her why she had moved to Portland and she responded because it was really her home and her mother was there in a seniors residence.. They then changed their line of questioning to her personal life. when they asked why she had taken legal action against the bank.

“If you want to discuss fraud she said then I can tell you about how they are trying to cheat me out of nearly fifteen thousand dollars which I have every right to have.”

Boland pointed at her and said “So in reality you have a vendetta against the bank. Because that is the way I see it”?

Michelle laughed and responded “That is bullshit Mr Boland.” Lumpkin waved off the .attempt by Boland to intimidate Michelle by moving on with his own line of questioning.

It seemed to them after more than two hours of questioning that Michelle was not the perpetrator of the fraudulent mortgage and Lumpkin decided to eliminate her as a party to the crime.

She was released to return home without any further questions. Michelle felt safe in knowing that the credit report of the Fraser's was in reality for another couple named Fraser and that she had carefully cut and pasted a phony document.


Chapter 19 The Trail Runs Cold

Boland received a call from the Fort Lauderdale police department as he had requested. The Seattle lawyer Kincaid  had been interviewed by a detective from the department. She gave a short background on her discussion but she advised the person was quite drunk she was unable to get a coherent story. He was told to sober up and attend their office the next day which he did. He claimed he was in Fort Lauderdale  for several months including the time the crime took place He also was very explicit in advising them that he had not worked in any mortgage closing’s for several years and that his role was involved in mostly tax cases. He voiced his concern regarding the fact that he was partially retired and did not work more than a few months per year. He also said that he did not have an escrow account in the bank in which the money had been deposited.

Boland thanked the detective and called the National bank of Seattle and asked to see the accounts manager that afternoon. During the course of his interview with the manager , he learned that Kincaid’s escrow account had been established by an unknown person who by filling in the required forms and depositing a minimum of 500.00 into the account was under the law able to open this type of account..The manager was quite vague about how the account had been opened without no more than a business card and some other identification such as a drivers license. but under ordinary circumstances this was the limited identification. Asked if the person who served the customer could remember a description , the girl who took the application was asked to come to the manager’s office. She was very helpful in describing the person as being a young man dressed in a dark suit . He wore glasses and appeared to be in a hurry. She was asked to come to the Seattle Police Headquarters to help a graphic artist draw a composite of the man.

He called Sally when he returned to his office to see if there was any news on the location of the money. She said the trail had stopped in a bank in St Kits. This was a good lead and Sally said she and another security officer were being sent the next day  to investigate but so far the bank in St St Kids the Harbour Bank . had had insisted that a a bank representative from Seattle meet with them.

He thought for a few moments before responding to her news.

“Sally we have very limited resources to make follow ups on cases like this, besides it is my experience that St Kits is a defiantly holding on to their own banking rules and fraudsters are aware of this. Roy and I discussed this situation when we were first brought in and it is our opinion that unless there is a clear line to follow the money in this case may be a write off for the bank.”

“I admit that we are at a dead end but you know it is my job to seek a follow up somehow” she said

“I think you and your side kick should go to the St Kit constabulary first and I will alert them you are coming and I know they will help you”

She bid him goodbye and went home to get ready for her flight.


Chapter 20 The Diamond Heist Plan begins

It had been several weeks before the gang met again. This time they remained in the US, meeting in San Diego California at the Peabody Hotel, a low cost motel in the downtown area of the city. They met in Ronnie’s room and Lucy Lee reported about the diamond merchant. She excitedly told them that she had visited the place on three occasions with food orders. On the last visit she had been able to take two photographs by pretending to search her phone and they were unaware of her doing so because she covered up with the food bags and with some daring. The guards were more interested in her than what she had been carrying. It was a major break through for the gang. She related that there were cameras in the hallway in front of the office and to enter you needed a card which once slid on  entrance a  recognition instrument similar to a hotel key arrangement would provide entry. When she arrived with food she was instructed to knock and within a few seconds was buzzed in to an outer office. Lucy Lee showed the pictures which were passed around with various comments. Ronnie viewed them last addressing the fact that they needed to study the layout.

The real surprise came from Lucy Lee was that the owners were Chinese -two brothers with name of Pang. Their first names were, Sean and Gordon. The guards usually took the bags of food but suddenly one of the brothers dressed in a very expensive Brooks Brothers style suit took the order himself. He greeted her in Chinese and asked her name and why she was working in a Korean restaurant. She did the usual bow in reverence and bent her head to speak in Cantonese. Lucy laughed when she described the visit. She was brimming with humour.

“The guy was quite severe in his style of language, and when I looked down he had a boner, which was quite noticeable. I nearly burst out laughing. I told him I needed a job and understood some Korean, and made deliveries. . He really had a strange look in his eyes. I paid no attention and handed over the bag of Korean food. .I thought for a moment he was going to cum in his pants”

They all hooted with pleasure as she continued.

