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In 1918 a man by the name of John suddenly felt very ill. John was a go getter he never showed up late to work ever and if he did it was because he was either sick or a family emergency but that never happened mark was constantly exceeding and eating healthy he hardly ever got sick. 
One morning he was on his way to work. His usual path was blocked this one day by several ambulances. So John took another path. He walked by several people who started coughing really bad. One person spit in johns face by accident. That’s all it took. 
Over the night John became seriously ill to the point he couldn’t move or breathe good. John didn’t know why he had gotten so sick and he ultimately died that night. The news shocked everyone in his family. 
John left behind a wife and a daughter. The moment that the women spit on him by accident she had infected John with the Spanish flu. One of the worst pandemics ever to hit the world. John died not knowing about the Spanish flu and his wife and most of johns family all fell victims to this pandemic and passed away. Johns daughter Ava  somehow was the only survivor in his family. 
Ava would go on to marry her lover and get in several bad car accidents but she bounced back from both and she was very successful. Ava lived to be 78 where she would get pneumonia and died from it.

Submitted: July 28, 2021

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