You Agonize Yourself

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Falling sunlight floats snuggly for several wonderful minutes. The woman watches these tiny beauties with eyes of ever swirling passion. Her phone rings, causing her to jump. Her tears build as she hears the voice. ‘‘ Heya, Shannon! I figured I’d call to see how you’re doing.’’ Silence flows. ‘‘ Is something up?’’ The woman sighs before sitting up on the protruding boulder.

 ‘‘ It’s nothing that we both don’t already know, Dad.’’ Peace passes before tension comes. 

 ‘‘ And that’s okay. I’m here.’’


Silence. The emotions swarm the woman without stopping.


 ‘‘ I can hear you crying.’’

 ‘‘ The reason hasn’t changed.’’

 ‘‘ And that’s okay.’’



 ‘‘ Dad?’’

 ‘‘ What’s up?’’

 ‘‘ I’m having all those feelings again.’’ Silence. 

 ‘‘ And that’s okay. I’m here.’’ 

 ‘‘ Right, but…’’ She sighs again.  ‘‘ What I’m saying is that this is ridiculous. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my life. Everything I’m doing, it’s all great stuff. I’ve started fixing computers at a local hardware store, I’ve been bonding with a new pet cat, I’m almost done constructing my first ever gaming pc, and I’m on my way to start volunteering at a sanctuary for abused exotic animals. There’s nothing wrong here, but…’’ Those tears fly down her cheeks. 

 ‘‘ It’s okay, take your time.’’ Silence. 

 ‘‘ I’m too sensitive. I know well that there’s nothing wrong here, but I still feel so much passion. I love everything I’m doing, but… well, I’ve never done it before. It’s that innocence which holds me in fear… All  those dark questions… It’s like I…’’

 ‘‘ You agonize yourself even though you know you’re okay.’’ 

 ‘‘ Yeah, exactly.’’ 




Moments later, the woman stands up. 

 ‘‘ Thank you, Dad. This  can’t solve it all, but it certainly helps.’’

 ‘‘ And that’s okay!’’


The woman heads off into the vast valley. The paths blur, but the truth stays.


And that’s okay. 


Submitted: August 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Curon. All rights reserved.

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