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Streetlight is a short story from the book Saturday in the 70's Part 2.


The sun is flaming like hot Cheetos on Ridge Street. A teen named Nicholas with dimples chased "big booty Judy" down the street. He ran like a cheetah. He left a trail of jawbreakers in the process. She dashes to an old garage and he follows.


It seems spooky in here, Judy!


Will you relax, Nicholas!

She pulled out some pot. Judy had smoke coming out of her nose. Nicholas, do you need to hit this? Nicholas grabbed the blunt, peeked at the sky, and was high like an eagle. She kisses Nicholas on the cheek. He is standing there like an Oaktree. 
You know you like it dimples, says Judy!
Well, yeah, I do, he replies.
The streetlight came on with her father shouting " Judy come home"!!
I gotta go, dimples, she smiles!!
The next day, Judy and Nicholas are in the AB Market in front of Danish Rings, Koogle, Mog-O-Lunch and Banana Flip. 
Nicholas picked up Danish Rings and Pizza Spins. He took the goodies to checkout.
Judy puts sour candy and candy into her pockets. Nicholas gives the cashier 50 cents while Judy walks out the front door. They get on his 10 Speed Bike to go to the park.
Dimples, I borrowed some sour patches and jelly beans!
You stole that stuff, Judy!
No, Dimples, I borrowed them, she laughs!
Girl, you so crazy!
Nicholas made a right on Grand street, Judy held him tight as she ate her goodies. He stops at Reck Park in chained his bike to the rail.
They sat at the monkey bars in ate their stuff. Nicholas stares at her big booty. 
"I see you looking at my booty, Nicholas"!
Judy, I can't help it. 
Nicholas, I knew you were a freak, she laughs.
They walk towards a Maple tree. She carves her initials J loves N. He kissed her soft and sweet lips.
I love you, Judy!
I love you too, Nicholas!



Submitted: August 23, 2021

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JE Falcon aka JEF

I like it, but I'm wanting more. Is there more coming?

Mon, August 23rd, 2021 3:56pm



Mon, August 23rd, 2021 2:40pm

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