“ Next told the guards to let me in any time to the main office. He did speak very harshly to the men in a dialect which I understood only a few words but I got the drift.. He waved at me with a slight smile as he returned to his main office by using the key pad on the  wall. One other bit is that I heard the very fat guard say in Cantonese that the courier was coming at  three. Whatever that meant and I left. End of story ”

Ronnie was plainly elated by her news and hugged her for her report.

“You know I think we are going at this whole idea from the wrong direction. He had picked up her tidbit about a courier arriving at three.

“Lucy do you happen to notice if someone went up to their office at around three?”

’Lots of traffic at that time of day, I did notice a black limo-,maybe a Buick or that style but it was gone when I checked again.“

They sat and talked about a change to their plans but with the information they now had. Greg proposed they follow that lead because it was safer and although they needed to do the job in daylight the possibilities were very much simpler. Emma asked how they could know when the diamond courier was making the delivery. June wondered if the person was the same every time. Ronnie expressed an idea where they could take turns if possible watching the front of the building and also to determine if there was a parking garage nearby the building. Boris mentioned that he was due some time off for several hours of overtime and would make a surveillance plan of the building and the surroundings. They all expressed their thanks to Lucy Lee and the meeting broke up with each of the couples leaving for departure at the airport at different times.


Chapter 21 Sally Yip in St Kits


Accompanied by her associate Mary Beth Pitcairn Sally flew from Miami to Basseterre, the main city of St Kits. They checked into a hotel and rented a car. The driving was on the left so Mary Beth who was originally from Jamaica did the driving, They began by visiting the island banking offices. They found that it was a  closed issue. Unable to get any answers from the banks themselves they made appointments at the Government offices of the department for Finance and banking in St Kits. The advice they received was not encouraging. They did however speak to one young man who understood their plight. He examined their information for several minutes reading the entire file on the fraud. He began making several calls and within a short time a elderly  black gentleman wearing a summer style uniform arrived at the office. He was introduced as  Inspector Gaylord Delmonico of St Kits Constabulary.

They sat with the government official and after Inspector Delmonico read the file he said he would assist them in their search for answers.

“We have a number of these types fraudulent schemes ending up here and usually they are successful because the time element is against us but you have moved quickly as I can see by the time line therefore the possibilities exist for this to be resolved’. he disclosed Tomorrow we will visit all of the banks , most of which are on the harbour. I think it may be prudent if we split up, My Sgt Rowena Thomas will go along with you Miss Pitcairn and I will accompany you Miss Yip”.

The girls were elated with their success and returned to the hotel to await the next day’s adventure.


The banks proved to be much more receptive this time. Late the next day, Sgt Thomas called the Inspector saying that she had a possible lead at one of  the harbour banks. They rushed over to the bank and met with the manager of International mercantile accounts. He readily admitted that he had accepted a large deposit of three hundred and seventy thousand US dollars on the date of the fake mortgage from a transfer sent from a bank in Seattle Washington. . He had lodged the money in a money account which was opened earlier rather than an investment which the banker declared was his usual policy but the customer wanted quick access. Within twenty four hours he said the money was removed, less our fee.

“The transfer was to a numbered account which I presume was outside of St Kits but I have not been able to establish where as yet.” Another aspect he went on to say was that a cashiers check was drawn for seventy thousand dollars and was deposited to another account in the bank in a different name. I have checked on that that account and the money was withdrawn in amounts ranging from five to ten thousand US dollars over a period of two weeks.

Sally asked if it was possible for the teller to make an identification of the person. The manager replied:

“I can do better than that we have her on our video camera each time she made a transaction. ”The person who made the transactions however  was not Michelle.




Sally and her associate studied the video for some time and despite their efforts to identify the person , the individual was not known to them. S t Thomas said that she looked familiar but the person was not someone she she could name. The woman was black and well dressed, and unquestionably was a native to the island. When the manager was questioned as to how the woman on the video could withdraw amounts over a two week period in increments of five or  six thousand US dollars at a time he responded quite casually. By saying

“Very simply by having a account book and debit card as well as other identification.”

 Sally said “she was not the woman who opened up the account according to your clerk the woman was a Caucasian in her sixties

 “Quite true but as I pointed out there was a cashiers cheque drawn on the original deposit and it was this woman on the video who withdrew the money.”

 Sgt Thomas was stymied by all of the discussion but saw the likelihood  of a criminal intent , where the original customer did a bunk with the black woman who was paid to retrieve the money from the bank. They all were agreed on this scenario. Inspector Delmonico suggested they adjourn to the Constabulary headquarters where they could study the rogues gallery on the computer of known women con artists and bank fraud artists. The bank teller was also asked to come with them to make an identification if possible.


