Rivals Unmatched

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Five-year-old Evangeline found herself wandering the woods, with no memory of who she was or why she was alone. A man finds her and takes her to a slave shop to sell her. Thirteen years later Prince Kain Barclay the second prince of Othella's snuck off to the slave shop Evangeline resided to pick a slave for his 21st birthday. Evangeline was now 18 years old and is being auctioned off. Kain falls head over heels for Evangeline falls into his scheming brother's trap. Alexander Barclay the crown prince of Othella's also falls in love with Evangeline but has cruel intentions in mind. Jealousy erupts amongst the royal brothers. Who will come out as the victor of this love triangle? Will Evangeline even want to be with either of them or will she choose what she's wanted for the past 13 years? Freedom to find true love.

Chapter 1



"It's so dark." Said the little girl in a frightened voice. She walks through the dark forest as uneasiness floods her thoughts on how she even got there. All she could remember was waking up on the cold ground from the sounds of a cracking tree branch, most likely from an animal roaming in the darkness. She quickly ran from the spot she was lying. She's been wondering for what seems like hours, but she couldn't tell since it was nighttime. 


Suddenly she heard a deep voice behind her "Are you lost, little girl?" Said a man with a cruel smirk on his face. The little girl quickly turned to see a tall, slender man leaning on a tree looking at her with deceptive eyes. Grinning as he knew the answer to his question already. The girl stiffened as fear encompassed her tiny body. Just as she turned to run from the very scary-looking man, he lunged at her and threw a sack over her head.


Kicking and screaming with all her might the little girl soon passed out from lack of oxygen and exhaustion. Still grinning his evil grin, the man picks up the sack with the passed-out little girl and carries her off down the road. Whistling a cheery tune as he walked. A while later the man comes into a town. He spots his destination and merrily strolls up to the shop. 

The sign on the door says 'Slave Shop'. He opens the door and hears the little bell at the top ring. He walks over to the man at the front desk and places the sack on the ground next to him. "Evenin' gent, I think I have some wears you might be interested in purchasing." The man looks up from his papers with a smile and says "Ah, please let's take a look at what you've brought for us today, my good sir." 


The tall man quickly unties the sack and lets the passed-out little girl fall to the floor. The shop owner walks over to her and lifts her chin, studying her face in his grip. The little girl lying before him had beautiful long, black hair. He gently pried an eyelid open looking at her eyes. They were a beautiful emerald green.


"Yes, yes. Very pretty little girl you have here. She may grow to be quite beautiful one day. Still a little young for now to be of service, though." Before the shopkeeper could show him out the door and reject the little girl as a slave. The tall man quickly interjected stating "Ah, but think of the opportunity she will bring when she does become of age to service. She will bring quite an attraction of aristocrats to pay for her service. All will pay handsomely for the beauty she'll become." 


The shopkeeper thought for a moment, and finally, he agreed. They began to haggle on a price for such a rare commodity. Finally, when the shopkeeper and tall man agreed on a price, the shopkeeper paid him and sent him on his way. Later that night, the little girl awoke to a warm feeling wrapped around her tiny person. She blinked open her eyes and saw she was in a large room with a lit fireplace and an older gentleman doing some paperwork and a large desk.


She slowly sat up rubbing her eyes. "Where am I?" She asked in a small shy voice. "Ah, you're awake. Good. Nice to meet you, little one." The older gentleman said as he walked over and bent down to the frightened little girl. "My name is Damone Kent. I am the owner of this establishment. This is my slave shop. I buy and sell slaves to rich aristocrats."

The little girl looked at the shopkeeper in complete fear. So many horrible thoughts running through her head. She could only imagine anyone trying to be cruel to her. Damone interrupted these racing thoughts to put her mind at ease saying "Oh, but you don't have to worry little one, you are meant for great things one day. So, I shall treat you with special care. Unlike the other slaves, I will make sure that you are well taken care of until you become of age that is." 


The little girl looked up at him in confusion. "Well, when you are of age you will be sold off to the highest bidder for your purity." He stated matter of factly. " Purity?" The little girl asked, even more confused. "Why, yes. I'm going to see to it that your virginity stays intact so I can sell you for an even higher price than any normal sex slave." He said with a small smile. “I paid good money for you and you're going to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams."


The little girl still didn't understand but paid no mind to it. She remembered that he said she would be cared for and that’s all she cared about. "What's your name little one?" "I don't remember. I woke up on the ground. Then that scary man found me, after wandering the woods for a long time." 


"No matter. I'll think of a name hmmm... I got it your name will be Evangeline because you are ‘a messenger of good news’ good news indeed." He said with a wink. Evangeline giggled and nodded her head in acceptance of her new name. "Evangeline... it sounds really pretty. Thank you. What should I call you?" "You will call me Master Kent. Which is a privilege seeing as the other slaves aren't even allowed to look at me, let alone speak." "Yes. Thank you, Master Kent. I will not let you down." Evangeline said with a small smile. 


Master Kent smiled back. "Now, it is time to get some sleep, little Evangeline. Your new life as a sex slave in training begins in the morning. Good night, and sweet dreams." With that, Master Kent covered Evangeline back up and walked back over to his large desk full of papers. Evangeline closed her eyes and questioned what a sex slave even was before shrugging it off and falling into a deep sleep. 




Chapter 2



Over the next 13 years, Evangeline was taught how to be the perfect sex slave. With the exception that she was to be kept pure. No male slave was allowed to touch her, or even look at her in such ways. Lest they are punished severely. Master Kent has a lot riding on her and would not let that be taken from him because of some insignificant slave.


