Glass: Movie Treatment Rewrite

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A rewrite for the movie "Glass"

Content Warning: 

Substance Abuse, Violence, Fanfiction




This is a treatment for the movie "Glass" so the wording might be clunky and awkward. I made this because the Movie "Glass" was unsatisfactory and had too many convoluted plot devices and tried too hard. "Glass" got too far from what "Unbreakable" was and wasn't believable or even grounded. I tried to write a version that made more sense. I hope you enjoy it, People of Earth, I give you: "Glass" 


Glass, movie rewrite.


See Mister Glass in Mental Facility. Listening. Security guard walks by, chatting up nurse “ You know nurse, every morning at 6 am i have my coffee. Since no one’s up it’s the perfect time to get it, maybe you’ll grab a cup with me sometime? Nurse says that’s sweet buy i only work nights. See something sparkle in Mister Glass’s eyes. 


Cut to.


Joseph Dunn died sometime after Unbreakable. After Which David’s wife leaves him. 

David turns to alcohol to soothe his soul and soon loses his job, his home, and his stability.

Homeless and Heart Broken David searches the city for evildoers. We should see all this, in flashbacks alternating between him fighting things and drinking. 


He does odd jobs for cash. He starts visiting Mr. Glass once a month at the mental health facility or so because Mister glass is the only person he has left. They don’t speak much, usually playing games of checkers/chess that never conclude and watching old movies on the black and white TV. David is conflicted about what Mister Glass did versus his longing for companionship. 


. He reads the news about Many women and men, old and young, being abducted and murdered in horrible ways. He throws a full bottle of liquor at the wall, we think he’s done with drinking. 


He finally speaks to Mister Glass. Asks him for help. Mister Glass asks for a seemingly innocuous favor in return. 1 kilogram of Belgian chocolate from a special shop downtown. David consents and gets him the chocolate. 


Mister Glass asks David for everything he can find on Crumb, articles, videos, anything. More murders happen this process goes on for weeks. David despairs turns back to drink. Shows up drunk to see Glass. He and Glass have an argument. Davis says something like “ You will never help those around you until you help yourself” 


We keep seeing more murders, shadows only. Beast is shadowy. More people shoot him, but bullets have no effect, so he kills cops, and hunters etc. 


David sees all this in the news. Feels helpless. David keeps getting drunk, spiraling. Then we see him looking at himself in the mirror/ water and he tries to steal the booze away from his own reflection. He sobs uncontrollably, he needs help. 


He calls his ex-wife, begging her for help. She directs him where to go. He goes to a church starts attending AA. Starts working out. The murders have stopped for some reason during this time. 


He keeps going to AA. Finally, he sees a new member and shakes his hand. 


It’s Crumb. As Personality Barry. 


David staggers back struggles to walk after seeing all the violence the beast has done. Says he’s fine. Just Got light-headed. 


Crumb realizes who David is and realizes the threat he is to him. He wants the world to know his name and realizes his chance. 


David Visits Mister glass for advice. Glass Escaped but left him a note. 


We hear it narrated in the voice of Mr. Glass. 


David, I’m sorry I had to trick you. I knew the whole time who Crumb was. And what he was doing. I read his complete psych breakdown from that doctor he was seeing, and that girl he locked up volunteers here so i talked to her about him. You’ll find him on that tall building, I told him I would be there, and that I killed his father on that train leaving him to be with his mother. I told him he could have his revenge on me. 

I’m sorry all those people had to die, David, I didn’t ever want to hurt anyone. 

You’re my best friend, and I’m sorry that we’ll never meet again. I have a purpose, David. A greater purpose in life now. 

Go now David, he is waiting for you. 

Signed Mister Glass.


During this letter ( we see how Mr. Glass befriended a physical therapist with the chocolate and learned to walk again over the weeks and months. Convinces the therapist with his charm he wants to show his mom, to keep it a secret, and that the state wouldn’t pay for his rehab. At Sunrise before David arrives we see Mister Glass Stand up, steal a cane and walk out the front door to a GLORIOUS SUNRISE. A new dawn and he is beholden to it!. 


He exits the building and closes the door, right as the guard comes back from his daily 6 am coffee. 


Davis meets the beast at the tower. There are news crews everywhere filming the whole thing, but David sneaks in through the basement


The beast has hostages and they’re in a chemical plant. The Beast is eating one as David walks in. The others are afraid. 


David and the beast exchange words then They have an epic knockdown fight. Smash all the windows on the floor so the cameras can see the whole fight. Zoom in from helicopter view. 


 Chemicals exploding Walls smashing. Davis knocks out the beast and unties the hostages telling them to run. Beast gets up, now he’s mad. Beats the crap out of David. Starts holding David down, in a bucket of water from the leaky pipe. 


David is in trouble. David is drowning. Life flashing before his eyes. He goes Dark. The beast roars with laughter as he thinks he’s killed David. Helicopter circling “Oh god he just killed that man, what’s that he’s not dead, he’s getting up. 


David Grabs the beast using the beast’s signature move. Beast is kicking and screaming, kicks off the top of a tank filled with some kind of explosive gas or something. It starts flying around the room. 


David understands now. He sees his chance to kill the beast but realizes it means he will die too. He holds the beast tight and kicks on the main power with his foot. The lights turn on and the beast shrieks with agony. Fighting like a cornered fox the beast instinctively kicks upward shattering a lightbulb. 


Slow-motion as the air catches on fire from that weird explosive tank. We see the beast and David engulfed in flames. 


David says “I’ll see you soon, son” 


Cut to the news-style helicopter view


Then the whole floor explodes like in die-hard. Then more floors explode as the three-story chemical plant explodes. 


Fade out as firetrucks arrive. We see the charred corpse of the beast, dead. 




We are at the memorial for David, who gave his life but whose body was never found. 

Someone said 

“He had a nickname, the vigilante? The Tiptoer? The overseer? Was he superhuman?”


We hear a voice, It’s Mister Glass we see him revealed standing at the memorial when he speaks the last word. 


“He was a man beyond men. He was a man of courage. He was a man of determination, and at the very end of his life, he was my friend. But before all that, he was: Unbreakable”




Roll on credits. 


Submitted: August 05, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Space Freighter One. All rights reserved.

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