10-Second Short Stories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

The stories contain 55 words each excluding the title. You can read a story within 10 seconds. The stories cover various topics like love, murder, paranormal, politics, religion, humanity and more. You will see twists too in some stories.

Table of Contents

Story 1

John was almost running. He was excited as well as nervous. Finally he was going to confess his love to Anne. It took him 3 years to ge... Read Chapter

Story 2

Rodriguez, a ragpicker, was searching for scraps in a trash container. He found a half-opened leather briefcase and saw bundles of note... Read Chapter

Story 3

Satan was seething. He had been trying to turn humankind away from righteousness since its existence. Attempts were in trillions, so we... Read Chapter

Story 4

When the beggar Young Ho regained consciousness, he was in a grand palace-like building. There, a person convinced him to take his boss’s place till the evening for 5 million won.
Read Chapter

Story 5

“Thanks, I’ll ship a hundred girls next week.” Wang Li ended the call and looked at his bank balance with joy.
Read Chapter

Story 6

Sagarika came home after participating in a Black Lives Matter march. She saw her friend waiting in the hall.
Read Chapter

Story 7

“Congrats Anna, you’re my fiftieth bitch”, Petrushka smiled with pride. He was watching their intimate moments on his mobile. He ... Read Chapter

Story 8

“Yoga and meditation are boring, useless!” Umman mockingly rejected an invitation to join a yoga class. Few months later, Umman rea... Read Chapter

Story 9

Hans yelled at his son, “You useless kid. You couldn’t do one simple task. Go, spend more time with those good-for-nothing fellows.... Read Chapter

Story 10

Hoa was pulled away by Duc from being crushed under a truck. “Careful,” he said. Hoa clutched him tightly. Hien received a message,... Read Chapter

Story 11

“Sorry, I love someone else.”, Ella gently refused Louis’ proposal. He was heart broken. Few weeks later, his friend told that El... Read Chapter

Story 12

Three people met in an elite bar for the first time. “I’m Ron, a lawyer, always fight for justice.”, “I’m Karen, a feminist, ... Read Chapter

Story 13

After 12 years, Saurabh and Manish met each other. “You look great, friend. How’s your life?” inquired Saurabh. “Nothing specia... Read Chapter

Story 14

“Chati, be in my chamber at 5pm. I’ll notify your parents.”, Arpa was fuming. “Teacher, please believe me. It is a misunderstan... Read Chapter

Story 15

“Inacio from Brazil has agreed to supply more wood to us. You better arrange money within a week.”, Chia-ming instructed his employ... Read Chapter

Story 16

“Children!... Children, look here!”, the teacher got the attention of her students in front of the gorilla cage. “This is a Goril... Read Chapter

Story 17

* Suggestive Language The mother of the bride told her, “Now your husband has the key to open the lock. Always safeguard the key.... Read Chapter

Story 18

Adelstein was shocked to see his wife with another man in bed when he returned home. Within a month, he divorced her. One evening, as h... Read Chapter

Story 19

Kavita filed a sexual assault case against Narendra. Police arrested him under SC/ST act. He lost his job. His wife divorced him; his f... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


Oh poor guy. Maybe after that he was reborn to the time they first make and he got to courage to confess quickly and change the ending. If only we can have second chances.

Sat, September 25th, 2021 9:51am


Thank you for the comment. :) In some cases, we better not delay. No one knows what happens in the next five minutes. Two seconds are enough to turn one's life upside down. I think if we could have second chances, no one would have watched movies. :D Our lives would have been movies themselves.

Sat, September 25th, 2021 4:50am

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