 The viewing took some time and there was a number of look a likes which were discarded for various reasons such as incarceration or no longer in the vicinity. The video from the bank surveillance camera had been set up for the woman to once again review from her memory. Sally had taken the precaution of bringing a photograph of Michelle Wilson just in case she could be identified as one of the perpetrators . The grainy stop action photograph showed a very old woman with sun glasses and wearing a sun hat pulled down over her eyes Sally knew that it was possible to disguise oneself by using an aging kit but the women in the closeup looked nothing like Michelle. Sally registered her disappointment because the search for the criminals was at a dead end.

 The next day she and her associate flew back to Seattle. None the wiser.


 Chapter 22 The Heist

 Once they had settled on their plan of hitting the diamond couriers on  their way from the airport Ronnie began to scout out the locations and design the scheme. Greg was sent out to buy a large GM van for their getaway from a location yet to be designated. He flew  down to Sacramento California, and purchased a large 8 seat travel sedan. He used a fake identification he had picked up in Oregon some weeks earlier. He was given transfer papers to obtain a Washington license but instead went to a sign painter and had a sign painted  on the sides of the van stating Border City House Painters. He then drove home and hid the van in a rented garage in North East Seattle.

 Boris was assigned the task of finding a Hummer four door. He was successful in obtaining a stolen one which was being sold by some car thieves. The cost --$15,000 and was five years old. What they liked was that it was a painted black and could not be identified because the license tags had been also stolen. Boris paid cash and the car was delivered to a location at a vacant garage on Highway I 95.Boris also purchased at several locations coveralls and other paraphernalia such as hats, gloves, and masks.

 Greg in addition  was able to procure three Glock 19 unregistered handguns including ammunition. All of the men would be armed , June was sent out to buy a BMW four door late model car. Again the identification was fake , purchased from a dealer who specialized in in counterfeit passports, driver licenses and birth certificates. The cost of  the vehicle was 12,000.00 and she paid in cash The identity cards cost over 20,000.

 They met to develop their plot in a motel near the Canadian border in Bellingham Washington. None of the vehicles that were to be used in the heist were driven to the rendezvous. Each of them were given a role in the robbery and Ronnie explained in detail exactly how the entire episode was going down. Ronnie said that the diamond merchants arrived every Thursday from Hong Kong, There were always two men, both of whom were unarmed. They were different people each week and they made their way to various diamond wholesale traders  in the Seattle and Tacoma area. The men picked up a black luxury Lexus from the Hertz Rental agency at the airport. The car was always waiting for them on arrival. They seemed to have preset route employed by each team of sellers. They carefully drove to several different diamond merchants located in the Seattle core.

 Timing would prove to be paramount. Greg undertook to track the couriers arrival on the flight from Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific Airways. They selected a date three weeks hence to make the heist. Their final meeting would take place the night before in a run down motel a block from the airport. They were told to take a Uber cab to the location individually and to wear clothing that was plain and nondescript. Black and grey was suggested. Following the theft they would head to a parking lot near Safeco field the home of the Seattle Mariners, The lot would be vacant because it was late fall. They would then leave the two vehicles used in the robbery and board the van and head to a wooded area at the end of Rainier Blvd.  They would then flee by foot taking city buses that frequented the area. Greg had put on stolen plates on the van the night before the meeting


The meeting was very short with warnings by Ronnie that nerves must not play any part in the theft and that they would shoot if there was any resistance to their plan by the men from Hong Kong . Check your weapons before getting into the cars and make sure the safety is on. Drive only at normal speeds to avoid contact with traffic police. Wear sun glasses and put on the masks just before the hit.

 They hugged each other and left at different intervals. The next day they pulled off the robbery in a daring daylight strike which hit the front page of Seattle Times told the whole story of the theft:.

 No, what happened on a Seattle -Tacoma freeway on-ramp Tuesday wasn't the filming of  a  TV Crime show  ‘The Usual Suspects 2’.

 The King County Sheriff Office is looking for the people  responsible for stopping the vehicle of Hong Kong diamond couriers and taking more than $400,000 in jewels with them.

 It all occurred in broad daylight or overcast  -- just before noon. The victims in town from Hong Kong selling diamonds  drove their black Nissan sedan onto the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 5 from South 188th Street when another black passenger vehicle cut them off and threw on the brakes in front of them, according to the King County Sheriff  Office. another vehicle rammed into the Nissan from behind, reports say.

 Two men donning masks and sunglasses reportedly approached the Nissan, assaulted the driver and broke out two windows of the car. One of the bandits reached into the vehicle through a broken window and grabbed a backpack containing more than $400,000 in diamonds The pair then left in the black car, having punctured one of the Nissan tires on their way out. A witness told authorities that a third person remained near the vehicle that stopped in front and pointed a handgun at the victims throughout the robbery.

