Wishing well

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

What would you do for your wish to be granted?
Would tossing a coin into a well. do you think a coin is enough?
You should think otherwise.

A story of humans, ghosts, ghouls and grim reapers.


There was once a wish granting well which was said to be able to grant any wishes.

On a moonless night, a boy approached the small unknown well in the forest. He had hoped that it was the same well that he had heard in fables. "This should be the one." And he climbed upon it. With all his might, carrying his wish with him. He jumped into the well.


And it happened a hundred years ago. A young man was kicked out of the house, the servants threw his things out from the house while shouting, "Scammer! Scram."

"Its true. Your house is haunted by a ghost."

His medicinal box was thrown out, but the young man caught the plant that they threw instead. He breathed a sigh of relief as the plant landed safely in his arms while the box that laid at his side crashed upon the ground and were broken into pieces and its contents were sprawled on the floor, silver needles, crushed medicine powder and even some pills, cloths and some tools.

He stared at the mess.

The young man quietly picked up everything and left with the plant.

"You will regret it," said the man as he looked at the sky, night was approaching and with no moon hanging about, the Yin energy tonight would be the strongest. "The ghost will strike tonight," stated the man as he left for the inn that he was staying temporarily.

Upon reaching the inn, he placed all the items he could carry with him on the table and stared at the plant. He had some spare soil, and the young man slowly and carefully placed some new soil into it and smiled at the plant gleefully. "Once you are grown, my wish will be fulfilled."

He was thirsty and went to get a drink of water, however when he opened the door, two servants were already waiting for him. It was the two that were blatantly, throwing away his stuff before. He stared at them, pretending not to notice, and headed towards the kitchen while the two men began begging him.

"The master had us get you back to the mansion."

"No," he rejected firmly.

"Great Taoist Shi. The young miss is suffering now at the house. You must surely come."

"My answer is still 'No'."

Suddenly one of them kneeled in front of him.

"Please, we beg you. We had treated you with discourtesy, but we have had many of such many physicians that came saying that they would be able to heal our young miss. None of them were able to heal our young miss."

"Yes, the master had a sudden realization that it might what you had mentioned."

They stared at each other and mumbled, "It might be due to a ghost."

A cold shiver ran up their bodies.

"You are willing to listen to me?" as he inspected them.

"Yes, you were the only one who guessed correctly. The young miss condition had deteriorated even worse than before and just as you had guessed more red spots have began appearing on her body. Your speculations were on the mark," stated the servant.

"Alright, then bring me to her. I will treat her. It's my job to ensure to keep the peace between the living and the dead," said Taoist Shi.

Carrying his previous plant with him, the taoist hurried to the mansion with the two servants. The dark miasma that he is sensing from the air was getting thicker as they approached the place. "Quickly!" he told the servants.

They entered the courtyard and there standing was the young miss of the household and behind her was her parents. Taoist Shi could not clearly see them, but it was suspicious. They seemed to be very tall. Lanterns were slowly lit one by one by a woman, and he was able to make out their figures and saw how they were floating.

They were both dead as they hung by a white cloth around their necks within the house.

"What did you do, fiend?" asked the taoist.

The young miss gazed upon his face and replied, "Food."

She licked her lips, and said, "It was delicious."

"Begone, evil being," said the taoist as he took out some talisman from the pockets within his sleeves but before he could release them, the servants behind him apprehended him.

"What are you doing? Unhand me immediately," ordered the young taoist but he was ignored.

"All the servants in this house are under my command," stated the young miss as she approached him, "You are the famous Taoist Shi, the ghostly taoist?"

"Yes. I am famous since you have heard about me before. I gave relief to all ghosts," he stated smugly.

She laughed at him, "With what, you are weak, without any talismans you are nothing." And she even took the talismans from his hand and tore it up. "This don't work on me."

The young girl lifted his chin, "You shall be my food. I need more souls to become stronger and one day I will achieve my wish."

"What is your wish?"

"You are not going to grant it anyway."

"I could if you told me."

She smirked, "I wish to disappear from this world. I wanted to die that was all I had wanted to do. But after dying, I become a ghost and was bound to this place. The heavens had abandoned me. Until I saw her, this young girl that was sickly just like me. I want to possess her. I want to be her. I want to live again and leave this place."

The ghost remembered how she had seen the girl through the window. How the girl always had a smile in front of her parents and the servants even though she was suffering greatly from her sickness. Every night when she was alone. The young girl would stare at the moon, sighing just like how she once had.

She leaned in and said, "Goodbye. I hope that was a good story for you to bring to the underworld." The young miss started to suck his soul from his body but suddenly the plant glowed, and it repelled the ghost from the man.

Using the opportunity, the Taoist grabbed the collar of the nearest servant and slammed him into the ground. The man seemed unharmed and grunted and slowly began to rise again. The other one quickly caught him again but only his sleeve was seized.

The Taoist pulled away, but it tore.

"Haiya, cheap materials," stated the man.

Now both chased after him and the Taoist evaded it easily as their movements were too straightforward and predictable. He took out talismans and stuck it upon the servant's forehead and said, "I will cease your suffering soon."

The servants in this house were all corpses, their souls too were trapped within the body after their death. "She must have needed them to keep up the appearance and using how she was sickly to seek souls from foreign places to avoid suspicious of their mysterious deaths."

"It was a perfect plan," said the taoist at the young miss. "But you never thought that someone such as I would appear."

"You!" yelled out the ghost madly at him as her rushed towards him with sharp like fingernails. "I am going to kill you."

"If you could," he stated and he began chanting with two talismans on his left and right hand.

She slashed at him, but he only took a step back trying to evade her.

"You cocky bastard!" The ghost shouted in frustration.

