Can I Have it All?

Those tearful smiles
Running for miles
Sweet pain in the chest
Heavenly corner that I left
Can I have it all?
Like summer in the fall?

A love filled heart flies
A spirit that never cries
Losing myself in words
Merging my secret worlds
Can I have it all?
The mystery that enthralls?

All the precious tears
Treating well your fears
Holding hands for hours
Fascinated by that flower
Can I have it all?
The perfection in my faults?

The breezy golden hugs
Elegance in hurtful shrugs
The sweet unheard praises
Anxious unfinished phrases
Can I have it all?
Like dawn after the nightfall?

Lucent house full of stars
Sun shining on my scars
Walking through my hollows
Your soft light that follows
Can I have it all?
Magical moments to recall?

The silence in my soul
A storm that you control
Defeating your objections
Winning your affections
Can I have it all?
Can I break these walls? 

Submitted: August 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 NaQeeba Zafar. All rights reserved.

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