Gulag Diaries 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Gulag Diaries 1.

Rapist vs Rapist

The night is a warm summer night. The hot air hits Roberts face as he gets out of his car, Walking across the car park to the pubs entrance he is thinking about what he saw on the news, the rapist that got released from jail. His research took him to a pub in the Australian outback, west of Alice springs. Robert liked the outback; it opposed less people and less surveillance. That means less risk. Robert walked in the door and immediately sees the man he is looking for. He is Sitting at the bar drinking a shot of liquor. Robert walks over and sits next to the man, there is strong smell of whiskey and he can barely keep his head up. Robert thinks to himself this will be easy work; Robert asks the bartender for a beer. Wating for the right time he finally say’s “hey mate your that rapist I saw on the tv” then drinks his beer. Before the man could reply Robert walks across the room and sits on a lounge at the corner or the pub. He is looking at the man and is patiently wating.

The man’s name is ben Gormer who is in his early 40s. Is a rapist with countless female victims, let out of jail with many people protesting his release? Hours go by as he watches ben drink himself unresponsive. Ben gets up and walks towards the door, with a drunken stare he looks at Robert then stumbles out the door. Robert gets up and heads outside. In his car Robert is watching ben Gormer absolutely wasted trying to start the engine of his car. Ben managed to start the car and starts driving north. Robert waits a moment then starts following ben. leaving a distance he sees the car swaying over the road across lanes, Robert laughs as he his watching this drunk guy trying to drive a car. Ben puts his left indicator on and stops at a petrol station on the side of the highway. Robert parks his car a distance away on the highway and scans the area. “Not the right time to strike”, patience he told himself as eagerness gets the better of him.

Somehow ben manages to get back to the car, eating a pie he opens the car door, gets in and drives off continuing north. Robert follows as he sees a time to strike. He puts on his mask which is a red mask with the letter ‘G’ on the forehead. Robert is driving a Landcruiser 4x4 with a heavy-duty bull bar and ben is driving an old ford falcon. Robert speeds up on the highway then smashes his car in the back of the ford falcon, ben try’s to take control of the wheel but the car spins out of control and is left idling in a ditch on the side of the road. Robert gets out of the car holding a Glock 19 he proceeds to shoot out the tyres thinking ben will try to make a getaway. Robert approaches the door and pistol whips the car window smashing the glass all over ben. Still rotten drunk ben looks at Robert and says “who are you, what are you doing “

Robert replies “the gulag awaits you” and punches ben in the face knocking him out instantly, he quickly opens the door pistol whips him making sure his knocked out then drags him to his truck where he is thrown in the back seat zip tied, gagged and injected with anaesthesia.

Robert arrives and parks his car in front of a building in which he owned. an old abattoir. Robert pulls ben out the car and drags him to the gulag. Dragging ben though the corridor Robert smells the distant blood smell from years of cow slaughtering that happened. The smell excites ben as he opens the door to a room near the middle of the building. Pulling ben through the door a voice comes from the other side of the room. “let me go, who are you? Let me go now!!) Robert does not speak, he looks over to the other side of the room and sees Matthew Barges, chained to pipes. Another rapist, in his late 50s who has been in and out of jail for multiple rape charges. Robert chains ben to the another set of pipes across the room from Mathew then leaves the room. Screams from Mathew can be heard as Robert walks down the corridor “let me go or I will kill you” Mathew screams.

Robert enters the old lunchroom that is trashed. An old table is at the back of the room where two containers sit, beef stew that Robert made, with two cans of coke and two water bottles. Robert puts the items in a carboard box then walks to the gulag. He places the meals and drinks next to the men both getting a stew and 2 drinks. Ben is still out cold while Mathew is silent sobbing quietly. Robert leaves and walks across the corridor and walks up the stairs leading to the next level of the building. A veranda goes around the top of room the men are in, Robert looks down and sees Mathew drinking water and ben just starting to wake up. Robert turns around walks back down the stairs to the corridor and heads towards his car. He gets out a swag from the back tray of the land cruiser then eats some of the stew he made before going to sleep.

