Sex trafficking in Canada. Local now.

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10 people charged in human trafficking investigation in Lethbridge.

These 10 or more people made mistakes. They are behind the times. If this had happened here in Yellowknife NT Canada. This is how it would have been done. No charges most likely then, would be layed. Instead this young women, would have ended up in the psy ward, and then, on the streets, all her life. This happens to men to. Don't forget, to have gay sex in the bathrooms in the bars. Just dress up nice. Or act like you are having weird passionate sex, up against a wall, in some dirty back alley. You are not suppose to think of them, as Johns and prostitutes. It'd just weird, silly, and strange sex, not prostitution, going on. The shows and such, have taught you so.

10 people charged in human trafficking investigation in Lethbridge

These 10 or more people made mistakes. They are behind the times. If this had happened here in Yellowknife NT Canada. This is how it would have been done. No charges most likely then, would be layed. Instead this young women, would have ended up in the psy ward, and then, on the streets, all her life. This happens to men to. Don't forget, to have gay sex in the bathrooms in the bars. Just dress up nice. Or act like you are having weird passionate sex, up against a wall, in some dirty back alley. You are not suppose to think of them, as Johns and prostitutes. It'd just weird, silly, and strange sex, not prostitution, going on. The shows and such, have taught you so.

Just using this 15 year old girl (minor) as a example. From this story. Press down playing the story. I thought the press loved controversy?

Street people around here, especially at the local library, and shelters and such, would be allowed, to drive this teenager, to the edge of suicide. Assuming she did not actually commit suicide, or instead, just got somewhat violent, then she would have been sent to the psy ward regardless. Just another crazy person. The police and criminal justice system and medical community, would not understand, what's being done to her, there locally. They just wouldn't understand. All those family members, and friends, with each other.

Lots of people, including government workers, would know the truth. That she is being extremely harassed, to the point, it would be considered, severe human rights abuses, anywhere else, outside of northern Canada. Normal here. Everyone would pretend, they don't know what being done, to that young person.

The RCMP would send her for a psy evaluation and the medical staff, would give her a psy evaluation. She would be diagnosed, with some type of severe mental disorder, that would be downplayed, to that person, but has grave consequences, in there life. She may have that mental disorder because of what's being done her. There would be no acknowledgement, that outside parties, are severely abusing this person, on a continuous, and ongoing basis. Hence causing this mental state long term to this person. A completely normal reaction to being severely abused long term. (Tortured).

The medical doctor, would want that person, on strong drugs, that damage that persons mind, and make them dependent, and easier to abuse, with a monthly subscriptions for that doctor, to bill out. A doctor, whatever they call themselves.

Things will get worst, for that person. So the drug doses, would have to be upped, to keep that person from having "delusions" or whatever. So they get even more abused. A horror and terror to experience. Surrounded by people abusing you. Including peoples, whom are supposed, to have, your best interests in mind. Not there easy careers, and easy raises, and easy promotions, and easy pensions, first and foremost in there minds. No matter the cost to you. Even your horrific life, of pain and suffering, means nothing to them. (Modern day slavery). Living off others, misery and suffering, for there own easy lives. Junkies are no different or better, then government workers are. Just more monsters, allowed to harm others. Willing and able, and trained, to harm others. Just watch the first few episodes of "60 days in" on A&E online for free and see for yourself. Before it's gone forever. Nowhere to find.

You will be told you need to get a lawyer if you do not agree with the medical community abusing you to. Good luck with that. Last of your money all gone. All gone now. If you have any.

You are not even a thought to government workers, except as a income source, for themselves. Just like with junkies gangs members, and others. Right where you live, right now. Wherever you live, right now. All these types, turn wherever they live, into ghettos eventually, with what they do to others, once they can, then they do. All the while, pretending, to help you, your children. Right to your face.

