Sensei Justin: Truth In A Soul Brother

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Diving deeper into a connection that literally lights up my spirits even when miles apart. This powerful connection brings about blessings of abundance in love, divinity, trust, integrity and much more. Helping each other find more life in living. This is a piece that hits close to home for me.

Stepping back to shed light on an amazing connection that began about a half mile back. There stands an incredible individual that is so true to self, that it literally heals everyone's soul who should encounter his prescence. This man has brought to me gifts of joy, peace and understanding of my own existence. A mirrored image of who I am is what I envision whenever the thought of him comes to mind. Constantly helping to pick me up in spirit even when I'm unaware that my day could be better. He has a light inside of him that has been there for many centuries. Upon meeting him, it instantly felt as though we've known each other since the beginning of time.

Up late night working the graveyard shift, I stare up at the sky towards one specific star that shines the brightest. The visions of our amazing connection plays like the finest motion pictures in the back of mind. In those moments I can do nothing more but to smile, and thank the universe for allowing me this blessing of an opportunity to be able to be in his prescence. In some of my moments of questioning my path, his subconscious voice assists with my guidance in order to carry forward though tough challenges with my head up high and mighty. The love I have for him is and will forever be unmatched by any other soulmate connection.

I certainly cannot shake the feeling of promises from the universe of us growing brighter, and becoming more grounded when up against anything this universe has to throw our way. What a better life this has been since we've found each other once more in this life time just like the previous ones. Sure that our connection was written in an ancient book of truth during Egyptian construction of the pyramids. He could call at any hour, and I will answer to vent, cry, laugh, smile or even just to joke around and I'll always answer. This heart of mine is as pure and true as his own. You'll forever be my brother until eternity is no more. I love you, brother. Continue to shine on as you've enlightened individuals like me by you just being yourself. 

Submitted: August 18, 2021

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I feel as though this is a good motivator and end goal for any spiritual aspirant. To be able to inspire and spread such an incredible amount of love to people.

Wed, August 18th, 2021 11:14pm

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