The next morning Robert wakes up early at 4:30 am he packs up his swag. Before he goes into the building, he starts a fire makes sure the coals are hot before putting a steal brand in the fire. He then puts his mask on and heads towards the building. He enters the gulag and says “WAKE UP” both men already awake look at Robert with fear.

Robert speaks loudly.

“three rules of the gulag”

One - someone must die in the gulag.

Two – the loser’s head will be mounted to the wall of the gulag.

Three – the winner will be set free with the mark of the gulag.

the men are both cuffed, chained to pipes. At the door of the gulag Robert throws a key at both men then leaves the room and walks across the corridor and up the stairs. At the entrance of the second level Robert picks up a baseball bat and an axe. He walks to the opening of the room and looks down. To Roberts amazement both men are already fighting. Mathew swings a right hook ben ducks and tackles Mathew to the ground. Robert throws the baseball bat down to the room on the other side from where the men were fighting. Ben gets on his feet and runs to the other side of the room. He sees the baseball bat and picks it up. Standing on each side of the room both men look at each other then look at Robert “let us go” Matthew pleaded “let us go now”. Robert throws the axe in front of Mathew. Matthew picks up the axe. Ben starts to charge at Mathew, holding the baseball bat with a tight grip.

Mathew crying starts charging at ben. As they approach ben swings the baseball bat and misses while Matthew dives for the feet and cuts ben deeply on the right ankle. Ben screams as he hit the floor, he tries to get up but cannot. Mathew rushes towards ben and swings the axe right at his head ben ducks, he swings again misses but slashes ben on the left side of his face. ben screams as he tries to scatter backwards, Mathew is walking towards ben, ben is Half squatting half sitting and swings the baseball bat at Mathews left knee caps and shatters it. Mathew drops the axe and falls to the ground. Ben stumbles over to get the axe. He swings it at Matthews left leg, Mathews screams and cries as ben is trying to get the axe out of Matthews leg. He gets it out and swings again this time taking the leg clean off. Blood pours on the floor. Mathew falls on his back looking up.

He sees Robert with a smile on his face. he looks to his side and sees ben with an axe in his hand crawling towards him. Mathew cries and screams, ben lifts the axe and swings towards Matthews stomach. The axe penetrates deep in the stomach and stays there. Matthew tries to scream but blood instantly spurts out of his mouth. Ben then picks up the baseball bat and swings it at Mathews head, he hits him three times each time with more force.

Silence fills gulag.


“well done mate” Robert says while clapping. You re free to go, right after I give you the mark of the gulag. Ben cries with panic. “ben you must chain yourself back up before I come down, I have a gun I will shoot you.  die or be free”. Ben continues to cry as he is failing at attempting to walk. He manages to hop towards the chains he woke up from. Robert looks down and sees ben chained up. He walks down the stairs into the corridor. He turns left to walk out the front. He takes the brand out of the hot coals, goes to his car and takes out a wheelbarrow from the tray of his land cruiser. He also gets from his car a medical kit, water, tools and a machete. He put the items in the wheelbarrow and walks back to the gulag. He put the wheelbarrow on the inside of the door. He approaches ben who is chained up. Robert grabbed bens left arm and pulled up the bloody sleeve. Robert presses the brand down hard; ben screams with agony. Robert pulls back the brand and he can see a perfect ‘G’ branded on his upper left shoulder.

  “perfect your free to go” Robert says as he hands ben a drink of water. Ben is silent as Robert is giving ben medical attention. After Robert stops the bleeding, he leaves ben still chained. He walks to the door picks up the machete and walks over to Matthews battered and bloody body. Robert cuts Matthews head of his body. Head in hand he walks towards his tools, he gets his tools and starts mounting Mathews head to the wall of the gulag, the wall inside the room just left of the entrance.

Robert steps back and smiles as he sees Matthews battered head mounted on the wall.

He walks to ben and gets a syringe out of the medical kit, He then injects ben with anaesthesia knocking him out instantly. Robert will dump ben in front of a hospital. Before he does, he takes of his mask as screams.






Submitted: August 12, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Samman. All rights reserved.

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