Prostitutes are key to criminal gang drug activities.

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Prostitutes are key to criminal gang drug activities. They find out who the real Johns are, and then pimps know, they are safe to sell drugs too, and do other criminal activities with. Prostitutes will get there own children involved with the same people, whom got them into prostitution. They make sure there are replacements for the Johns, who die, get better, or got to prison. Without prostitutes, it would be must more dangerous for drug dealers to sell drugs, (Johns) to new drug users. Many johns are drug addicts and junkies themselves. More

Prostitutes are key to criminal gang drug activities. They find out who the real Johns are, and then pimps know, they are safe to sell drugs too, and do other criminal activities with. Prostitutes will get there own children involved with the same people, whom got them into prostitution. They make sure there are replacements for the Johns, who die, get better, or got to prison. Without prostitutes, it would be must more dangerous for drug dealers to sell drugs, (Johns) to new drug users. Many johns are drug addicts and junkies themselves.

Around here in northern Canada, drug and alcohol abuse has become a national news issue, at one time in the past. Just not talked about now. F.A.S.D. Fetal Alcohol syndrome Dysfunction. Basically because the mother was drinking while pregnant the babies, are born with no morals, to one degree or another. Drinking and or doing drugs. Where have all the crack babies gone?

Where have all the almost crack babies gone? All grown up now. Lots of almost crack babies, still being born.

Same when psychopaths try had drugs. Nothing more fun that hard drugs to a psychopath. Or unboring. Psychopaths don't like being bored. Raging is also not boring to them. They naturally gang up and form groups. Watch shows like "60 days in" on A&E for free, and see how they are being taught now, to pretend, not to be drug addicts and junkies. Don't forget the nice older men, and women, hardened career criminals in there to, acting like nice grandpa and grandmas. Hardened career criminals. Who want to know about all your families problems. The green mile, taught you all, the murders are nice right. Well almost all.

How come these new x-ray machines, are not being used in corrections facilities, to detect drugs. Like you see in there border airport security shows on TV. Well and the special RV toilets, to catch the people who swallow drugs before going to corrections facilities? Drug test kits to? I thought drugs were still illegal, is corrections facilities too? Seems not to be.

Why is this technology being put on TV, for hardened career criminals to see, and be given time, to try to come up with work arounds? Instead of wide scale implementation quickly, to catch lots of hardener career criminal drug addicts, and junkies basically? Same with portable units for police vehicles? Drug test kits too.

It seems to be that these career criminals, are being used by certain government departments. Hardened career criminals, being used, as easy career security, and easy promotions, and easy pensions.

Many employees in homeless shelters and such, are former drug addicts and junkies. As reported on TV many times. Still in many cases there own families want nothing to do with them still. They still have the mental disorders they developed, (psychopathic now) when they became drug addicts and alcoholics and junkies. Where life is cheap to them. Many are just good enough, to have a job at a place like that, and can sell drugs, to the street people drug addicts around them still. Group homes for minors are being taken over by the gangs to.

Around here. As young as 7 or 8 years old and in school. Children are involved in the drug gangs, because mommy or daddy needs a crack rock, or some holy land heroin, or some other hard drug. Same with maybe grandma or grandpa too. Been around a long time now. Hard drugs, since we went over to certain countries, where empires go to die. Your military can visit the nice drug dealers, and drug farmers, who grow the holy land drugs over there. How they really win wars in the long run. Lateral warfare. They invented junkies a 1000 years ago. Here now. You can have super solders over there. Doesn't matter. Once crimes start being committed for drugs it gets worst and worst. Apparently in the 80s it was really out of control. Drugs in the US military. End made movies and TV shows showing how bad the drug use was in places like Vietnam.

I am homeless myself. Done to me on purpose. Need help. The gangs need to go. As soon as you become homeless you get attacked in all kinds of ways by all kinds of gang members. All trying to get you to join there gang, and become a income source to them to sell drugs to. The staff is involved up to there eyeballs in all this to. The government gets involved to by making this career security for themselves as things get worst and worst. Northern Canada is a glimpse of your future. Where ever you are they are there around you and your family. They want you, your kids, hooked on drugs. You will find out the truth about the police, and government departments then.