"I can be because I have the skills to back it up. But this is going to be pain in the butt to draw all these talismans," said the man. He finished his chanting and sent the talismans at her, it created a furry of talismans which surrounded the ghosts and within the vortex, chains appeared and wrapped itself across her body. She was finally captured.

When she struggled, the chains glowed, and it burned the young miss.

"Cease your struggling," said the taoist.

But the ghost didn't listen, she tried to harm herself. She pointed the fingernails at herself. Trying to take the girl away with her. He broke her nails in an instant.

She yelled in frustration, a haunting scream in the middle of the night.

"Let me go! Or I will take her life with me," said the ghost.

"You won't and you cannot help the girl. She is meant to die," stated Taoist Shi.

"No, if I keep sustaining her body with souls."

"Fate is not something that can be fought against. Release her."


He took a leaf from the plant and stuck it from her forehead. It glowed and the ghost was separated from the human. The young miss laid on the bare ground as the ghost floated next to her with all the chains still binding her.

"The wish you told me before was a lie. What is your desire?" asked the taoist.

The ghost stared at the girl, and said, "I only want her to live for longer."

"Your wish shall be granted."

He pushed up his sleeves, revealing the skin underneath. There were hundreds and thousand of Chinese characters moving across his skin. He moved these characters and aligned them across palms and formed a sentence, "Yin and Yang shall be reversed."

He clasped his hands together and blew gently on it.

The words travelled and landed upon the girl and disappeared.

"All the souls which carried Yin energy, that you have collected will be converted into life energy, Yang for the girl. Your efforts shall not be wasted, and the repayment is yourself."

"What do you mean?"

"Wishes are an exchange, there are not for free. And the repayment for granting your wish shall be your soul. You will be nourishment for my plant," said Taoist Shi as he pointed to his plant.

The plant turned into a huge gate connecting to the underworld and the ghost was sucked into it. "You will be granted eternal suffering until your debt is settled when the girl died."

"It's not fair! How? I don't want to suffer. I only hope that she would live longer. I did not have any bad intentions."

"The girl didn't wish to live. She had her fate extended due to your selfish wish. Her parents and servants who took care of her were all killed by you. Their lives were yours to take and used. How was it fair for them?"

He pushed her into the underworld, "Repent there."

He wiped his hands on his clothes as the huge gate reverted into a plant. Another leaf grew on it. "My precious baby, you have grown again." He smiled gleefully at the plant.

"Who are you?" asked the young miss who regained her consciousness.

"I am your taoist."

"Why I am here? In the courtyard?"

"You needed more exercise and so with my help. You are cured now."

"I didn't remember anything."

"One advice to you little girl. Do not associate yourself with ghost. They are harmful beings, that will not only harm you but also those around you."

"But, Mister, aren't you one of them as well. A ghost," stated the young miss. She stood up and brushed off the dirt that was on her clothes. Her dead parents took off the cloths around their necks and landed on the ground.

"Taoist Shi, we have been looking for you for a long, long time now," said the maid that lit the lanterns in the house. They joined and stood behind the young girl.

"I am sad, brother that you didn't recognize your dear sister."

"Ah Mei?" asked Taoist Shi.

"Yes. It is I, Ah Mei. Brother."

"Ah Mei, wait for me. I will soon collect enough ghosts."

"Brother, although we both belong to the Ghoul Tribe, but you are a convict from Near Land. Have you forgotten, how you have stolen our treasure?"

"It's wrong to take the souls of the humans," stated her brother.

"It's been our way of living. Without their souls, our Tribe will die out. You are a ghoul too, surely you understand right. The hunger that our tribe suffered."

"There must be another way for our tribe to live without feeding off human souls."

"You are a shame to our family, Duan Mu Shi. There is no use talking to you. Capture him," ordered the young girl angrily.

"Yes," as two of her servants rushed towards the young man while the other one was casting a spell that boast their speed and strength. The Taoist stared at the incoming danger. "Ah Mei, you have always looked down upon your brother. I have become stronger now." He took one of the characters from his arm and flung it on the attackers. It seeped onto their clothes and exploded. It momentarily surprised them, and the man took his plant. It glowed again, blinding them. It stopped them in their tracks.

He flung another word, 'Dispel' into the air. A clear film, which could not be seen with the naked eye, began to appear, it was the barrier surrounding the mansion. It slowly disintegrated and the Taoist ran away with the plant in his hand.

"But you are weak brother. You are still kind," stated the girl as she saw how her subordinates were all unharmed, only their clothes were burned due to the explosion.

"Our plan has failed. Once the Grim Reapers sensed the disappearance of the barrier, they will come soon," stated the maid.

"Yes," replied the one who acted as the father.

"This was such a good plan. Pretending to be a sick rich girl, luring that stupid ghost to possess me. Using it as a decoy to hide my identity as a ghoul, gaining souls and I even got my life extended from his meddling. It was all good. The longer I lived, the more human souls, I will amass to kill him."

Suddenly, she coughed blood.

"Are you alright, my milady?"

"I am good. Although we are ghouls, having the ghost separating itself from me, still hurt. Don't worry," replied the girl calmly as she wiped the blood away.

"Princess, what should we do next?"

She stared at the corpses of the servants. "Take them back with us to Near Land and refine the souls that we received once we go back."

"Yes, princess," said the one who acted like the mother.

"We have to take back the powers of the 'Wishing Well'. We shall meet again. Brother," said the little girl as she held the hands of her fake parents while the maid followed behind. They disappeared into the night. "Be careful on the moonless night, other than ghosts wandering about, there are ghouls too. Beware, for we shall kidnap, and your soul might be stolen. There is no going back once its lost. Be careful," as her eerie song resounded.


This is a short story I wrote for fun.

Please do comment below if anyone wanted this to continue. Thanks

Submitted: August 11, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Serein.Choo. All rights reserved.

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