Master Kent was kind to Evangeline. Almost as if he thought of her as a daughter, but he didn't let his feelings get in the way of his ultimate goal. To be rich beyond belief. The day Evangeline turned 18, Master Kent was amazed at how beautiful his Evangeline has become. No other woman in the whole kingdom could hold a candle to how stunning, elegant, and graceful Evangeline was.


Early that morning Master Kent sent his servants to notify all royalty, nobility, and aristocrats of the kingdom of the elaborate ball he was holding for Evangeline's debut as a sex slave. He informed all those concerned of the auction of her 'purity' following the ball. The rest of the day was busy getting everything ready for that night. Servants were running around every which way.


Evangeline giggled a little thinking they reminded her of chickens with their heads cut off. She was walking about in a daze, not sure how to prepare for tonight. Master Kent explained her role as she got older. She now understands what is expected of her. Though she was happy to serve her purpose, she felt a little sad.


She dreamt of one day being able to leave and start a new life beyond these walls that have kept her hidden from the world, for 13 years. Hoping to possibly meet a man and fall in love. Seeing as the men around here never talked, or even looked at her, in fear of being punished. She cringed at the thought of spending the rest of her life with some stranger, who would only want her for her body or would never show her any real love. 


She sighed a deep sigh, quickly trying to get an image of an old man ravaging her body night, after night. The very thought sent shivers down her spine and made her mouth curl in disgust. As the day went on Evangeline lost her thoughts in a book. After an hour or two, a frantic Master Kent came worriedly around the corner. He spotted Evangeline on a bench in the shade, with a book in her hand. He ran over to her flailing his arms. 


"Evangeline, there you are I've been searching for you for an hour. Hurry, it's time for you to get ready for the ball.” Evangeline couldn't help but giggle at how flustered Master Kent was. She gave him a quick smile and nodded "Yes, Master Kent. I will go make myself presentable right away." With that, she walked to her bedroom where some female servants were waiting to assist her with getting ready. 




Chapter 3



The ballroom was exquisite. Master Kent hired the finest decorators in the kingdom, for this special occasion. Everyone was in 'awe' about how much detail was placed around the large ballroom. The room was 'a flutter' with many conversations. The main topic of course was about the main event, the bidding for Evangeline.


Seeing as Evangeline never ventured past the walls that caged her, no one has ever seen her. Though, there were always rumors of her radiant beauty all across the kingdom. Some thought it was just a scam, to try to swindle some wealthy sap out of money in exchange for a 'worthless pig'. Most were excited to see just 'HOW' beautiful this sex slave was. 


Off in the corner stood two young men trying to stay very discrete. One with short, disheveled, blonde hair turned to look at one with medium mahogany brown hair. "Alexander what if, what some of the people are saying is true? That, this is just a scam?" The blonde-haired man whispered as to not draw attention. The brown-haired man sighed and rolled his eyes at the dumb questions. "Then you need not bid on her, dear brother. It will be your 21st birthday in a few days' time. I've come to hope you have at least that much sense in your thick skull." He patted his younger brother on the head as he said that. 


The blonde-haired man chuckled a little. "Such kind words from our future king." He said as he nudged his older brother's side. "Kain, not so loud. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves, lest father throws a fit and mother have a heart attack." Alexander said with a glare. Kain nodded and took a sip of champagne from his glass. 


  Finally, trumpets were sound, as a hush fell over every being in the room. An orchestra started to play lovely music as two very large doors at the top of the grand staircase swung slowly open. Everyone stiffened and watched in anticipation. A moment later, a slender being slowly emerged from the other side of the doors. Everyone gasped at the magnificent creature that now stood at the top of the staircase. The rumors did her no justice. She was like a porcelain doll, dressed in the finest jewelry and a beautiful, yet revealing gown. 


The gown had a plummeting neckline to just below Evangeline’s belly button. At the back, it showed down to the small of her back, the sides were loosely corseted lace-up from the bottom hem at her ankles, to where her sleeves were. Showing breaks of skin as it went up.


  Kain, having been fumbling with his cloak, looked up and his mouth immediately dropped open. 'She's like an angel' Kain thought as he tried not to look stupid with his mouth hanging open. Alexander rolled his eyes at how Kain resembled a love-sick puppy. 'Though, she is more stunning than I had previously thought as well. Kain is so childish and probably wouldn't know what to do with such a lovely creature. I think I'm going to have to throw my hat in the ring as well.' He thought with a cruel smirk. "Oh, how much fun it will be to see horror upon that beautiful face of yours, my sweet," Alexander said in a low enough growl that Kain didn't even notice. 


  Evangeline felt herself tremble a little at the number of people gathered in the large room. She quickly gained her composure and gracefully descended the grand staircase. All eyes were on her as she made her way to the stage that the auction was to take place. Master Kent was awaiting her with a gentle smile on his face as he lent her a hand to her seat. He cleared his throat and began the auction. 


  "The opening bid will start at £10,000." Immediately, people were holding signs up so they could bid on Evangeline. Evangeline was getting nervous as she tried to look at the different faces holding up their signs. None of them looked the least bit kind, having devilish smiles as they thought they had the highest bid.


  Kain stood with anticipation knowing he already had this in the bag. He was the second prince of Othella's no one was richer than he. Alexander stood silent, waiting for Kain to make his bid. He plans to outbid Kain enough to get him to bid to a ridiculous amount to win her. Then he would be in trouble with their mother and father. They would take away his new toy and give her to Alexander as punishment. It was the perfect plan. 


