Chapter 7: Advanced Evaluation.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 7. Advanced Evaluation.


Being trapped in the body of a baby is the worst, I mean it. Adults do not understand you, hunger dominates your actions and sleep subjugates you relentlessly. I admit I felt gross when I deposited my needs in the cloth diaper, but if I can barely crawl, how could I sit in the bathroom to have a bowel movement? Worst of all is having to eat without teeth, especially if you don't get breast milk and you basically have to feed yourself.


"WuaaaaaaaaaaaAhhhh !!!"


A baby cry echoes throughout the room. Was that baby me? Yes, I let out an embarrassing scream as I was frustrated by the whole situation. Phew… what a relief that no one was around to know that I was the one who screamed. I'm definitely in an orphanage, they mentioned it last night when they sent me in that carriage, so there must be more babies nearby. So far, three people have come to move me, bathe me, dress me, and feed me. I tried to be moderate when consuming what they gave me, the last time it seems that mom no longer had milk. I was barely slightly satisfied, I did not want to drink more and I do not remember anything of what happened until this moment.


"Ahhhhhhh ... what a good night." I can't remember the last time I slept so well.


While I stretched my little arms, I caressed my long ears with curiosity, they were almost the only thing different from the body of my previous life. As I reached their sharp tips, I noticed something tickle my hand. Hair? Yessss! Hair!! Long and extremely fine hair grew overnight. They were still too short for me to see their color, but ... no regrets!


"Aaiiichh !!" I almost screamed like a baby in pain again, but at the last moment, I uttered a more decent word that wouldn't embarrass me. Short, translucent blue hair hung between my thumb and forefinger. "Woooohh ..." this is definitely a different world. I have bunny ears, blue hair, and skin… well, as brown as it was in my past life. No, maybe… exactly the same brunette?


"Enough of nonsense! It's just a baby! “An authoritative voice screamed in rage. Other voices, almost in whispers, were trying to explain some situation that I could not understand. "Then why didn't they tell me!" The volume was increasing, along with the sound of his footsteps. “I didn't even sleep last night! Your priority MUST be that baby! Didn't you get it? “Silence fell just as they sat outside my room. After a very tense seconds, the door slid open gently.


“Quick, cover the basic needs of the baby, once it is ready we will take it to carry out all the initial examinations. I'll wait for you there while I prepare everything you need. “Without saying more, the same big woman who tried to make me believe she was my mom turned on her heel and stalked off. The three assistants who arrived with her breathed a sigh of relief and approached me, their pale faces, deep dark circles and a puzzled look when they saw me lying down.


"This baby is not normal ... I'm scared" Said one of the assistants. "I've never seen a baby eat that way ... that also means that the diaper is ... yugghh she supposed it." The only man in the group held his nose as he checked how much poo I did that night. He had a soft, cold feeling on my buttocks, I hadn't noticed it until now. “Shut up, both of you, don't you know that you can be heard? In addition, the baby looks at us as if he understands what we are talking about. Clean it up and I'll feed it… for the good of all, please don't let Director Anhuar get angry again. ” The third assistant, who looked younger than the others, rushed through the chores and somehow fed me bottled milk while cleaning up the mischief I left in my diaper.


It wasn't long before they took me in their arms and we walked through the inner courtyard of the orphanage, where we soon came to a large room. This was beautifully decorated, with windows that covered an entire wall, letting in the light in an almost mystical way, as if an invisible energy was diverting it to all corners of the place. Without being able to see everything around me, they deposited me on a cold metal plate that sank under my body.

“Eleven point three elven kilograms! Doña Anhuar, I told you, this is clearly abnormal! “Yelled the same assistant who carried me in his arms. The others also jumped from the scream, showing on their faces a mixture of emotions between fear, curiosity and surprise. "Do not make appreciations, it is on the sixth page of the first volume of my parenting method. In silence, continue with the physical analysis. “The three assistants submissively lowered their heads, then stretched my body and measured me with a metal strip.”Eight ... eighty elven centimeters tall!" "Ms...!" An aide failed to shout her surprise at a sharp glance from the large woman.


