Madrigal of Paradox and the Fableaux Crown

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little princess stumbles into the land of Paradox ruled by the trickster, Queen Madrigal, who charges the girl to a duel.

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Once in days of old, there lived a young princess named Tirzah who had her every wish and desire granted by the good graces of the excessively generous, Count Two-Shoes. Count Two-Shoes gave the little princess everything which her heart desired. But he could not give to her the one thing her heart desired above all other things: to visit the mysterious and shadowy realm of Paradox. The realm of Paradox was governed by a vicious and conniving trickster named Queen Madrigal, whose castle was guarded by ten bears and a militia of ravens. Her right hand was an outlandish giant named Duke Anomaly, and together they ruled the land in misery and rightfully so.


So, Tirzah absconded in the night and with the help of an old swan she made her way to Paradox. When she came upon that strange land, she made her way to the menacing castle in the woods where the tricky queen resided. The queen spotted the naïve princess and hatched in her mind a nasty trick to play.

“Welcome, child dearest, wonderous one fair.

I am glad that you have found my lair.

But you cannot remain as my guest,

unless you meet my one request.”

Madrigal smiled wickedly and the little princess nodded her head.

“Good, good, that you have chosen wise.

Here now is my little prize:

That you should play a round with me

of chess and do so with great glee.”


“Tis such a simple request, yay, indeed.

I shall play, my queen, and will succeed.”

Upon her reaffirmation, Duke Anomaly brought the chessboard to the prickly queen. She allowed Tirzah the first move, and the princess did so confidently. The longer the two played, the wider the smile grew across Madrigal’s face. The princess was delighted, more, and so, she enjoyed the game most gleefully.

“This crown I wear upon my head,

his name is Fableaux and I do dread

of losing him, however, the same

shall be given you if you beat my game.”


The princess now was most beguiled she new well that in all the land none played the game finer than she. At last, the princess finished the game and she had well outdone Queen Madrigal.

“Fableaux, dear Queen, belongs to me.

This you have said most certainly.

I wish to wear him upon my head,

for I have beaten your game, as you have said.”

But Madrigal and Duke Anomaly, in unison, let out a brouhaha of ruckusing laughter. The princess eyed the two in confusion. Had she not accomplished the queen’s request—to play gleefully—and beaten the queen at her own game to win the charms of Fableaux.

“You foolish girl, you do not see:

this is the land of trickery!

My riddle is a paradox,

you cannot outfox the fox.”

At last Tirzah understood. When the queen said gleefully, she meant the opposite. Tirzah should have played the game grumpily and with much complaining. She had not fulfilled the request and in order to win the charms of the Fableaux she should have lost the game instead of winning.

“You evil queen of trickeries!

You wily mistress of mysteries!

I did win and I shan’t lose to you!

I shall ask help from Count Two-Shoes.


“Try as you might, my dear.

I hesitate to tell you, as I fear,

You will not take the news so well:

That Fableaux is the man of whom you tell.”

Submitted: August 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 L.E. Belle. All rights reserved.

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good story. didn't see that coming. poor two-shoes. what happened to him??

Sun, August 1st, 2021 2:25pm


Thanks for reading, DoGsofWaR. I've been mulling that over in my mind. I think Count Two-Shoes went after the princess and the Queen caught him and...well...he ended up on her head. :S

Sun, August 1st, 2021 7:27am

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