  Alexander chuckled to himself in amusement at his evil plan. Just then, as predicated Kain threw in his bid. "£1,000,000." Master Kent let out an excited cry. "Ah, a new bidder has entered the match ladies and gentleman. Anyone bid £2,000,000?" He waited a moment with excitement. "Going once, going twice..." Just as he was about to close the bid Alexander interjected. "£5,000,000." The crowd gasped at the generous bid.


  Kain glared at Alexander. "What the hell are you doing?' He said with a snarl. Alexander waved off the aggression with his hand. "Just having a little fun, dear brother. Worried you might lose, hmmm....?" He said with a cruel smirk. Kain quickly bid again before Master Kent could close the bid for Alexander. "£100,000,000," Kain said, giving his brother a victory smirk. Alexander simply bowed in defeat and turned on his heel grinning, knowing Kain played right into his trap. 


  Master Kent, shocked at the enormous bid, quickly said "£100,000,000 going once, going twice, sold to the young man in the back. Please pay at the front desk, then come claim her." Kain couldn't contain his excitement, but something in the back of his mind couldn't help wonder, why Alexander gave up so easily. It's not like him to let Kain win. He was planning something, but Kain shook it off for now. He would come to that bridge when it came time to cross it. 


  Evangeline nervously tried to scan the crowd for the man that won. When she heard the ridiculous bid, he made. Nervousness turned to fear. Hoping it wasn't one of the evil men she first saw, devouring her with their eyes. After Kain paid the £100,000,000 fee, he made his way up to claim his prize. 


  He leisurely walked past the crowd of people. Some nodding in congratulations, others glaring in jealousy. He paid no mind to any of them, for he finally got what he came here for. Evangeline looked up from her trembling hands to see a tall, 'pleasantly' built figure standing in front of her with his hand waiting for her to accept it. She shyly placed her trembling hand within his and he pulled her close to his embrace.


Evangeline was shocked. He smelled amazing and she could feel his tight muscles through his shirt. She looked up at him, a red blush illuminating her porcelain face. He was gazing at her with kind eyes like they were saying 'I will never hurt you.' Suddenly Evangeline passed out from exhaustion and stress. 







Evangeline awoke, slightly disoriented. She put her hand to her head to make everything stop spinning. A voice in the corner of the room startled her. “Good, you’re awake. I was worried.” the young man gave a smile of relief as he walked over to the bed Evangeline was on. Evangeline recognized it as the young man that had won her at the auction. She stared at him for a moment, before she spoke. ‘He has such beautiful eyes. Like blue orbs of kindness.’ she thought. 


“Forgive me, master. It was rude of me to faint. Please punish me however you see fit.” she quickly jumped off the bed into a groveling position at his feet. Kain stared at her perplexed and slightly annoyed. Not at her, but the place she grew up. ‘What have they done or taught her that she is acting this way. I’m not some sadist bastard only after one thing.’ he thought.


“Please, I would never hurt you. I’m not sure what went on at that place, but I want you to forget everything. Let’s start over. From now on don’t call me master, in public, Prince Kain is fine, but I would like you to just call me Kain when it's just the two of us.” Kain stated as he reached for her hand to help her up. Evangeline looked confused. “But mast-... I mean Kain if that’s not why I’m here then what is my purpose?” Kain thought for a moment. “I just want you to be my friend, but it is my wish to one day ask you to marry me. I know I just met you, but I feel drawn to you as if we were meant to be together. Like love at first sight.” He gave her a gorgeous smile. “I want to get to know you, so one day you might return my feelings and accept my proposal in the future.” He looked down as if embarrassed. 


“As you wish, Kain. I will be your friend and get to know you. I am hopeful I can grant your wish to one day be your bride.” She smiled at him reassuringly letting him know she will put her utmost effort into trying to fall in love. Kain excitedly gave her a huge hug. It was so sudden she gasped for a moment. They stood there in a warm embrace for a while. Neither he nor she wanted to break away. 


He smelled amazing and he felt good against her body. Kain inhaled the scent of her hair as if trying to memorize it. ‘I need to break away, but I can’t. Oh God, my dick is getting hard from her thigh rubbing against it.’ with that thought Kain quickly pulled away and turned, clearing his throat. Kain quickly remembered his father’s request to see him so he stated “I must have an audience with my parents, so please wait for me here until I return.” “As you wish, Kain,” she said with a curtsy. With that Kain walked out the huge oak wood doors and left.


When he reached the throne room, his parents sat on their thrones in anticipation. He walked forward and bent on one knee. “You wished to speak with me, father?” “Yes, my son. It seems you decided to sneak out to purchase a slave for your birthday. Is that correct?” His tone was demanding. “Yes, father, but I find my purchase a very wise choice.” He paused briefly “I think I’ve fallen in love with her.” The king scoffed in disgust. “LOVE?!” yelling with rage. “Yes, father and I ask forgiveness for sneaking out, but I wish one day she reciprocates my love, in which I will ask for her hand in marriage.” He could feel the anger flowing in his father's death glare. 


“NEVER! This girl is a slave, nothing more. As for your punishment for sneaking out AND throwing away a ridiculous amount of money for a slave. I am giving her to Alexander.” “WHAT!!! That isn’t FAIR!!!” yelling in outrage. “Until you can learn to be responsible and not fall in love on a whim, this will be your punishment.” The king yelled back. “Kain, he is only doing this for your own good. Your father and I don’t want you to make any mistakes that could ruin your future.” The queen said in a soft caring tone.


