"Paranormal Apocalypse season 7 Episode 16 "DEATH COMES AT A COST"

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*As the plane flies closer to the Canadian border Dexter walks over towards Nadine.* *Dexter takes a seat with a serious look on his face he puts his hand over his mouth.* “Dexter what is it? What’s wrong?” “I just can’t stop thinking what if this plan doesn’t work what if we are flying down for no reason what if she turns us down?” “Dexter we have gone this far we can’t back down she will listen to us I mean we have Executer with us she will at least listen to him.

This will work it will work out for us we can’t think bad thoughts not now not when we are so close. We get into Canada and we are set for life. Our nightmare will be over.”

“It’s true. Everything will get better for us. We need to keep going.” Jeremy says. “Right ok I know you are both right. I just had my doubts but your right this has to work it has too.” “Your Goddamn right it will work it has too.” Executer says. “Have you ever spoken to Elizabeth as one of the so called gods?”

“Ok first thing you need to show respect with that term it means more to some people then it does others so try to take it seriously around Elizabeth we don’t know how she’ll react. And No personally I have never spoken with her but she has survived this long she has to be doing something right. I just Hope that once this is done we are ok and can live life without worry anymore.” I would like to be a chef.” Executer says. “What would be your first meal if you cooked something?” Jeremy asked. *Executer turned to Jeremy with a frown and then a smile and said “Alligator.” I’m told it’s delicious.” “Better not tell Nessie.” Jeremy says laughing.

“Were about an hour away now.” Tobin says into the built in speakers. “An hour until ShowTime.” Dexter says. *An hour goes buy and the plane starts to descend to the ground and comes down safely and lands. The doors open up.* Dexter walks out first as a group on Horseback approach the plane.* “Halt who may I ask goes there?” “My name is Dexter I am with a group we left the United States we need to speak with Elizabeth.”

“That I am afraid is impossible. Elizabeth is not here and you need to turn the plane back and leave immediately.” “Where is she?” Nadine asks. “I’m not in liberty to discuss this with an outsider such as yourself.” “Please it is urgent. We came a long way to speak.” “I don’t care you turn around now or I will be forced to arrest you.” “For what?” “Trespassing into Canada illegally.”

“Fine we’ll leave. Nadine says. “A smart move.” The guard says. “I didn’t get on this plane travel all the way to Canada just to let some idiot in a red coat tell us we aren’t allowed to enter like were some little kids trying to enter a club without knowing the secret password.” Let us in.” Executer says. “And just who do you think you are?”

“I am the Executer one of the four gods of the apocalypse. I demand you let us all in right know.” “Ok The guards take out handcuffs and start arresting the group.* *Minutes later the group are locked in a small jail cell together.* “Damnit this is no way to treat your king.” “Give it a rest.” Jeremy says. As a cell opens and a man wearing a robe walks up to the cell. “Your Dexter and his group correct? “Yes.” Dexter says. “Ok we talked over with Elizabeth and she has had time to make a decision. We need you all to come with me to see Elizabeth but understand this we can’t answer any questions until you talk with her.” *The man unlocks the cell and opens the door.*

*Dexter and the group walk out and follow the man outside and down the path towards a mansion where Elizabeth was sitting waiting with dinner.* *We sat down and there was several food plates placed next to our sets.” “You must be starving eat.” Elizabeth says. *Dexter takes a bite of the steak. “Now what brings you here?” “Well we were wondering if we could stay here in Canada it is a much safer place to be. And we can help make everyone safer.

We used to have a community we saved people we were huge and then people came and we couldn’t stop them.” I understand you have with you a fellow god? “Yes executer.” Dexter says. “Hello Elizabeth.” Executer says. “Ok I have heard stories of you is it true you have a pet crocodile? “Yes.” Executer says. He points over to Nessie. *Nessie growls* “I will allow you and your people to stay they will have a place outside the walls here but they must help us with work time to time nobody lives here free. Is that to be understood? “Yes. Thank you very much.” Dexter says. “I don’t like the idea of staying out of the walls what is the lunatic situation here in Canada?” Jeremy asks. “Same as everywhere we can’t kill them all but we are in a safe position.”

“But for how long?” “Look you came here looking for a safe place to stay this may be your best shot if you don’t want it just say no and you will leave tomorrow your choice.” Elizabeth says. “No we want it thank you.” Dexter says. “Ok then it’s yours. Now after dinner my guards will show you where it is.” *After dinner Elizabeth had her men show Dexter and the group where there house was.* It was a small but two foot house it had about eight bedrooms  and a family room a kitchen a couple bathrooms and a basement. “This will do nicely.” Dexter says. “Now there is one rule.

Keep the lights off at night and never go outside past dark. Something Elizabeth didn’t mention is the lunatics here are more dangerous.” “Oh and you’re telling us this why were not protected by anyone were on our own.” Jeremy says. “You have your guns right?” plus see that radio on the wall? It’s a direct communicator to us if trouble shall arise we will help out. “Thank you.” Dexter says.

“Don’t need to thank us yet. but we will be in touch very soon don’t worry we will.” *With that the guard shuts the door.* Dexter locks the door. *The guard makes his way to the Mansion and locks the door. “Zero B Dead will be here any moment what took you?” “I had to speak to Dexter about the house I am back. The guard said. As Minutes went by a growl was heard. And Elizabeth looked outside and saw “ZERO B Dead” By the door.* “We have an outsider a new group out in the woods. Lunatics will pay them a visit. Death is coming. Now Elizabeth will you get in the way?”

*Elizabeth opens the door and stares at Zero B Dead.* “No I won’t get in your way. Whatever you choose to do is solely between the Lunatics and the humans. I won’t get in the way.” *With that she shuts the door.* *Zero B dead Grabs his 6 foot spear and walks slowly away towards the woods.* “Well were in we should be ok.” Dexter says. “Good. But it just doesn’t sound real.” I know what you mean but remember were still alone in the woods unprotected. We haven’t earned their trust yet. Executer says. “We will soon.” Roman says. “We have too.” *A knock on the door.* Dexter turns to the door and slowly walks to it. “Don’t answer the door. Remember what the guard said it’s dangerous. They gave us a radio I’m sure they’d tell us if it was them at the door.”

 *Dexter agrees and stops.* *the doorbell rings again.* *Dexter opens the door.* “Nobody’s here.” *Suddenly a giant appears from the shadow and is right behind Dexter and stabs him in the back with a spear.* Dexter screams in pain. As the giant takes the spear out of his back and Dexter drops to his knees bleeding out. *Jeremy, Nadine and Executer are shocked. As the giant stares right at them with the spear in his hand. “Welcome to Canada.” The giant says with a smile laughing. As Dexter starts coughing and fades to black.*








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