 The suspect vehicle is reportedly a black, newer model BMW or Mercedes 4-door sedan. The robbers were described as all wearing black clothing, including hooded jackets, masks and sunglasses. Authorities believe the second car that struck the Nissan from behind was also involved, but no description is available. The Sheriff’s Office believes some witnesses may have mistaken the scene for a simple crash. The agency asks anyone who may have seen  it or has information on the incident to contact Crime Stoppers.


 Later Ronnie say it was an amazing work of art. Thy drove within the speed limit to the rendezvous near the and donned the overalls. The van was  then driven through several back streets to Rainier Blvd where they disappeared leaving the van parked in some bushes after removing the sign on the sides. They would not meet again for six  weeks once again at a border city near Bellingham Washington. The fact was that although the Asian gentlemen whom had been the object of their theft reported that the diamonds were worth 4000,000 the actual market  value was over 950,000.



Chapter 23 Sally Yip Retraces Her Steps

 Sally Yip was convinced that the elderly woman seen in the video from the Harbor bank was. Michelle Wilson. She constantly studied the two photographs, one of Michelle from her personnel file and the other a still taken from the bank surveillance film. Sally showed t=he photographs to other security team members and they all agreed that Michelle had a very close resemblance to the still photograph. But Sally was still not convinced and began to study the file . She went over every aspect of the mortgage loan and was not able to find any inconsistencies. She went to Michelle’s supervisor who once again reiterated that she herself was present when to two persons attended their offices. In every instance of the loan approval their countenance was not even slightly nervous. They looked genuinely happy to have been able to negotiate the deal. She had looked on at every aspect of the signing and the signatures were done just as in every other case of a home purchasing couple.


Sally was stymied and decided to once again call in Michelle from Portl and for a one on one sit down . She made up a list of interrogatories that she hoped would cover the entire transaction. She also asked FBI agent Lumpkin if he would check the airline manifests in and around the date of the fraud to see if Michelle Wilson had left the country. He responded after three days with a no one by that name report from each of the airlines servicing the Seattle to Caribbean destination routes.

 In an effort to get further opinions she requested assistance from the bank’s forensic specialist Chicago. A Forensic and Fraud Specialist investigates financial transactions and document information and records in order to present evidence and testimony usable in a court of law. They can have a direct impact on the success of the  business by deterring fraudulent activities through proper fraud controls or identifying and reporting of ongoing fraudulent activities. She was seeking help in finding anything she may have missed. in the area of Financial reporting misrepresentation.

 It took more than three weeks before he called to make an interim report. He had studied every component of the mortgage and it was no different than any other he had reviewed. The documentation was absolutely faultless. He summed up his examination by saying that the only problem was that someone had found a way to beat the system. He was also careful to mention that the employees had not in any way been involved because they had followed the bank guide and propriety to the fullest.

 Sally moved with a view to doing a page by page examination of the Fraser Mortgage documents. Deep into the night she worked studying each page where there were signatures and computerized information documents. On the third evening of work with heavy lidded eyes her intensive research finally paid off, she found the blunder she was seeking. The next day she called FBI agent Lumpkin to put the agency to work in tracing the information.



Chapter 24 Rocky Zoldoz

 Rocky Zoldaz spruced up every morning before heading to work. He lived alone and had done so for several years. His son and daughter were now completely estranged from him. He got into his sleek Cadillac and drove down several blocks to a Starbucks coffee house and had his usual toasted bagel and a dark roasted coffee, sat and read the papers , finished his breakfast and headed to office and warehouse located near the Seattle waterfront.

 He had for several years worked in the rug industry.. Buying and selling imported area rugs from China. On the outside he appeared to be a prosperous wholesaler of carpets. His business was however a front for his real stock and trade fencing stolen goods. For  over ten years he had been able to hide his actual occupation, buying and selling thousands of dollars worth of high end goods. He was known to the Seattle police but despite countless scrutiny of his activities they had uncovered nothing that would constitute a case against him.

 He had two employees in his office, Bunny who handled all of the office= work and was his niece and his truck driver Raymond Garcia. Both were an integral part of his criminal operation. The Rug enterprise sold the product to local small furniture stores and barely  paid the rent on his facilities but his underground activities were a consummate shield for his real enterprise fencing stolen jewellery and diamonds.

 He checked his phone messages with Bunny and noting  from a source he spoke with Raymond for a few minutes, and departed. He drove to his favourite haunt on the cross town, the Arizona Grill where he had a mid morning coffee and Danish. He then parked his car in a nearby car park and strolled over to a bus stop catching a cross town bus which he rode to a strip mall located near the city limits close to the Highway I 95. The mall had a number of travel trailers parked there as well as a few motor homes. He spotted the one he was interested in and before walking to it he strolled  the circumference of the parking lot in an effort to see if he had been followed. He t hen entered a Chinese Restaurant where he ordered tea. Shortly after an attractive Chinese woman appeared and took a table nearby him and nodded to him He drank his tea, paid his bill and headed out to a motor home situated on the far reaches of the parking lot. Her Motor home was a bright silver Winnebago which he entered through a screened door, she followed him momentarily.

