A book about saving life, no matter how small or insignificant

Table of Contents

Page 1

I went for a walk around my neighborhood today. I always walk on the sidewalk for safety. ... Read Chapter

Page 2

I saw some worms on the sidewalk and they were all stretched out like a straight line you make with a marker. ... Read Chapter

Page 3

Worms dont like water it drowns them, so when there's any water around them like rain or sprinklers they leave in a hurry.  ... Read Chapter

Page 4

Out of the dirt tunnels they come up from underneath the grass onto the sidewalks to get away from the water.  ... Read Chapter

Page 5

The sidewalk is hard for them to move on, at least it slows them down. They are happiest in the dirt.  ... Read Chapter

Page 6

I noticed ants were on the sidewalk too, trying to make a meal out of them. ... Read Chapter

page 7

But today, I helped the worms escape from the ants. I saved them. ... Read Chapter

Page 8

I looked for a twig, something that I could pick them up with gently. You must be careful with worms they are delicate.  ... Read Chapter

Page 9

I found a thin twig that was soft and small, a perfect size for a worm. ... Read Chapter

Page 10

So, I started to pick up the worm. The trick to picking up the worm is to go under it slowly and let it climb onto the twig. ... Read Chapter

Page 11

You might wonder why you have to go slowly, its because when the sidewalk gets warm and the worm is wet they stick to it. They ... Read Chapter

Page 12

So it crawled onto the twig and I put it back on the grass to find its dirt tunnel. ... Read Chapter

Page 13

Then I picked up another, then another, and another. Before I knew it I Saved 20 worms. ... Read Chapter

Page 14

It made me happy that I could help put them back where they were safe and belong. ... Read Chapter

Page 15

That night before bed, I thought about the worms and how I helped them. I'm sure they were happy to be back in their beds.  ... Read Chapter

Page 16

I know they are just worms, but its still a life big or small. It might not be important to others, but I went to bed with a big smile on... Read Chapter

Page 17

So if you see a worm on the sidewalk maybe you could do the same thing one day, and it will put a big smile on your face too. ... Read Chapter

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