“So, being in love is a mistake, mother? Wanting to spend the rest of my life with a person I love and care about is going to ruin my life? Forgive me when I say this but, that is bullshit! I’m sorry I do not wish to be married to a stranger I don’t love like you and father, were. I’m sorry I want to have a happy marriage, unlike you and father.” He said in a hurtful tone. His mother looked away with sadness in her eyes, because she knew she could not deny what he said. His father looked away from him and calmly stated. “I’m sorry son, but my decision is final. Guards, see that the girl is removed from his room and sent to Prince Alexander’s room, immediately.” 


With that, his heart sank. He couldn’t believe Alexander was going to keep the love of his life. Then it hit him. Alexander did this. He planned this all along. Alexander knew if he outbid Kain, he would react by bidding as high as he could. ‘How could I be so stupid’ he was mentally kicking himself for falling for his trap. He knew Alexander wasn’t giving up. With new anger building up he quickly bowed to his parents and stormed out of the throne room. With blinding rage, he made his way to Alexander’s room. “He may have won this battle, but I hope he doesn’t think he’s won the war.”


As Evangeline looked out the balcony, she stared amazed at how beautiful the view was. She could practically see the whole kingdom from up here. Suddenly the large doors swung open. She turned around to see two guards walking towards her. “What’s going on?” She asked, feeling scared. The bigger of the two said while grabbing her arm “We have orders to move you to Prince Alexander’s room, effective immediately.” He started pulling her away and out of Kain’s room. “Wait, why?” She frantically wondered if Kain would know where she was and why she was no longer in his room, where he asked her to stay.






Chapter 5



After walking down, a long hallway, the guards leading Evangeline reached another enormous door. The guard in front opens the door and the bigger one holding her arm tosses her into the room. She landed on her side. She tries to get up and stop them from leaving, but they quickly close the door. An audible click can be heard making her sigh in frustration. She turned and put her back against the door and slid down putting her face to her knees. Tears flowed down her face.


“I just don’t understand. Did I do something to offend Kain? Maybe he came to his senses thinking I’m just a slave. Maybe he thought of getting rid of me now rather than waste his time before getting bored of me later.” As she continues to quietly sob, she suddenly hears footsteps approaching. They stop in front of the door she's leaning against. She hears clicking as the locks are being undone and the handle starts to turn. She quickly scoots backward away from the door. 


In steps a gorgeous, tall, ‘pleasantly’ muscled man. He has medium mahogany brown hair and deep green-colored eyes. He has a chiseled face and has soft porcelain-looking skin. His eyes looked lonely, but also had a hint of something else. She just couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, whatever it was it gave her an uneasy feeling. Like she was in danger. He looked down at her and smirked. He closed the door behind him, locked it with a gold key on a necklace, returned the key around his neck, and turned back towards her with a look of malice written on his face.


“Hello, my sweet. I see you are confused as to why you were brought here.” Evangeline nods her head timidly. “Well, you see sweet Evangeline. My younger brother is a fool. When he saw you the day of the auction he fell madly in love. I seized the opportunity, knowing he would stop at nothing to have you by tricking him to bid that ridiculous amount of money. You see I fell madly in love with you too, but being the next in line for the throne I pride myself on not being stupid. Kain wants you as a wife, I on the other hand want you simply for the pleasure,” he smiled wickedly as she gasped.


“I convinced my mother and father to punish Kain, by giving you to me. I do not lie to myself with fairytale endings of taking a sex slave as a wife. I’m a bit more aware of the real world, unlike my dim-witted brother. So, now you’re mine to do with as I wish. Believe me, when I say, I’ll make you scream. Whether it’s for pain or pleasure is all up to you, sweet Evangeline.” She stared up at him horrified. She started to back away slowly afraid of what was to come. He noticed her frantic state and started walking towards her. When she saw this, she quickly jumped to her feet frantically trying to stay away from him, while trying to spot her escape.


He sped up trying to catch her. “You can try to run, little Evangeline, but you’ll never escape me.” He grinned evilly. She foolishly trapped herself in a corner as he stalked towards her. Suddenly, he had her hands pinned to the wall behind her. He leaned in and inhaled her scent. Then he started placing a trail of kisses down her neck. She tried with all her strength to push him off, but he pressed his body tighter against her. He whispered in her ear “The more you fight, the more turned on I become, my dear.” She froze in fear. She felt him smile against her skin. “Good girl,” he purred. 


He continued his trail of kisses across her jawline. When he reached her lips, he started kissing them forcibly. He reached down slowly and put his hand between her thighs. He found the area of interest and started rubbing her clit on the outside of her dress. She let out a gasp, which he took advantage of and forced his tongue in her mouth. His tongue roughly explored her mouth. She wanted it to stop. Without thinking she bit down on his tongue, hard. He let out a yell as she felt his hand collide with her cheek and was sent flying across the room.


He regained his composure. She could see him tasting the blood in his mouth. He looked at her angrily at first, but then his expression turned dark and full of malice. He quickly walked over and picked her up by her hair. Wrapping the length around his hand, so she couldn't pull free without immense pain. She let out a whimper. “You know, I quite admire your courage, Evangeline. I think I’m going to keep you, forever.” he licked his lips in pleasure. “Unfortunately for you, for that to happen I’m going to break that spirit of yours that way you will not disobey me,” he said in a low growl. 


