Vision Quest

By Chris Brockman


I see!

I, Manda Archista, Beautiful Ray of Light, see the spirit owl. My quest is fulfilled, my purpose clear.

I will find my way home. I will. I know I will teach my tribe. I will use my knowledge as a teacher and never stop learning. I will meditate and pray to the Great Spirit to find truth and to gain wisdom. Like the tree who is home to the owl, I will spread roots deeply in Cheyenne culture. I will grow straight and tall and spread my branches as the owl spreads it wings. My leaves will nourish the soil around me. My seeds will grow strong and proud children. My wood will build new a school where they will learn.

Archista stood, a bit woosy from sitting so long but otherwise little affected by a day and a night outside. The morning sun on her face had brought her fully awake from her trans-like half sleep. Though she had made arrangements for Motave to wait for her phone call to bring her down, she felt newly sure her inner light would guide her from this overlook that was her favorite place as a child. “I may have lost my sight,” she said to the world, “but I have new vision.”

Archista picked up the intricately carved walking stick her father had made her. She set off with the sun on her back and the prevailing west wind in her face to guide her. On the old game trail that led down the gentle slope to the road, she scarcely had to think about where she was in physical space. When she got to the road several hours later, she called Motave.

“I’m ready to come home, Motave. Come get me.”

Submitted: August 17, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Chris Brockman. All rights reserved.

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