Here I try to view a simple inspiration for our new day so enchanted to gift us the dearest moments of a lifetime. Let us inspire everyone now.

It’s mirrorless time blossoming never stop steamless ride to the soul of your lifeline,

Feeding it a more accessible and affordable sense of balance pitches staying safe at home,

For those of us planting their livelihood on daily wages,

Try to go for Nature’s escape catching the sunrise in its hidden light with a smile all day,  

I want you to overcome this coronavirus confinement hatch out for small gestures to motivate each other,

From simple things for this beautiful blog of your life’s collection take this sale for our better future,

Little rays of sunshine for a cause showcase this subtle reality of our togetherness,

New moments of parenthood and childhood where my journey on this fresh path began,

Nothing but fulfilling becomes a special memento for us,

A special place in my heart cry or laugh or fall while crawling those memories of my little one's crafts,

I enjoy loads of patience, passion, and a positive creative mind thanksgiving expectations from anything and everything around me,

I create a deeper influence within understanding their stories adding a little bit of magic called commitment how this new vision promises,

Everything can be caught as the change our pursuing timeless life around me admires,

And love working closely with people who I connect with,

This lesson has faces now voice your passion disappearing for the legend inside your story,

Let us unite for this resurrecting hope saying a little,

Yet speaking a lot in a whole new way offering unique wellbeing overcomes this extended experience.

Submitted: July 27, 2021

© Copyright 2023 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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Bert Broomberg

A really nice poem.

Wed, July 28th, 2021 2:44pm

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