He started dragging her by her hair over to the four-poster bed. All the while she’s clawing at his hands trying to make him release her and screaming in pain. He throws her on the bed, before she has a chance to run, he gets on top and pins her hands above her head. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. This will not do, sweet Evangeline.” Suddenly she hears the material of her dress being ripped from her body. She whimpered in fear. He leaned down to her ear and whispered. “I did warn you; I will make you scream, but whether it was for pain or pleasure was your choice. I’ll quite enjoy the decision you made to scream in pain, love.” 


Her eyes got wide and she started screaming. “No, please. I’m-m sorry your h-highn-ness. I was not thinking. Please I-I beg you to forgive m-me. Please show me m-mercy.” She was so scared she kept stuttering her words. He looked at her with cruel eyes and said “I’m sorry my sweet, but a lesson must be learned. So, I must inflict punishment. Please, believe when I say I won’t get enjoyment from this… he paused then grinned ...just immense pleasure.” With that, he quickly kicked his pants off and placed himself in front of her entrance.


He licked his lips seductively. “Any last pleas of mercy?” She looked at him, tears streaming down her face. “Please….” he smirked and thrust his cock as hard and fast as he could inside her. She screamed in pain. He had broken the barrier keeping her pure in one fell swoop. He took a moment to enjoy her scream then he started thrusting harder and faster. He was moaning. “Ah, Evangeline. My sweet Evangeline. Your pussy is so tight. I can feel the walls tightening around my cock.” She was trying not to make any sounds to let him know it was starting to feel pleasurable. He sensed she was holding back from him so he flipped her over on her stomach, grabbed her hair, and held her hands behind her back. 


Before he started moving again, he pulled her hair so he could whisper in her ear “I want to hear you scream my name. I want you to beg me for my cock.” He pushed her head back down, still holding her hair wrapped in his hand, and started thrusting again. When he didn’t hear her say anything he slapped her ass cheek hard with his other hand. “Don’t move your hands from this spot” He pressed down on them for emphasis. “Now, I can’t hear you, my love. I won’t repeat myself.” Before she could get anything out, he slapped her again in the same spot. She let out a moan. “Ahhh, yes your highness, please give me your cock.” She said breathlessly. 


He smacked her again a little lighter. “No, not your highness. Say my name. Say, Alexander. Aaahhh,” he moaned and she could sense he was getting close to his climax. She was on the verge of orgasm as well. He smacked her again for good measure as she let out another lewd moan. “Aaaaahhhh…. Alexander, please I need your cock, please let me cum.” without realizing she had just begged Alexander for permission to cum. Alexander also realized her mistake. “That’s it, Evangeline. Beg me for your release, but don’t do it until I permit you. Understand?” 


“Yes. Alexander. I beg you to allow me to cum, please.” He smiled and answered her plea. “Yes, Evangeline. Let’s cum together.'' With that Alexander released his seed inside her, and she let the feeling of her orgasm wash over her, sending her body into a mild convulsion. When they were both done after their highs came to an end. She hugged herself into a little ball. She felt disgusted and hated herself for enjoying such pleasure with this cruel monster.


Alexander looked over at her. He pulled her to his chest and started playing with her hair. “I’m glad you succumbed to me, my sweet Evangeline. I think you’ll enjoy the rest of your life in my embrace. I can make you feel pleasures like no other.” He kissed her on her forehead and got up to get dressed. “I hope you know, you’re mine. You can never escape. I won’t let you.” His voice was serious and threatening. With that, he turned and left her alone on the bed.




Chapter 6




Kain watched Alexander leave his room and lock the door with the gold key hanging around his neck. He knew he would have to find another way to Evangeline. He thought for a moment, then he remembered there is a secret passage that leads to every room in the castle. The door for the one in Alexander’s room is behind a huge tapestry. He mentally thanked himself for being a determined child and having promised himself to not give up on unlocking every secret this castle had to offer. 


He quickly made his way to the tunnels trying his best to stay in the shadows undetected. Which wasn’t hard, since both Alexander and he are trained assassins. He mentally thanked his father for that one. He reached his destination. As he made his way through the tunnels to the secret passage in Alexander’s room. He was thinking of Evangeline. ‘Will she blame me for what happened?’ ‘Will she decide Alexander will make a better husband, giving her a more promising future?’ He was afraid she’ll no longer want him… He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. “Whatever she decides I will accept and let her know I’ll always be there for her,” he said softly to himself. 


He came to a tunnel with 2 different paths. “Hmm… if I remember correctly, it’s down this one.” He said trying to decipher which path led to Alexander’s room. As he made his way down his selected path he smiled as a door came into view. “Oh, Kain your good. You're just too damn good.” He said while pretending to make out with himself. He quickly realized he was wasting time and stopped. He opened the door as quietly as possible. He peeked behind the tapestry only moving what he needed to see.


He doesn't see Alexander, so he must not be back yet. Kain scans the room again trying to find Evangeline. He starts to worry because he doesn't see her. He sees movement on the bed out the corner of his eye. It looks like she’s sleeping. He sneaks over to the bed to wake his ‘sleeping beauty.’ As he gets closer, he gets an uneasy feeling in his stomach. She rolled over trying to get comfortable. As Kain stands in front of the bed looking down on her sleeping form, he gets curious as to why she had a blanket on. ‘It’s the middle of summer.’ He thought to himself. 


Curiosity takes over and he slowly pulls the blanket down her body. His eyes grow wide in horror. She was naked. She had red marks on her wrists, hickeys trailed down her neck and jaw. Her ass cheek had red hand marks on it and the most horrible thing was the blood and cum coming from between her thighs. He immediately felt like he was going to be sick. He knew Alexander was a bad person, but he didn’t think he was evil enough to force himself on poor Evangeline.


