"Paranormal apocalypse" Season 7 Episode 15 "Worlds Divided"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

episode 15.











*Dexter walked over to Jeremy and Nadine.* “Kramer’s finished were done with him for now.” “Till someone else comes.” Jeremy says. “Let’s just take this as a victory for now.” Nadine says. “Um guys don’t count your chickens yet we still don’t have a plane I mean if Dexter’s plan for us to get to Canada to speak with Elizabeth we need transportation.”

 “Yes you do and I know where you will find it.” Joseph says. “There is an airport not far from here you will need to infiltrate. Don’t worry nobody lives in it it’s been abandoned but it could be swarmed by lunatics. It *Sigh.* “Ok I was told stories about it Look hundreds of people died in that airport. The military ordered it to be shut down on the day this started and people were stuck. Some turned some didn’t the ones that didn’t I can only imagine they were probably eaten alive. Look um it’s your only bet to find a plane if your serious about Canada. I’m going to stay here in Charleston.

“What about the battle range? “Um yeah I really don’t want to go back I can’t I need a fresh start and Charleston I think I can have that. We can rebuild the jail make it safer and I can look to expand the city make it safer for people maybe someday down the road we can have the entire city filled.” “That would be good. Thank you for not betraying us in the end. I know you could have and look I know how hard it is when family is concerned you may not know this but my brother was a bad man in the apocalypse I had to watch him die. He killed good people for fun he was an animal so if there’s anything I can do for you just ask.”

*Dexter hands Joseph a radio.* “I appreciate it I’ll be in touch all I need is time. But maybe someday you can all come back to Charleston to see our progress. Thank you for everything. All of you.” Joseph says as *Turns around and nods to his men and they start to walk away.* “Alright well these past few days have been nothing short of crazy I think we should take it easy.” Executer says. “I would agree but we really should get the plane.” Dexter says. “Yeah man we can rest on the plane when Tobin flies us out you can fly us right?”

“If you can get a plane I can take you anywhere.” “Good.” Jeremy says. *It starts to rain.* “God does it ever not rain in this state?” Executer asks. *As the group head into the woods.* *A few hours pass by and the group see the airport. “Ok everyone we need to play this safe. We stay quiet there could be lunatics anywhere just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. *Dexter and the group approach the Airport. *To much barbed wire to climb the fence were going to have to enter the airport to get to the runway. *Executer and Nessie slowly walk close to Dexter and the group. *Roman smokes a cigarette.* “Damn this brings back memories.”

“Of?” Executer asks. “My best friend and I got high one night we thought it would be funny to see how far we could make it in the airport by sneaking in you know? Bam we ran right into security they had us in cuffs so fast. We woke up sober the next day in a jail cell I had the worst headache and my dad gets us out of jail he was pissed. First thing we did when we got home my friend stole a six pack from his mom’s house and we drank and passed out. Moral of the story don’t drink. Unless you want to end up in a jail cell.”

“I drink I’ve never ended up in a jail cell.” Executer says. “Well uh that’s different I drink fun you drink lame.” “How does one drink lame?” Executer asks. “Guys stay focused we need to make sure this place is secure.” “Yeah sorry.” Executer said. *Executer turns to face roman* “I’m going to need an answer on that later.” As they enter the airport. Jeremy shines his flashlight as the group sees so many bodies lying on the floor messages were on the walls written in what looked like blood. “The Military locked us in like animals.” “Help us”

“Damn this is chilling.” Nadine says. *Aiming her blunderbuss in front of her.* *we could here thunder roaring outside. *suddenly a door kicked open and a lunatic entered the room.* We hid and watched as it walked down the hallway the lunatic looked at a hammer and in one swift moment we did not expect. *The lunatic picked up the hammer and walked down the hall.* *The Lunatic walked by us and Executer rushed at it with his machete and killed It.* “Did you see that? It picked up a weapon. ”I did see and I don’t like that.” Dexter says.

 As they continue to walk. Nadine steps on broken glass. *We hear a loud scream as a lunatic broke down the door and was the size of a bus. No lie. Started yelling and screaming. “What now?” Executer asked.” “Stay put.” Dexter whispered. As the lunatic started to walk passed us and went down a corridor. *Miles and Tom quietly locked the door behind It.* *as we kept walking down the hallway. We finally came across a exit door that led to the Runway.

 The door was locked. *Dexter took several deep breaths timed it with the thunder and broke the door down. As the group made their way outside they saw a plane. Tobin ran over towards it. It was the perfect size and length to take us out of here. “Luckily for us the keys and everything were inside the cockpit. Tobin turned the plane on and saw we needed fuel. “We won’t make it long without fuel.”

“Ok I will get us some fuel. Jeremy says. “There should be gas cans nearby. *Jeremy saw a building that looked like an airplane storage unit “I’m going to go search that building.” Jeremy says. Jeremy runs over to the building and turns the nob it was locked. *Jeremy timed it with the thunder and hit the door till it opened. *Jeremy entered the building it was massive with tents and food and water everything you needed to survive including planes.*

“Wow Dexter won’t believe this” Jeremy saw a couple fuel cans and ran over and grabbed them. *As Jeremy made his way back towards the door he heard a voice from behind yell “DROP THEM” *Jeremy gently placed the fuel cans on the ground and turned around.* *Jeremy was surrounded by about a hundred and some men and women. All armed.*

“Um Hi?” Jeremy says. “You break into our airport with the intent of stealing our airplane and you break into our home like some kind of ravaged wildebeest and try to steal our gas cans? Who are you? Tell me one reason why we should not kill you here and Now?” “My names Jeremy we were being attacked by Kramer. We managed to kill him. We need a plane to get us home we had no idea you or anyone was here we thought this was abandoned.” “You killed Kramer?” Everyone went from angry to shocked. “Um yes we watched him die. He was sick in the head.

Did you know him? “We lived in Charleston when he decided to move here and take over. We migrated away so he wouldn’t see us but he found us and we’ve been giving him food and guns whatever he needed for the past couple years.” The man said. “Well that is over now he is dead.” “You sir are a hero. You are in our debt.”

“No need for debt but can we have the plane?” “Take it take it in good health thanks for riding the world of one less scum bag.” The man says. “Here is a care package.” *One of the female women hand Jeremy.* “Thanks but I can’t carry it all. “I’ll help.” Jack says. * Jeremy and Jack bring the supplies and fuel out to Dexter and the group. “Who are you?” Dexter asks. “I am jack. Jeremy told us you killed Kramer.

We are a small group of about a hundred survivors who ran away from Kramer but he found us and we’ve been supplying him with whatever he needs in exchange for us staying alive. “That’s horrible.” Dexter says. “That Nightmare is over now you can live in peace.” Nadine says. “If you want I have a friend who is living in Charleston who want to rebuild the city and make it safe for everybody I’m sure you could help each other out and make the city a much better place?”

“Yes ask him.” *Dexter takes his radio out and reports everything to Joseph.* *Joseph agrees and accepts the help.* “May your ride be safe and god bless.” Jack says to Dexter shaking his hand. “Thanks you as well stay safe.” Dexter says as he turns around and the group enters the plane.

*The plane turns on and moments later they depart the airport and leave Charleston and Fly towards Canada.*


*One of the lunatics watching from the woods Picked up a hammer and took out a radio “ZERO B DEAD? Are you there?”



“You have company coming.”



Submitted: July 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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