The drugs doctors prescribe out, make that person so crazy acting. While on the drugs, and even more so, while off the drugs. Since the abuses, that person is experiencing, have gotten worst. Since the abusers, have to do more, to get them, to respond, or they, are easier to control now. Including sexually. Depending on there age.

So after this girl turns 18, no one cares anymore. The special protections, (in Canada) under the law, minors get now, has expired. Now they can start, doing more different types of abuses, to that girl, or others. To further drive that person to attempted suicide again, and to to becoming violent. Now you are, a more crazy person, and or a violent crazy person. Now you need even more powerful mind altering drugs, since now, they have paperwork, proving, you are even more insane and now violent dangerous to. Your brain chemistry is even more out of control now, because of the prescribed drugs. If you go off your meds, and because, of all being done to you, and was done, you may go postal at work, or in school, or just be, pushed over the edge, and get into a fight with someone. That happens, 1000s of time more often, than going postal. That's what they want you to do.

Now, you have a criminal record to, and are stuck around, the very people, whom are abusing you. Maybe homeless now, if your family has dumped you, by now. You are under such intense surveillance, by gang members and other perverts, like government workers. You can't do, or go anywhere, without them knowing. It's like in the corrections show, like "60 days in" on A&E online, always watching you. Especially if you live in as apartment building. the staff there will join in to. Or if you move away, from family and friends. People whom really care about you. Your family, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, may be forced into poverty to. No work for them. Makes it easier, to abuse children, and family. Right there locally, where you live. Lots of family friends out of work. That's almost certainly what's going on. A tell.

So now you have learned not to speak to the police. The police will threaten you in various ways. Get raging angry at you. Not actually help you at all. Want to blame you. A horror to you. Trapped in a person hell basically. So now you are just another crazy person local job security for various groups. A income source basically. A slave. You learn, you have no basic human rights at all. Not even the right to be alive.

You are becoming a problem publicly so they want you dead or as good as. So if they must the psy ward permanently for you. The press locally, will say nothing, or join in on the fun against you, so many are having now, with you. It's just fun, you see. For them. You must be destroyed, if you spoil there fun. There easy fun lives, for themselves. Whatever the costs. Nothing else matters, except there person fun. Psychopaths having fun. Various groups of psychopaths, having fun in various ways. Starting with the street people locally. There fun is hard drugs. As much as they can get. More drugs is more fun. That is what triggered there mental disorder(s). Other reasons, for others, that triggered there personal mental disorders. Like in government workers, and crazy violent religious peoples, and well, it's just fun, to hurt people, and dominate then, including sexually. Makes them feel powerful.

How they rage at you, if they can get away with it. Sometimes they can't, and end up, being fired publicly, or going to jail, or prison. They have so little respect, for human life.

They would always make having any fun, for this girl about partying, and hard drugs, as fast as possible So she start producing for them faster. That is, what would have happened, to her here in Yellowknife. The junkies and staff have been bothering me, still here. Just more raging by crazy people. Whatever they want to pretend. August 14 2021.

Talks about sexual activity happening with a 13 year old victim. That is prostitute training, for that person. However long it was happening. You know human sex traffickers. Well they are calling it, human trafficking or sex assault victim. Then you are encouraged to contact the police. When they are doing both that is human sex trafficking to me. The same people doing both. Law enforcement officer forced to make a public statement looks stricken doesn't he. What are they going to do, for career security now I wonder? What are they going to do about there housing prices now? Will they still get raises and promotions? Wonderful pensions? No one is talking about, how incompetent they are, at best.

Johns' are dangerous to have around, since most of them, are drug addicts, and junkies themselves, and can be trusted, to do other criminal activities, with the gangs locally there. Just watch. There will be no talk about John's. That John's are committing serious crimes and need to be treated as such. If the press does, it is only because they were forced to. Had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the public eye, to make it a public issue. That's it. Just like with law enforcement killing people in public. Had to be dragged kicking and screaming to stop murdering people. Now that will be used as a excuse to let people commit crimes. Punishment and career security for them. Punishment for us. Career security for them.