He felt anger surge through his whole body. He has to get her out of here who knows what else Alexander will do to her. He lightly shakes Evangeline until her eyes flutter open. “Evangeline, wake up. I’m gonna get you out of here. We have to hurry before Alexander returns.” He says frantically. She hears his voice and shoots up from the bed. “Kain?” She asked hesitantly. “Yes, Evangeline it’s me. We have to go. Here wrap this around you.” He handed her a sheet to cover her body. She pushed his hands away and backed away further on the bed. Kain looked at her in confusion. 


“No, Kain. I-I can-n’t. If-f I leave h-he’ll never s-stop until I’m f-found.” She tried her best to stay brave, but her shaking voice proved she was afraid. He took her hand and held it to his cheek, caressing it with his other hand. “Evangeline, please I can’t bear to see you suffer. I need to get you somewhere safe. Away from Alexander.” She looked at him with fear then she lowered her head, her eyes sorrowful. “I’m sorry Kain. I’m not strong like you. I will stay with Alexander and accept my fate. Please, I only ask that one day you could forgive me for giving my purity and….” she sniffled as tears ran down her cheeks “...my love to Alexander, instead of you. Kain, I truly love you and wishing you had made love to me, but....” she broke down after that statement, almost hyperventilating. 


He pulled her to him and hugged her trembling form in a close embrace. She prayed God would take mercy on their love and set her free. Unfortunately, God did not answer her prayer. Instead, she could hear the locks on the door clicking to unlock. The door handle turned and Alexander walked in. He looked up from the handle and saw Kain holding Evangeline in a tight embrace. 


Fury took over Alexander. He lunged at Kain with murder on his mind. “She’s MINE!” he growled trying to snatch her from Kain. Kain quickly jumped back “You’re a monster, Alexander. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. YOU DON’T DESERVE HER!” Kain yelled. She could feel her body trembling against Kain as he and Alexander argued over her. She pushed herself from Kain and yelled “ENOUGH! Kain leave, now! I gave you, my answer. I belong to Alexander.” Kain glared at Alexander unmoving. 


Alexander glared back with a victory smirk spreading across his face and then he walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her waist. As if stating his claim on her body. Kain looked at her. Sadness filled his eyes. She looked back with pleading eyes as to say ‘please I don’t wish you any harm.’ With that, he stormed out the room shouting down the hall “This isn’t over, Alexander.” Alexander looked at the still open door and then at her and smirked. He whispered under his breath “It’ll never be over, dear brother.” Then he leaned down and started kissing her passionately. 




Chapter 7



Evangeline woke up with a gasp. Sweat glistening on her naked body. She felt an arm tighten its grip around her waist. She looked over to see Alexander’s arm laying around her. He felt her sit up and pulled her closer to his chest. “I hope you're not thinking of trying to escape, my love,” he said in a stern voice and with his eyes still closed. “Of course, not. I had a nightmare that’s all.” Her voice had a slight tremble to it. He started stroking her hair as if trying to tell her it was just a dream. She lay back down, but she couldn’t fall back asleep. The events of her nightmare played over and over in her head.


I look at the mirror in front of me. Only it’s not me I see in the reflection at least I didn’t think it was. The girl staring back at me in the mirror looked like me except she looked happy and had what looked like a collar around her neck. The collar, though beautiful, was still a collar nonetheless. It was gold with diamonds encrusted in it. 


There was a lock dangling in the middle. Most likely a way to take it off. The door opened behind the girl in the mirror. Alexander appeared. The girl turned in glee and rushed over to him. 


When she reached him, she knelt in front of him like a dog. He reached down his hand and caressed her face. She leaned into his hand. She grabbed it and started kissing it. He bent down and lifted her by the collar. 


She followed him to the bed. He sat at the edge of the bed and she knelt in front of him. She started undoing his pants. She undid the buckles and gently pulled out his semi-hard cock. She started stroking it, licking the length of it with her tongue. 


Teasing the tip with her tongue. Then she put it in her mouth and went all the way to the hilt, then back up. She slowly sucked and teased his cock making it hard at full attention. Alexander tilts his head back in a growling moan. He grabbed her hair and started forcing her mouth up and down his shaft in a fast motion. 


Thrusting his hips, sending his cock deeper into her mouth. Suddenly he climaxed in her mouth. He filled her mouth to the brim with his cum and when he was done, she swallowed the whole load. Licking her lips in enjoyment. Alexander smiled letting her know he was pleased. 


He leaned down and pulled her onto the bed saying “Good girl, Evangeline now I will reward you.” She laid back on the bed. Alexander was on top of her body. He started trailing kisses from her neck to her chest, and her stomach until he reached his destination between her thighs. He nipped at her clit through the thin sheer nightdress she had on. 


She let out a loud moan. He roughly ripped away the nightdress leaving her body exposed. She let out a shiver from the cold air. He reached his hand down and started rubbing her clit. She arched her back in pleasure. 


He soon replaced his hand with his tongue. He licked and sucked on her clit, while she bucked her hips into his face. He enjoyed the feeling of her face fucking him, so he decided to enhance the experience. He added a finger inside her entrance, then another. He tried for 3 but she was too tight. 


He started slow, pulling his fingers in and out. Soon she got anxious wanting release, so he moved them as fast as he could while moving his tongue over her clit in great fervor. A few moments later her body began to convulse as her sweet nectar came out and a lewd sound escaped her lips. Letting Alexander know she reached her high. After her orgasm ceased Alexander lapped up all her juices reminiscing in the sweet taste. 