 The smell of incense was very strong in the main cabin of the vehicle b= ut it was not unpleasant. They sat across from each other and she began the conversation immediately.

“There is a very large shipment due shortly as you may already know.”  She lit a cigarette awaiting his reply

 “Yes I did hear something about it.”

 She laughed and took another puff on her smoke.

She wasa very pretty Chinese women named Pearl Ming who had arrive in the USA on a container ship five years earlier. The experience had been  brutal but a chance to get away from her home in Macao to come to the states was worth the horror. For nearly three week s she had lived in metal box together with 3 women and 2 men. Their privy was a large bucket and there was no enclosure. Most of her days and evening were spent in a sleeping bag. A small fan  in the side was all of the air they had and the putrid smell was unbearable. Their water was rationed out by one of the men and amounted to 8 ounces per day. They had vegetables and various fruit which were long past the due date and they all suffered with acute diarrhea. On arrival in San Francisco they were forced to remain in their steel prison until the US customs had cleared the ship. The slop bucket had been removed and they had received more water. The container had been filled with universal car parts making the space absolutely unbearable. They could hear speaking but only Pearl could understand what was being said. They lay flat as the box was x-ray ed for contraband and were forced to remain in the same position for several hours. Just when they were nearly at the end of their tether crewman opened up the hatch and the container was lifted for them to slide out onto the deck. They were required to climb down a rope ladder to a cabin cruiser and in which they shed their clothing changing into American styled  apparel.

 Eventually they were taken to an isolated coastal fishing dock where they were escorted to a van and thence to a nearby farm. The cost for Pearl was a total of 50,000 US Dollars, with half down and the remainder to be paid over two years. Pearl was smart and was able to raise the money quickly through her ability to act as a fence . She started slowly and remained very secretive. She was now earning several million dollars a year in stolen merchandise. She lived in the motor home travelling long distances to escape detection and never remained in the same area more than two or three weeks.




 “I have information that the merchandise exceeds the estimated value .” she said.

  “How much more, the papers said four.” he said referring to 400 mentioned in the news

 “ Rocky we know that Insurance companies lie for obvious reasons. I know there was nine and a half at least. We would need 500  large at least  lto transact this deal.

 “Okay Pearl I am good for five big ones, but what do you think  will be the take.”

 “I have some leads but the ice is hot.”she laughed

 He grimaced at her attempt at humour but waited until she became serious again.

 “I will need the money in two weeks and will begin negotiations shortly. The people that did this job are not exactly amateurs but it may take time for them to understand that we have to low-ball  on the purchase. I will move again and leave an address at your office=

 “No Pearl the cell is the best , I am not sure that the cops are watching and listening. By he way you need a rug for this bus, on me  , I will send Raymond out today”

 She smiled and gave him a special hug, as he got up to leave.


Chapter 25 Searching For June As The Fraud Crumbles

 Ronnie was shocked to hear that June was being sought by the police. He= received a call from his mother through his aunt saying:

 “Police were here today looking for June.”

 He immediately went into action and contacted the remaining gang members by a drop box mail previously arranged around Seattle. He wanted an immediate meeting to find out what went wrong. The meeting was set for the next night at run down motel near the airport. He also purchased a throw away cell phone to try and reach June , but his aunt told him that she had slipped out of the country and gone to Canada.

 He called Michelle Wilson just to be sure that she was not under investigation. He had to take a chance so he went half way to Portland to make the call but there was no answer. She was no longer at the number she had given him, making him think she was in custody or had slipped out of the country as well. The fact was that Sally Yip had called her to come in for an interview and Michelle recognized that somehow the fraud had been uncovered by the security team. She packed a bag, booked a plane to Jamaica and drove her car to the Portland airport and with her mothers passport left the United States. She had planned her escape by having an open ticket to Jamaica and then onward to Antigua.. She had taken care to move her money around. The 70,000 in Nevis was untouched and as well she had moved several thousand dollars in savings to other  locations. She had taken the precaution of asking to be paid her pension in a lump sum within weeks of retiring and had taken  a buyout instead of 75,000.00. The tax was heavy but she was waiting for  her law suit to be completed.


 She landed in Montego Bay, stayed over for one night and returned to the airport to fly out the next morning to Antigua The place was an island paradise and she could live there for 1700.00 a month on the island . Her rent was one thousand dollars per month for a small villa on the beach . She had moved her 70,000 from Nevis immediately and had an additional 85,000,00 to live on. She was going by the name of Johnson and her passport was still good for 8  years. The best part was that she  thought she had left absolutely no trail to her whereabouts. She planned to hide out for as long as could. She purchased a small late model Toyota Yaris from the previous renter for 750.00 and paid the rent for a year. The estate agent mentioned that she might be able to get employment later on.

