When three teenagers decide to float down the Russian River on a pool raft, headed toward the place where the river meets the sea, their stories and the stories of other characters – including a rock band, a bachelorette party, a tetris addict, and an elderly bar owner – converge and hinge on each other in interesting ways.

Table of Contents


Prologue   The Russian River is a California slice of the Amazon, slow and green and endless. Its beaches are more gravel ... Read Chapter

The Beginning

The Beginning   Sally found it on her way home from her high school graduation. She hadn’t been looking for it, but ther... Read Chapter

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party    As Leroy, Frances, and Sally floated down the river, the sun reached the highest point in the sky... Read Chapter


Marcel   The moment Marcel first laid eyes on the shoes, he knew he wanted them. They were in the shop window, pink and ch... Read Chapter


Sequence   At that turning point when darkness starts to creep in at the edges of the sky, Leroy, Frances, and Sally found a... Read Chapter


Shoes   At 35 years old, Linda had made a small fortune designing video games. She had it down to a science, exactly what ... Read Chapter

Eileen's Bar

Eileen’s Bar   The bar had been there forever. It was way up on a jumbled slope of trees and bushes next to the highway, a... Read Chapter

The Dog

The Dog   There was an old dog that hung around the bar. He was scruffy, neither big nor small, and could often be seen cros... Read Chapter


Guerneville   It was noon when Leroy, Frances, and Sally dragged their raft up onto a crowded public beach at the edge of Gu... Read Chapter

The Bridge

Bridge   That night, a young couple parked their car and got out to stretch their legs. They were dressed in black. The woma... Read Chapter

Unexpected Visitors

Unexpected Visitors   Late into the night, when they had been floating for hours, Leroy, Frances and Sally decided to stop a... Read Chapter


Tetris   When the kid beat him, Clyde thought he would be disappointed, but he wasn’t. Instead, something gray crawled ins... Read Chapter

The Show

The Show   When the front doors of the bar were thrown open at seven, true to Eileen’s word, a line had already formed out... Read Chapter


Picnic   The next day, Leroy, Frances, and Sally sat on a mossy shore with the redwoods behind them, feet dangling over the ... Read Chapter

The End

The End   As they reached the last leg of their journey, the landscape faded into flat brown fields and the green water beca... Read Chapter

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