Children of Abraham: A Story of God's People (Abridged Version)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Seung Geel Hong

A book that links together the histories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It begins with the creation of Adam-and-Eve, and it ends with the current struggle between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Table of Contents

Abram's Family

Children of Abraham:  A Story of God’s People (Abridged Version) Hong, Seung Geel &nbs... Read Chapter

Isaac's Family

Chapter 2:  Isaac’s Family 2a. Isaac Marries Rebekah Three or four years after Sarah’s death, Abraham assigned a special... Read Chapter

Jacob Leaves Home

Chapter 3:  Jacob Leaves Home 3a. Jacob’s Dream When Jacob had traveled about 88 - 97 kilometers from home, he was near th... Read Chapter

Israel Returns Home

Chapter 4:  Israel Returns Home 4a. Israel Enters Canaan After Esau’s departure, Israel’s party traveled west for approx... Read Chapter

Joseph the Favorite

Chapter 5:  Joseph the Favorite 5a. Joseph the Dreamer After Esau’s departure, Israel remained in the Hebron area and cont... Read Chapter

Joseph in Egypt

Chapter 6:  Joseph in Egypt (This story normally follows chapter 7.) 6a. Joseph in Potiphar’s Home When the caravan ar... Read Chapter

Judah and Tamar

Chapter 7:  Judah and Tamar (This story is normally placed ahead of chapter 6.) As Joseph was living as a slave in Egypt, hi... Read Chapter

Joseph Saves his Family

Chapter 8:  Joseph Saves his Family (Continued from Chapter 6)   8a. Joseph Meets his Brothers Through the ages... Read Chapter

Israel Migrates to Egypt

Chapter 9:  Israel Migrates to Egypt 9a. Israel Leaves Hebron When the brothers returned home, they told their father everyt... Read Chapter


Chapter 10:  Moses 10a.  Birth of Moses During the generations that followed Joseph’s death, the descendants of Israe... Read Chapter

In the Sinai Peninsula

Chapter 11:  In the Sinai Peninsula 11a. Israelites Leave Egypt At the time of the Hebrew emancipation (according to the Bib... Read Chapter

Rahab of Jericho

Chapter 12:  Rahab of Jericho After the death of Moses, God transferred the leadership of the Israelites to Joshua, and God prom... Read Chapter

Conquest of Canaan

Chapter 13:  Conquest of Canaan 13a. Israelites Cross the Jordan River The morning after talking with the  two spies, J... Read Chapter

Era of the Judges

Chapter 14:  Era of the Judges 14a. Fourteen Judges During the generations that followed Joshua and Eleazar, many Israelites... Read Chapter

Events During the Era of the Judges

Chapter 15:  Events During the Era of the Judges (The Bible lists the following stories in the order of 15c, 15a, and 15b.) ... Read Chapter

Judge Eli, Young Samuel, and the Ark

Chapter 16:  Judge Eli, Young Samuel, and the Ark 16a. Judge Eli and Young Samuel Judge Eli of the Levi Tribe was a High Pri... Read Chapter

Judge Samuel and Saul

Chapter 17:  Judge Samuel and Saul After Judge Eli’s death, Judge Samuel inherited the role as the leader of the Israelites, a... Read Chapter

King Saul and King David

Chapter 18:  King Saul and King David 18a. King Saul When Saul became king, all the Israelite tribes were again united as a ... Read Chapter

King Solomon

Chapter 19:  King Solomon 19a. Adonijah For nine or ten years following the revolt of Absalom, King David and his empire liv... Read Chapter

Aftermath of King Solomon's Empire

Chapter 20:  Aftermath of King Solomon’s Empire 20a. King Jeroboam of Israel After King Solomon’s death, the Israelite l... Read Chapter

Under the Greek Government

Chapter 21:  Under the Greek Government 21a. Alexander the Great Approximately a century after Ezra and Nehemiah (359 BC), P... Read Chapter

Under the Roman Government

Chapter 22:  Under the Roman Government 22a. Aristobulus, Alexander, Antigonus Three years after the defeat of Aristobulus I... Read Chapter

End of the Western Roman Empire

Chapter 23:  End of the Western Roman Empire About 15 years before the Jewish revolt of 132 - 135, the Roman Empire had reached ... Read Chapter

Emergence of Islam

Chapter 24:  Emergence of Islam 24a. Hagar and Ishmael in Arabia According to the Bible, Hagar and Ishmael traveled into the... Read Chapter

Take-over of Medina

Chapter 25:  Take-over of Medina 25a. Unemployed in Medina Within a few days after Muhammad and Abu Bakr’s arrival in Medi... Read Chapter

Conversion of Makkah and Arabia

Chapter 26:  Conversion of Makkah and Arabia 26a. Occupation of Makkah Three or four months after the Muslims’ defeat at M... Read Chapter

After Muhammad

Chapter 27:  After Muhammad 27a. After Muhammad’s Death Soon after Muhammad’s death, most of the tribes renounced their ... Read Chapter

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