 Sally Yip had discovered that June during the course of signing the mortgage as Mrs Fraser had signed her own name June Bell and crossed it out giving the police and Sally Yip a huge step forward in their investigation

 When Michelle failed to turn up for her interview, Sally immediately notified the FBI and a BOLO was issued for her. As requested the police issued an arrest warrant for June, but using a fake ID she crossed over into Canada at the Canadian Sumas crossing and headed for Vancouver.

 Greg reported to the gang at their meeting that June had made a mad rush for Vancouver Canada. Ronnie had not disposed of the diamonds. The meeting was set for the following week, however he was afraid the police would soon be visiting him. Emma and Boris took on the task of keeping the diamonds. Lucy Lee, said she had found a new apartment for her and Ronnie but he felt that they should split up for the time being. Greg suggested that he run the business and that just in case Ronnie should leave the country as well..He told them he was boarding a ferry to Victoria BC that night from Olympia Washington. Ronnie knew that he would be sought and very shortly the cops would begin to put two and two together.

 Their meeting was over quickly and they decided to direct all of their  communication through Lucy Lee who had taken a new job at a Chinese grocery Store in China town. Emma and Boris were given instructions regarding the diamonds and where to deposit June and Ronnie’s share.

 Ronnie slipped out and drove his car with Lucy Lee to Olympia where he  boarded a Ferry .to Victoria . On arrival he took a travel coach after clearing Canadian customs he boarded a  Air Canada flight to Vancouver where he met June. They then purchased berths on a  cargo vessel with sailing approx. every two weeks They waited one week and  boarded the cargo container ship the  Conti Makalu in which they were sailing to Yokohama Japan, with estimated travel days 17 days. The births were bunk style side by side . The food was plentiful and very tasty. Crew members were an international lot with numerous Asians, very few spoke English, but the  Captain and other officers were fluent . They were invited to the Bridge almost every day for tea with the officers and they were very polite. There were two other passengers both of whom were Asians and spoke no English. The cost to Ronnie was three thousand dollars but they had quite a bit salted away from their mortgage fraud. They all seemed to be enchanted by June who despite having taken very little clothing was always well dressed and groomed. The trip was not without its drawbacks as both became ill when they were three days out.


 Surprisingly the police did not visit Ronnie’s business, Greg continued the operation, he checked every day to see if he was under surveillance , but there was no activity. He drove the regular routes without noticing anyone tailing him. The fact that June had left  the country had some how eluded the police. There were several women named June Bell in the Seattle area and the police were simply making an attempt engage them all in hopes of finding the right  one. June's mother just reported that June was out of the country and had been so for several months.

June and Ronnie arrived in Yokohama after an extremely rough voyage. They passed Japanese customs and immediately headed to the airport with a view to flying to Melbourne Australia. When they arrived in that city they were easily permitted as visitors to take up  residence for the purpose of employment. Both took jobs in the hospitality industry. They took separate accommodation and eventually Lucy Lee flew out to meet with them. The diamonds were still had not been fenced.


Chapter 26 Fencing The Diamonds


With information from Ronnie before he left, Emma was able to get in contact with a man named only Rashid who for a fee would set up a meet with a person who would make contact with a buyer. The process took several weeks all of which was accomplished by cell phone. Eventually Emma was told to meet at a shopping centre located in Blaine Washington. They were to meet on a Sunday but the meeting place was over run by children involved in a push cart festival . They re- scheduled for the following week and she was met by a man named  Raymond who worked for Rocky Zoldoz.  Emma was taken to a location behind the mall where there were a group of recreation vehicles. Raymond knocked on the door of a Winnebago was answered by a  Chinese woman who gave no name. A nameless man was also present. Raymond remained outside the RV in a black Hyundai limousine. She had been followed by both Boris and Greg who remained at a distance from the meet.

The women apologized immediately by saying that they all must remain without any identity. Emma agreed and they began negotiation. The woman whom we had learned was Pearl stated that regardless of the value proffered in the news that the diamonds were quite hot. She intimated that the deal would have be done immediately with a transfer within 24 hours. Rocky Zoldoz who was the man ,reiterated that the merchandise as he stated  to her that they needed to be moved very quickly. The offer that Pearl put on the table was two hundred and fifty thousand, which was she said a twenty five percent profit. The transfer point was to be the Myrtle Edwards Park in broad daylight and there was not much time to either count the money or the view the diamonds. Emma was directed to place the diamonds in a container usually earmarked for picnics, and Pearl would do the same and they would exchange at that time. She said:

 “The diamonds should be in their original bag and they must be exactly as they were when they were seized. The money will be in small bills and when the short transaction is complete we must move fast so that we do not draw any attention Not a good idea to be armed either . Be smart,just take the money and run, and we will also move quickly . We do this often and no one ever gets burned, just follow the rules.”