“If we are going to be surprised by everything that happens, we will deviate from paying attention to the really important things. This child clearly has the blood of our most intense race that I have ever seen, he screams with eagerness to grow and develop strong. He is not the only one in his class, I myself was taller than the rest of my classmates, even taller than most men. " The pride that the great woman emanated would be clearly ridiculous behavior in an adult, if this were my world, of course ... instead, here, everyone seems to silently accept everything they are told. Maybe ... slaves? I looked at them with compassion.


“Enough of these archaic measurements. Get the genetic sample. “The large woman wrapped her hands in tight white silk gloves, on the other hand, an assistant rushed to put her fingers on my head… "Wuuuaaaaaahhhh!" in a nimble movement he ruthlessly ripped out one of my scarce and beautiful hair. "They see him? Would a big boy cry like that? He's just a baby with a fast metabolism. "


Again that shameful scream. I swear to myself that it will never happen to me again.


With the treasure of my hair in her hands, the great woman inserts it into a floating cube, with no more decoration than a hole from which a light was projected. "I order you to examine this living tissue and present to me the map of creation of this noble being." After those words, she took an unrolled scroll and held it up to the light of the cube. In less than a minute, she removed it and began reading it as if something had been etched into it. Every time she expanded the scroll, her face showed different expressions and words that she could not hear.


"Interesting ... very interesting baby ..." He looked at me with intense eyes, as if he wanted to get into my mind and bare my every secret. In addition, I, without being able to defend myself or have the ability to protect the privacy of my data, it even has my damn DNA! Definitely being a baby is the worst. “Attention, I have high expectations of his magical potential. I think we are in for a pleasant surprise that will raise the evaluation that we all have of him by several points. Since it will require our full attention to measure his aura level, his magical affinity element, and his total growth potential, let's put that off until last. Quick, let's make the transitory link, any of the northern deities should be enough, Lu Wuyan, Milosbri or Jh-Mtfá, it doesn't matter. "


Did I hear well? Do I have magical potential? CAN I JUST LEARN TO DO MAGIC!! ?? Yes! Thanks! God heard my prayers before I died! Hallelujah Amen!


I am absorbed in my magical thoughts, my future as a beautiful mystical knight, saving those most in need and who requires a fantasy hero to solve their problems. I thought I would just be a working rabbit all my life, so happiness invades me and fills me with eternal joy. Without realizing it, I am again picked up and taken to the opposite side of the large lighted room, settling on the wooden floor. In front of me, a white wall was entered with dozens of nameplates that I cannot read. Each had a small candle of a different color, unlit and intact, as if they had never been lit before.


“Everyone knows what to do. I will recite the bond request and you will deliver the corresponding offerings for the deity who responds to our call, immediately. Understood?" Everyone nods silently, except for one assistant who nervously raises her hand.


“Director Anhuar, I… I have never seen this process, I only know what I read in volume one of your parenting method… but there is something that is not in the manual… what happens if two candles are lit at the same time? How do we discriminate to which deity corresponds the bond and the offering? "


The big woman looks at her with contempt for a few seconds before answering. "If it doesn't appear in the manual, it doesn't exist, don't underestimate my centuries of studies."


Without giving more importance to the question of the assistant, the great woman begins to extend her arms towards the sky and, with her eyes closed, recites a song that is not in any language that she has heard up to this moment. It sounded like something ethereal, as if it generated muffled echoes under the water, at the same time it gave a pure sensation and of something superior, something divine… When she finished reciting the prayer, everyone was silent. This made me nervous for the first time. Do those deities really exist? I looked fearfully at the plates and the unlit candles in front of me for another few seconds, they were too many to count all ... forty ... fifty ... sixty ...


* Fiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm *


With a strong wind that shook the room, all the candles were lit at once, with such intensity that the wax melted completely and yet the fire continued to burn with all the colors one can imagine seeing in life. I think something did not go well.


"It was not me!"

Submitted: September 15, 2021

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