I Reincarnated as an Elf!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A person lives multiple adventures until the moment of his death, where everything ends ... or does it?

What would you do if, after dying, you wake up in the body of a baby? What if neither you nor your parents were human, but elves in a fantasy world?

Fantastic reincarnation novel, where a person from our reality must adapt to a new body and a new planet. Everything is different from what he knows and nothing resembles the fairy tales he read as a child.

Adventures, magic, strange events, utopias and dystopias, accompany me on the way to conquer the new life that "destiny" gave him.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Light. Screams, gasps, explosions and alarm sirens that was the last concert I heard in my life. After that, it was just s... Read Chapter

Thank you.

Chapter 2. Thank you.   My name is Hellim and together with Alder, we are a newly formed family. We made our vows at the alt... Read Chapter

A strange baby.

Chapter 3. A strange baby.   Live. A sensation that I never thought I would feel again. Breathing through my nose, listening... Read Chapter

A sack of food.

Chapter 4. A sack of food.   My name is Alder. With my wife, Hellim, we had a son a few days ago. Normally this would be cau... Read Chapter

The Room.

One morning I woke up after many hours of sleep. Careful not to hit myself, I got off the bed dragging the sheet with me and crawled into... Read Chapter


I'm Anhuar, in charge of the northern orphanage, the only one in the entire region given the low population we have. He has spent 300 yea... Read Chapter

Advanced Evaluation.

Chapter 7. Advanced Evaluation.   Being trapped in the body of a baby is the worst, I mean it. Adults do not understand you,... Read Chapter

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