He brought his fingers up to her lips and she let him stick them in her mouth so she could taste herself. She looked into his eyes as she sucked on his fingers. All this took place as I watched on the other side of the mirror. I noticed something in the corner of the room in the reflection. I tried to focus on a figure. 


Then my eyes got wide and I gasped in shock. Tears welled up in my eyes. The figure in the corner of the room was Kain. He was badly beaten with cuts, bruises, and blood covering his body. He was chained to the wall and had a gag in his mouth. 


Tears streamed down his face at the scene that just took place before his eyes. I yelled hoping Kain could hear me, I began to beat on the mirror hoping to snap the other me out of it and to go help, Kain. Instead, the other me was in Alexander’s embrace. They both looked over at me as if they could see me and smiled wickedly. I screamed. That’s when Evangeline woke up. 







Chapter 8



The rays of the morning sun crept their way through the curtains. A barely audible sigh escaped past her lips. She hadn’t slept all night. Alexander noticed that she never went back to sleep, but just ignored it. He sat up slowly about to get ready for the day. He turned to her and caressed her cheek. 


“There is a ball being held tonight and you are to accompany me. Is that understood?” She nodded. He gave her a disappointed look. “What have we talked about verbal communication, Evangeline?” He placed a finger under her chin lifting her to look at him. She thought about the events of yesterday and what Alexander said about her not verbally acknowledging him. He told her she would be punished if she continued to disobey him. “Well?” He was becoming impatient. 


“Yes, I understand Alexander.” Her voice had a tremble to it. He smiled. “That’s a good girl.” His voice had a seductive tone. Then he leaned into her and kissed her. 


After he got dressed, he went for the door and unlocked it. “I will send someone to help you get ready later.” Then he opened the door and walked out. He made sure he shut it behind him and locked it. She was glad to be alone. 


Her nightmare gave her the incentive to find an escape at all costs. She felt sick at the memory of how obedient she was to Alexander. She was like a dog with unwavering loyalty to her master. A tear escaped her eye as she could see the hurt in Kain’s eyes. She was disgusted that she could do such a thing to the man she loves, with the monster she fears.


For most of the day, she plotted her escape. She searched the huge chamber over and over trying in vain to find a way out or at least a weapon. She sat on the bed trying to think. A thought hit her that she didn’t realize before. When Kain tried to help her escape. 


The door was still locked because Alexander had the only key. ‘So, how did Kain get in?’ There must be another door in here, but where? She started feeling on the walls for a hidden button or something. She reached the huge tapestry as she was about to walk past it and she noticed she could feel a draft. 


She looked down and saw the bottom move. It was scarcely noticeable. One would not see it if they weren’t standing right next to it. She pulled the tapestry aside and she almost jumped with joy. There was a hidden door. 


Her escape was imminent. Her heartbeat was racing as She reached for it to open it. Just before she could she heard the locks on the door behind her clicking. She hurried away from the tapestry and sat on the bed before the door opened. 3 female servants walked in. 


They had different things she would assume were for getting her ready for the ball. The door shut and locked behind them as they made their way over to her. The tallest one motioned for her to sit at the vanity.


After 3 hours of getting ready, the women stepped back to look at their handy work. They all looked at her adoringly saying she looked like a beautiful angel. She turned to look at the mirror in front of her and let out a slight gasp. She didn’t recognize herself. She was a vision. 


Her hair was braided in a loose French braid that came over her shoulder. It had red rubies scattered throughout. Her eyes had black eyeliner making them pop with eyeshadow done in a smoky look. She had red lipstick and there was a light blush on her cheeks. The dress was long and was red like a ruby. It had a slit all the way up her right thigh. 


It had a v-neckline to accent her breasts. The back plummeted to the small of her back exposing her skin. The sleeves were a sheer material that reached down her arms and a looped thread went over her middle finger. The dress was form-fitting showing off her curves until it reached the slit, where it was loose around her legs. She had black roman style stilettos. The black lace straps of the heels went up to the mid-calf. 


Just then the door unlocked and Alexander stepped in. He stopped in his tracks when she stood and turned to face him. He stared at her and licked his lips. Eyeing her like he would pounce and ravish her body at any moment. He sauntered over to her like a lion hunting its prey. The servants took their cue to leave. 


When he was inches from her, he reached out his hand. She watched and he slowly moved it across all parts of her body. His touch was warm. He moved so slow as if trying to seduce her dress to come off. Her body shivered at his touch sending goosebumps across her skin.


Alexander grinned at the way her body reacted to his touch. She noticed a bulge growing in his pants. He was getting turned on by the sight and feel of her. She looked away in embarrassment. He grabbed her jaw and pulled her back to look at him. 


“No need to be embarrassed, Evangeline.” He grabbed her hand with his free one and placed it over the bulge in his pants. Making her hand rub him up and down. He let out a breathless moan “Aaaah, Evangeline you’re so cruel. Why do you make me feel like I do?” He released her hand and roughly smashed his lips into hers. 


She let out a gasp and he seized the opportunity to invade her mouth with his tongue. He moved his hands from her jaw to her shoulders. He gripped them hard. He was losing control of his urges. She was frightened as to how far he would go. 


Before realizing it, she pushed him away with all her strength. He stumbled back then looked at her with rage. She backed away and fear spread over her. “I’m s-sorry, Alexander, I-I d-din’t mean t-too I wasn’t t-thinking.” He lunged towards her as her back hit the wall. 


