My childhood memories of my mom and lead pourer

Happy Monday morning my dear friends. Hope you all had a great weekend. I did????

Ok to tell you the truth, I had a bit of a headache a couple of days ago. That was unusual as I don’t usually ever get headaches especially considering I did not have a big night prior to that.  So that day I am looking for something in the fridge to ease the ache.  Only end up finding lots of half-eaten chocolate bars, a few beers and half-empty bottle of Raki (A Turkish Vodka) in my medicine box. Ahaa, I said to myself, the latter would sort it out for good but then the only thing I am working on today. I need to wait until the day is over. Bugger????

I go back to my desk to my computer and read some jokes and scam emails where I see this article on the “Lead Pouring and its Origins” etc. Apparently the “Lead Pouring” emanating from our pre-religion / Pagan times is / was widespread in Europe and Turkey????

 I have a quick look at the article. It is written by an academic who has researched the subject half of his career and done a few PhDs on it. I can’t help but start smiling. Not to the article, but to the fact what it had reminded me of right at that moment. And that is my story today.

Years year’s ago, many of you still have not conceived yet, I was a little child (a primary school, university or somewhere in between) in Turkey. My beloved and much missed mom was very keen on me I must say as a middle child. She was very caring and loving to me (and to my other siblings) I guess I was very easy going happy chubby little lamb (as I am now too)????

Anyway, she was also very superstitious. She used to believe in malevolent or evil eyes (blue usually), spiritual beings and things that I still don’t understand.  Every now and then if I had a complaint like a light headache or something, she would believe this was a “Nazar” (Evil eye issue) and she would immediately seek help and invite this old lady to do a “Lead Pouring” or “Lead Melting” Ritual for me.

I don’t know if you guys know anything about it but in short, they would make me sit on floor, cover my head with some tablecloth or something then this elderly lady would pour a spoonful of hot and melted Lead into a cold bowl of water above my head (far away not to cause any harm). When the hot Lead which is probably 600 C° or so, hits the water, water would burst into steam and possibly separate Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms and create a “Big Bang”. It would be so loud that dogs, chooks, donkeys outside in the garden would start barking as much as they can????

And guess what? Poor me underneath the protective cloth already scared of not being able to see anything above my head, I would almost wet myself????

But a miracle would happen. Not only would my headache disappear (not to be heard of again forever) but also according to mom, I would get good protection from the blue-eyed people, bad intentioned people, bad spirits & omens.  I would then go to my usual classes safely, in peace and serenity.  (And thinking of that now in fact, that is possibly why I never had a blue-eyed girl friend at university. They were all green or brown eyed h ahaha).

Anyway, the best part, after the ritual, she used to take me into her arms and boobs and give me a long, big hug comforting me. I would never forget that????

This ritual used to happen quite regularly, especially when I wanted a bit of mom's big arms, boobs and hugs. I would lie and tell her I have a headache. She would immediately call for the “Shaman Lady” or “Folk Doctor or the Lead Pourer”. 

After the session , my mom would offer her Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights then she (the Lead Pourer) would go away happy with a half a dozen range free eggs and a chook under her arms????

Now reminiscing these happy times & experiences of my childhood through the article I am reading my friends, wouldn’t it be nice to have my late, loving mom and her “The Lead Pourer” right now and here?  

Thinking of it now, I  wonder if it would work for Covid 19 too (joke)?

For the loving memories of mom and dad????


16 August 2021

Submitted: August 15, 2021

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