When life clings by a fragile thread it seems that nothing might be impossible. Even reality might fracture and send a girl to a place beyond imagining where she may even stumble upon an unexpected romance. Back in the everyday world life goes on, crimes and plots unfold and the comatose are left vulnerable to those without mercy... Unless a man can overcome his disbelief and save her.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Prologue: It had been the coldest winter in fifty years, the rivers had frozen and the birds had fallen from the sky when the invad... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

As the police car rolled away across the field, Margaret had managed to take a brittle grip on her emotions. She felt suddenly cold ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

While still a young woman there had been a total collapse in Suzanne Gaillard's relationship with her father. The disagreement had been... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Emily struggled up from the floor, the sweet scent of the freesias still swirled around her, stimulating her senses with their heady... Read Chapter

chapter 5

Now that a few days had slipped by and Tony was still alive and untroubled, he had slipped back into a state of foolish complacency. Co... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

It had to happen, finally Tony's luck, his free ride was over. The inevitability had been there festering at the back of his mind, catc... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Alexander looked at the apparition with nothing less than complete astonishment. His eyes drifted down to the sticky spreading remains ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Tony's office phone rang. When he answered it he found himself talking to the irrepressible Jimmy Costard; his heart sank. It seemed... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Alexander was starting to make steady progress with his novel. It was no work of literary genius but he felt it had sufficient merit to... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Tony sat in his room, the door closed tight against his mother. He had no confidence that she would ever be able to pull the plug on Em... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Suzanne was at home, she had taken the afternoon off and was steeling herself to make the journey to the hospital and tell them that sh... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Finally Suzanne saw the welcoming gates of the hospital just ahead, saw the wandering pedestrians and meandering drivers looking for so... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Tony was completely unable to come to terms with the twist of fate that had conspired to turn his world upside down yet again. He alrea... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Emily had now fully recovered from her coma and had suffered no appreciable harm from the months she had lived in unconsciousness. Her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

She walked with delicate steps along the sandy cove, her legs still struggling to support her weight. The eternal sea swelled and sent ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

In Tony's world it was growing close to the time when Jimmy Costard's entourage were preparing for the bullion job and the young getawa... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Constable Peter Coles, in a highly stressful situation, had done a good job. Taken as a vulnerable hostage he had followed the corre... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Tony spent most of the next week sinking in and out of a spiralling drunken stupor. The pain of his cocaine withdrawal was still biting... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

There was a letter from Ploughman Publishing; Alexander placed it unopened on his breakfast table. Trying to ignore the inevitable bad ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Emily was dribbling water from a small polished copper watering can into the thirsty potting mix of her African violet. It had been a c... Read Chapter

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A well written fantasy novel that grips the reader.

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Thanks for the review Rob, I really appreciate it.

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