Conflict Of Interest

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


Sparkling diamonds on their such a joy to see, wear
From the jewels imbedded in my earlobes, adorned around my neck
To the crown of prominence resting atop my curly hair
Whose hands dipped into the Motherland to give me my illustrious shine
Sweltering in the heat to siphon consumerism out those diamond mines

Violating the earth of its unclaimed resource
My babies snatched from my arms, marched to labor without a choice
Conflict in the labor night and day
No feast to the table to eat
Gun toting under a political regime watchful eye, hands cut off for the disobey
Silenced anger witnessed, gasps of dismay
Manmade kid slaves unto its nation kneel in mud, murky waters, yet no time to pray
Funding the plan to systemically kill each other
Bringing down the lineage of brother to brother

The Kimberley Process in solitude drags its feet to address
Please broaden your agenda in this certification process
Unethical killings, deafening cries of its demoralizing
More insurgents of militants with government funded weapons are still uprising
Give nations who uses their own children to fetch as pets
Starting first with economic sanctions and then the dreams of mental rest
United Nations you just cannot do it, could you
Allowing blood conflict to rest against skin, no matter who’s getting chopped or abused
It’s all about the money
Rodeo Drive to the New York Diamond District, the ice capitals in a land of milk and honey

Is this God’s initial plan
To rob the laughter, smile, and creation of a child, in dirt where his hands till as his feet stands
Moorish hues to give other countries the status power of that bling bling
Cash registers in festive times during Black Friday oh how sweet thy sound it sings
In the exchange of back lashes, aiding in healing with sea salt, yet the painful open gashes still sting

When revenue of stocks is up from purchasing have been wisely invested
In an impoverished country where turning the blind eye to manual labor, the cruelty is never contested
Political propaganda to keep the masses quiet is heavily protected
Piles of dirt graces the land, now dug up, exposed
No seeds to sow, no vegetation to grow
Snobbish heads in society with down casted noses

Yet, judge others by the existence of carats donned from head to toes
Vile characters in carnage of your preference, private corporations with hugh diamonds for trade, sell, or show
Sierra Leone, Angola, Zimbabwe, to The Ivory Coast
Poachers with guns, stealing for the tusk, some within the jungles more than most
Now in exchange for the absence of hands, diamonds shifted among rocks
To quietly pocket one, shot on the spot
Innocence must be sure to know, trust their sight
Small hands polishing to get that shine just right

Diamonds sold and then smuggled
To America and abroad, somewhere in West Africa slums, tin homes still daily struggle
In that glassed case as you pick out that perfect gift
The history of blood spillage, the revolution to kill its citizens, is now your conflict

Submitted: August 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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