The day it ended

Sitting alone at the top of the hill, I wondered how my life got crushed into pieces.  Six months ago, I was at the top of my graduating class preparing a speech for graduation. After a much needed 10 years off due to health and kids I was finally getting my degree I so desperately desired. Now that my kids were in school and had begun their own journeys, I was able to continue mine. On the eve of the day, I was scheduled to take graduation pictures my husband of 9 years sent me a text saying he couldn’t do this anymore and that he was tired of trying to make us work. This hit me like a ton of bricks because I had been so caught up in our everyday life that I didn’t notice or think anything was wrong with us. After countless unanswered calls to him, I got a disturbing e-mail from the school. The email stated that I had plagiarized on a past research paper and had to meet with the dean the next morning about possibly being expelled. Overwhelmed with emotion I packed the kids in the car and headed out to look for my husband.  After hours of driving and no luck finding him, I called it a night. On my way to meet with the dean the next morning I spotted my husband with a woman at the café we had our first date at. I walked in, didn’t speak just handed him my ring and walked back out. Weeping my eyes out I decided to skip the meeting with the dean and head to the hill he proposed at. Afraid to face the issues I now faced, I sat at the top and jumped to my death.

Submitted: August 23, 2021

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