 Emma immediately agreed and their business was over. The time set for the next day was  11:00 am . Emma joined her cohorts and they drove away quickly, looking for the possibility of police presence.

 The next day they met near the entrance of the park made the exchange and both groups quickly vanished into the numerous visitors arriving for a day in the park. Boris was driving the car and picked her up and they drove to desolate area on the waterfront where Emma quickly counted the money and it was exactly as discussed. Giving them $41,000  each

 Emma knew they had to keep the money hidden as large bank deposits would be suspicious. Hiding $250,000 was not an easy prospect, as well she feltthat the money was laundered funds. Emma, Boris, Greg and Lucy Lee took their share with a commitment to not put the money in a bank or to make any large purchases. The problem was Ronnie and June since they were outside of the United States. Any form of transfer was dangerous, since large amounts of funds came under close scrutiny. It was Boris who came up with a possible way in which to get the money out of the US- on a cruise from Seattle to the South Seas. He made arrangements for the two women to take a cruise with a major cruise line from Seattle to San Diego and then to Melbourne Australia. . They carried the money  in their bags and met with June and Ronnie after docking. They had no difficulty in making sure the money was well enough hidden that it would escape detection when x-ray on arrival in the ship terminal before passing Australian customs an immigration. They simply wrapped the money in their underclothing in their suitcases. Since they were returning to the US immediately and were to leave for the airport on a shuttle , they were not required to go through extensive questioning or have their bags searched. Outside the cruise terminal June walked up and took both of their suitcases replacing them with two others and wheeled them away. The exchange took just moments and Ronnie came by with his car and they were gone within seconds. Emma and Lucy Lee, found their transport and headed to the airport for their flight back to Seattle. They were met by Boris and Greg at the airport and their work was done.


Chapter 27 Life On The Lam

 Michelle took to  the island paradise almost immediately. There were a number of ex-pats living near her and she made acquaintances with them but remained at distance. She avoided coffee invitations with all but a few women, She refused all dates with any men as there were a number of older islanders who were interested in taking her out. She knew there were going to be many questions and she had to avoid this kind of association. She lived a very boring life by design.

 Her only concern was her finances. The cost of living continued to rise in the first year she remained on the island. Petrol and heating costs were very steep. She found for some inordinate reason that it was cheaper to eat in a one of the many small grills and restaurants that dotted the area. She walked several blocks each day or on the beach. She took great care no to get too much sun. She took out her car only once a week to travel to a large grocery store located in the centre of St Johns called 1st Choice. It was here that she met the manager Vincent Pauli s who asked if she wanted a job in the office. He had heard that she had banking experience. She started work the following week salaries .were very lowon Antigua but she began to earn about 1500.00 US each month. She also got a discount on her groceries. The work was very simple as everything was computerized. She looked after payroll and employee benefits.


 After beginning work she was advised that she had to register with the  local police. Michelle became quite frightened at this development and hesitated before going to the station. The manager said it was a very cursory exam and after several sleepless nights she proceeded with the registration. It proved to be nothing more than the issuance of a card with her name and picture. It enabled her to work and gave her temporary residence status rather than a tourist situation. The added money meant she did not have to use very much of her savings. She took a bus every day to work and saved on the expense of her car. At the end of a year she gave up her lease on her condo and found an apartment in St Johns, a walking distance from the Grocery store. She still maintained her veiled lifestyle, never speaking about anything other than mundane unsophisticated occurrences. The apartment took about half of her income but it was very convenient. She had a parking stall but did not drive very often. She felt safe and kept very much to herself. With her employment came a medical plan and it became very important to her as time went on. She ate sparingly and walked every day. Life was as good as she wanted it to be in paradise. But Sally Yip was undaunted in her pursuit of Michelle.



 Ronnie and June had found a small apartment in Melbourne and remained out of sight. They had changed their abode several times and were finding that their money was rapidly evaporating. They still had accounts in offshore locations but they had to keep their stash from the diamond heist in with their possessions. Ronnie didnt = think it was wise to buy a car and they travelled by public transit. They finally found a residential hotel suitable for their needs .They waited several months before registering with their fake identity cards and passports made out in their mothers maiden name . They were cut off from their cohorts and were unable to phone or e mail them. Ronnie devised a letter writing .scheme where he sent a letter to his aunt, The letter was formulated into a code which gave her info about their travels down under. The letter was mailed from Sydney. They had a letter box in Sydney and Nancy took a bus there every week. What they learned was thus far there were no wanted posters or any police or FBI searches for them being undertaken .The police continued to visit their mother’s residence searching for June. Emma and Boris had married and Greg was pining for June ,They both found work in a Tavern where they worked as servers. The money was terrible but the tips were very good. Young men came in often just to chat up June but otherwise it was a very boring time for them both. Ronnie took a chance and transferred money from their account in St Kitts. They purchased a small Ford sedan. After waiting for six months Greg flew to Melbourne on a visitors visa and once more took up with June and obtained job immediately at a workout gym. Their story ended at that point and nothing more was learned of their whereabouts.


