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Welcome to the world of the Cross! This world is filled with monsters, demons, witches, and unholy heretics! Only the Cardinals can keep the sane from the insane, the good from the evil. We follow the adopted son of a cardinal, as he navigates this uncertain world. What will he find? Will he ever sees his parents again? Will he find his purpose? What dark secrets might he discover?

Table of Contents

Prologue Part 1: Rainer's Descent

Rainer awakes on a beach with nothing, save for his cross. He finds a woman willing to give him food and clothing, provided he works.
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Prologue Part 2: The Blood Cardnial

Rainer, infuriated at the witch, goes to make a special stew, only to find an undead! He races back to the house, hoping his prey is still alive.
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Chapter 1: The Tricked Trickster

Four years have passed since Vulcir had been taken in by Rainer, the blood Cardinal. Vulcir needs to pass one more test before he can start his formal education at the school of Enlightenment.
Along the way, however, Rainer can't help but show off his skills against a Jester. The consequences are quite grim...
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Chapter 2: Rainer's Pride

Vulcir spent two weeks asleep, recovering from his injuries. Luckily, he sleept right until the day of his enrollment into his new school. He gets up and rushes to get ready and eats with his
father before he goes. However, before Rainer can go with him, a surprise guest makes an appearance.
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Chapter 3: Vulcir's First Choice

Vulcir awaits for Rainer on the other side of the portal, as usual. Trying to study before his term at school, Vulcir does not notice a pack of wolves approaching until it is too late, running for
his life. Meanwhile, Rainer looks around where Vulcir should be, being late again. Vulcir is not there, so he desperately searches for Vulcir with help from the school, around the woods surrounding
the school.
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