Summer Season A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Camp Baxter is a place for children to have a great time.
When the summer comes, Ben Sanders meets all kinds of people there.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This book is G for all ages Chapter One SUMMER Camp Baxter was open for business in Wisconsin.  Ben Sanders, ten, wa... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

___ Ben waited for the head camp counsellor to speak.  'Welcome to Camp Baxter. I'm Nathaniel Hart. For a long time, there's... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Ben watched the other campers.  He saw Rachel Deane.  'Are you alone?', he asked her.  'I was. I'm Rachel... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

The Hall was full of campers. Rachel sat down on the seat.  The campers ate in silence, as the sun's rays hit the lake. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Ben ate cereal, and drank milk.  Rachel did the same. 'Beat the flag is in the late morning', she said. 'That's good. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

The counsellors blew the silvery whistle.  'First camper to get the flag wins', Nathaniel said. Ben and another boy, Ca... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Simon Keep arrived for the Hot Dog Competition.  He was overweight, but that didn't stop him.  He arrived at the table.... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

'Okay. There's the swimming. I want those campers who can swim in the water. Now, let's go!', Nathaniel said. He blew the whistle. Everyo... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

'The girls' cabins are over there near the Office; the boys' cabins are near the Native American totem poles, past the archery range, and... Read Chapter


The summer was over.  Ben and Rachel smiled, and hugged. 'Until next summer', Ben said. 'Yes', Rachel smiled. T... Read Chapter

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