 Sally Yip continued to search for  Michelle and eventually was able to find out that Michelle’s mother was in a seniors home in Portland. She made a visit to speak with her , discovering that she was suffering fromof dementia but seemed to know that her daughter was on an island in the  Caribbean. She could only remember that it started with “A”. Sally had other cases to work on . She checked out the island chains on her maps and realized it was probably Antigua which did not have aagreement with the United States. She did have Michelle’s informationsent  to Us Customs and the US Marshal’s saying that she was a  a person of interest in a fraud case.

 Sally’s supervisor told her to put the case on the back burner because the cases of bank fraud were piling up.

 Rocky Zoldioz was arrested by Seattle police for the possession of stolen jewellery and after a long trial was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in penitentiary . He was stabbed to death after serving only three months. The culprit was never found. The Asian woman known as Pearl Ming disappeared from sight. There is no conjecture on her whereabouts.

 The final notation was about Michelle. After eighteen months on the island of Antigua she met a fellow American named Frank Amico. He was on the lam and was being sought to avoid prosecution for stealing from his union treasury  . They met at a beach party and seemed to hit it off very quickly. She noticed that he was very quiet but spoke a little about his life in the States. Michelle was taken with him, he was well dressed but was rather gruff with a kind of jaunty air and  she decided early on it was time to sleep with someone. Her experience as a spinster was limited to less than five times with 5 different partners. Sh=e had not been with a man for more than five years. She was closing in on sixty and looked like she looked like forty. She wore stylish clothes and kept her weight down and had a very good tan. They began to date. He did not own a car and used cabs or local transport. She noticed that her new found friend neither smoked or drank. He was rather old in his ways, opening doors for her and holding her arm,. She decided he was very charming and liked the way he carried himself. He taught her how to play tennis which they did  twice a week. It appeared to her that he was on a  budget, and since she was working she offered to always pay half at restaurants. She told him she was independent and preferred to pay her share. He was not offended and told her that very much appreciated her generosity. Eventually she made the decision to pay all the restaurant bills herself. Frank tried to make her stop but she was becoming very much enamoured with him and loved his company.

 After a month of dates and tennis and walking or just talking she felt  it was time to make the overtures.

 They had dinner at a small Chinese restaurant and she invited him up for a nightcap at her apartment..He asked if she was sure it was okay and she quickly agreed. She had been fortunate to get an apartment on the main floor of her building and it was in a corner location away from other tenants. They sat and talked while he sipped on. fruit= drink. Darkness fell very quickly on the island and she went to turn on alight but he asked for them to remain in the pale light of the Caribbean moon. Before the evening was over he had entered = her twice on her bed and it was so erotic that she had numerous organisms. He was she said, a Latin Lover with a very hard and long member. She invited him to stay all night and after a short sleep he related to her that he was on the run from the police in Miami Florida and the FBI.

 “I hope I can trust you ,because I am not just a ex pat revelling in the sun .I am being sought for embezzling fifty thousand dollars from the union  where I was employed.. I am living off the proceeds and I am getting near the end of my money. I live very close  to the line. I will hold out another three months I expect. I dare not get a job to stay here because would need to register with the police.and they would know that I am wanted.


 Michelle realized that she had to keep her own consul and reached down to hold his shaft and muttered, lets continue. This time she she moved into the doggy position so he could enter from the rear. He began thrusting and she became almost hysterical until he came with a full throated moan. After complimenting him on his staying power she though. I can use a lot more of that so I will help him.

 “We have to think this out carefully, You need a beach job where registration is not necessary. That way you can get about thousand each month.. You must not spend any more of your stash.”


 He nodded in compliance. They also agreed to meet every day while he searched for a job. As luck would have it he found a job through Michelle working for an outfit that patrolled beach homes for temporary residents. It was an hourly job and he worked four hours a day earning eighthundred a month. Michelle found a small condo and they moved in together. It is concluded that they lived happily ever after, because the story ends with their union.



Chapter 28 Non Sequitor

 Non sequitur is a latin expression meaning that the conclusion does not follow the  premise. In other words , most criminals or quasi felons are invariably caught . Not one member of the so called ice gang was ever brought to justice. In the case of the fraudulent mortgage, crimes of this type takes place very often . It does take other forms but the result is the same. Banks take big financial hits on this kind of fraud. Other than the fact that June blew her cover by signing the mortgage with her real name, the amount of this theft was actually insignificant and the investigation grew cold as well as becoming too costly to continue investigating.

Jack Kay -Summer 2021








Submitted: July 23, 2021

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