Places like Canada need the death penalty desperately. There is not enough space already in corrections faculties. Each person need there own cell. Locked in 24 hours a day. 365 day a year. But around each other. Like for the death row inmate in the movie "the shawshank redemption". What choice do we have. They are choosing to become career criminals. You can seen in some corrections TV shows, inmates talking about how this or that person is not experienced enough. Not a experienced enough career criminal. Teaching others how to be more of a career criminal. Like in "60 days in".

We need the career criminals dealt with, and separated from people in prison, and out in society, who are not career criminals, and are not gang members. We do not want more career criminal right? One time criminals get abused, and turned into criminals, right where you live too. The police, will arrest you, if you do anything, to there rat career criminals. Many people have criminal records, because they harmed, by just punching, a drug dealer rat. Like I had many years ago. Never realized it at the time. The police and courts protect them. They are easy career security, easy promotions, easy lives, and easy pensions for them. We are the modern day slaves while others live off our suffering. Causes on purpose. So others can still have it easy at our poverty and all that causes and is getting worst. The street people are still around when put into rooms. Just harder to spot. Will hang out in malls, stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, parks, etc. Always in everything, hustling in everything for more drugs.

Just like they try to do with me and have tried for years. Try to get me involved with drugs. Intimidating. Sleep deprivation torture. (elder abuse type tactics) For years daily. Pretending now by acting differently, as what I say, brings attention, to this issue and me somewhat. Pretending to be nice grandmas and grandmas and nice pimps, prostitutes, street thugs, drug dealers, etc. The street thugs are like floaters at work. They will do anything. Including for pimps and come after children, teens, adults. As directed by the various gang group leaders.

My former employer did this on purpose in Yellowknife NT Canada, because of extreme harassment at work, became so bad, that was actually extreme human rights abuses. So bad I would be a multi-bilionare. if I was not crazy. So did everything they could to drive me crazy. Easiest way to prove someone is crazy, is to drive them crazy, as they said and laughed about around me. So they made this into a science now, to even the average person around here. Driving people to the point of suicide. The highest rate of suicide here and attempted suicide in the country. A science now to 1000s of people around here. 1000s joined in pretending, nothing was being done here, but actually was being done to me, and others on a horrific scale, that has spread all over the world now, as a scientific process, even with criminals. Done on these shows now like "60 days in" practising for outside, right where you live. This government town called Yellowknife. 1000s of government worker joined in on the fun. Pop of 12k to 15k at one time.

So when this type of thing gets done to people. Business people (drug addicts now) learn they can basically, use you up, and toss you to the street people locally. Widely known now. Throughout the world. Never going away ever. Though of as a science now. They never stop thinking, and coming up with ways, for well, a easier time for themselves, on your back. Business people to locally. The criminal justice system too. Other government departments to locally.

So some cops got arrested for murder, and then convicted. And other arrested and convicted for watching, and not stopping a fellow police officer, from assaulting someone. Must be so nice for the police now. A few got arrested, as the criminal justice system, had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into stopping murdering people apparently, in view of the public. So now they will stand by, as the do, and do nothing, as serious crimes take place (gang members) as long as the press makes sure some special interest group seems to be "abused" by them. So they gangs of these people now will get out of control and be allowed to get out of control. So more crimes. They only solution offered will be bigger budgets for the criminal justice system. So more career security, etc for them. The press if saturated with serious drug addicts. I know I worked at the press here.

The press is full of drug addicts and most are psychopaths to. Reporters and editors and such and those business owners. Right where you live the press is full of people like that who get drugs almost daily if not daily for drug dealers.

All of Northen Canada is like Yellowknife now. This type of brutal human rights abuses has been going on for a long time now. Maybe even before the residential schools and all that went on with that. Getting worst and worst.

Many street people are sex offenders or do crimes with sex offenders in gangs. Street people are a gang.

When the street people gangs are around. Expect to have outbreaks of STDs. Including outbreaks in schools. Some of the street people have AIDS and other STDs.

Submitted: August 02, 2021

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