Looking the other way with hardened career criminals. The R.C.M.P. in action, and caught again publicly.

Will this be on the national CBC news tonight. I will see. I will not even blink, if it's not mentioned, or barely mentioned. Don't want a big public discussion about what this means for all. The family and friends, of R.C.M.P. members, in the press. August 14 2021.

I bet she told other people first, and never went to the R.C.M.P. first? That one decision, probably actually saved her life, or life of misery and suffering, before she was basically forced to become a junkie, and just another prostitute, on the streets. Right? Eventually.

These types of people turn wherever they live into ghettos. The only question is how long? It's a group effort by various group for various reasons. Real jihad. Remember when they where screaming at us on TV, about how, we were turning there families into prostitutes. That was a call, sent out, to do that to our families. While they were calling us, foreign devils on TV, in out own homes, in our own communities, and in our own countries. Not our own countries anymore, are they? Is it your own community anymore? It is your own home anymore? Do you get to have a home anymore? They deserve all you got slave. We deserve nothing, except our miserable lives of suffering, waiting for us all. Well for the slaves, for sure. Might as well learn "master" in various languages.

Well Texas. A step forward. Felony now. Teen arrested in connection with GOP strategist's alleged sex trafficking scheme

Is this going to help sex victims. When they become junkies. They need to go to prison, once they become just another gang member, crying about the injustice of it all. Just a excuse then. They need to prove themselves, as not being drug addicts, and junkies, and such. Then what afterwards? Thrown out into the streets again? What's going to happen then? Do you see how situations, have been arranged? Sent to female, homeless shelters, full of drug addicts, junkies, convicted sex offenders having fun, jahadies, and staff who still sell drugs, and was all that to above? Former this and that, supposedly formerly. Still extremely mentally disturbed. Psychopaths still.

So some of the people being charged are minors (In your schools). Lords only knows how long they have been doing this. Apparent local law enforcement just didn't understand until she came forward what was going on? Wow. I guess we need more law enforcement there locally right? Instead of less? A town or city in Canada before rounded up all the criminals at gun point and brang them to the town square like in some movie or something. Them hung them all. The gangs back them were getting so bad. Never had any problems with gangs after that for like, 40 or 50 years. Since all the gang members, were all dead.

Places like Canada, desperately need the death penalty.

I remember in school, having debates, the teachers started and steered, and such, in class, about having the death penalty in Canada, and why we don't. So righteous. There were all these arguments, about how perfect, the criminal justice system is, (implied) and what happens? If one innocent person gets killed? The cost, to society and such. Well innocent people, get killed, all the time, in Canada. All kinds of innocent peoples, get there lives ruined, and destroyed, on purpose, by government workers. What a joke, I realize now, with all that gets done to people. All they got to do, is stick to executing gang members, and such. Hardened career criminals. Never going to happen. Not in Canada. How will they have there fun then, psychopaths?

So things will get worst for all as it always does. As they run out of places to run to. So they get more violent, and that causes civil unrest, and such. Just starting to see the commie party being talked about in places like the USA again a bit. We are going to find out. Better than a religious government where anything. Including murder, and slavery, can be justified, by simply calling it holy, or traditional, or whatever.

Nuts don't have logical thinking processes. They want to dominate and control by any means necessary. they want you to believe they are special "holy" in some way, if they can. Then they start using violence, they "justify" in some way, and murder to. Or as good as, like by putting you in the psy ward, or giving you a criminal record. All extremely serious things, to do to a person(s). It's the new norm now. even more so. No one got punished, like by just being fired. So it will get worst. No real punishment for them, at all.

The criminal justice system especially, will make sure lots of dangerous people are around, right where you live. This will become more common place, as they are common themselves.

One of the arguments against the death penalty was more people would be killed? Do I need to talk about that to?


Submitted: August 15, 2021

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