He held her wrists beside her head in a firm grip. She winced in pain. “How, dare deny my advances. You belong to ME. You are MINE to control. Your mind, body, and soul are to obey my every desire. Do you understand?” He growled out in her ear. “Yes, Alexander. Please, I beg your forgiveness.” He grinned not expecting her to obey so easily, or beg for that matter. His grip loosened as he started rubbing her shoulders. 


“Of course, my sweet I could never stay mad at you.” He kissed her forehead softly. “Come, it's time we make our appearance at the ball.” He grabbed her hand and led her out the door. His grip was loose, but he didn’t let go. Alexander was no fool. He relished the fact of having her complete obedience with his controlling yet loose grip.





Chapter 9



Alexander and Evangeline made their way to the large double doors. He had her arm linked with his as they walked near a short man in formal clothing. Alexander stopped near the man who wasn’t paying attention like he should’ve and cleared his throat. He turned to look at them and his face went pale. “Oh, your highness, I apologize I’ll announce your arrival immediately.” 


Alexander smiled at him. The short man cleared his throat to gain the room's attention. “Crown Prince of Othella's Alexander accompanied by Lady Evangeline.” His voice was loud and boomed through the large ballroom. Before Alexander led her into the room he leaned down and whispered in the man’s ear just loud enough she could hear. “For your insolence, you will receive 30 lashes and be placed in the stocks.” 


The man backed away in fear. “B-but your highness it was a simple mistake.” Alexander ignored his plea and nodded to the guard at the door. The guard quickly grabbed the man and dragged him away. You could hear him yelling until a door slammed down the hall. She looked at Alexander in horror. 


He saw her expression and smirked evilly. Then leaned to her ear “You see Evangeline, I can be cruel as well. Remember this moment, because if you try to escape me your punishment will be far worse.” His hot breath sent shivers down her spine. Alexander continued to lead her down the grand staircase. Guests bowed to him as they ascended the stairs. 


When they reached the bottom, he released her arm to hold his up. “Welcome. We are here to wish my dear little brother Kain, the second prince of Othella's a happy 21st birthday.” He took a glass of champagne from the tray held out to him and raised it over at Kain who was off at the left side of the ballroom. “Happy birthday Kain, I hope it’ll be one you never forget,” he said, hinting he had something planned. Kain raised his glass and nodded in thanks. He sensed Alexander was up to no good. 


Kain suddenly noticed Evangeline at Alexander’s side. She looked stunning. The dress she was wearing had a seductive flair to it. ‘Alexander’s doing, no doubt’ he scoffed. Alexander noticed Kain’s gaze on his Evangeline. He grabbed her waist and pulled her close stating his claim to her. 

Kain ignored the purposeful possessiveness Alexander was displaying as his sign of dominance. When Alexander stole Evangeline from him, he no longer had respect for him. He now hates him with a passion. Hoping to bid his time to steal Evangeline back. His thought went to the other day when Evangeline told Kain she would stay with Alexander. He had to convince himself over and over that she was only doing it because she was trying to protect him. 


Evangeline was such a kind person to give up her happiness for the sake of him. He felt worthless for not being able to save her. He will find a way. Even if he has to sacrifice his life. “I will get Evangeline away from this hell, to be free.” He hoped he could find a way they both could escape, to live together in peace. He imagined the kind of life they would have together. Kain wanted to have children one day. He hoped Evangeline would want children too, but if she didn’t, he wouldn’t push the subject. 


Evangeline looked over at Kain. He seemed to be lost in thought. A sad look enveloped his face. She had to force herself from running over to him and hugging him tightly. Begging him forgiveness for choosing to stay with Alexander. She wants to tell him she only loves him. She wants him to kiss her in front of everyone showing how far their passion for each other runs. She wanted him to take her in front of Alexander the way her dream self had done with Alexander the night before. 


Alexander was talking to an important member of the court when he noticed Evangeline watching Kain intently. He tightened his grip on her waist letting her know he noticed her staring at his brother. She stiffened and looked away from Kain. Alexander kissed the top of her head. He brushed his lips against her ear and whispered. “Good girl, but I will have to punish you for looking at another man.” His tone hinted at his meaning, making her body stiffen. A sharp gasp escaped her lips. He grinned knowing the effect he has on her. 


Alexander and Evangeline made their way through the room, as time passed by. she was dreading knowing the evening would soon end. Alexander would take her back to his room, her dungeon. Kain would be hidden from her sight once more. She has to escape, tonight. No matter the cost. 


Alexander cleared his throat to gain the attention of the room. All eyes on him including Evangeline’s and Kain’s he started “I want to apologize to you my dear guests and friends, but I did have an ulterior motive this evening. I am excited to share it with you all.” Kain looked at him skeptically. Alexander pretended not to notice as a grin graced his features. He got down on one knee in front of Evangeline and pulled a small black box out of his pocket. 


The whole room gasped in shock, even Evangeline. “Lady Evangeline, I ask you to do me the honor of becoming my wife.” He opened the box and gave her a look to say ‘accept or be punished.’ She had no choice. She nodded her head in agreement sealing her fate. The room erupted in applause as Alexander placed the ring on her finger, then stood and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. 


Kain was fuming. Alexander knew no one, except for their parents, knows Evangeline was a sex slave. He planned this all along. He was the next in line for the throne, not even his parents would question his decision as they knew he always planned with much thought. Alexander smiled in victory, as he watched Kain’s eyes boil in envy and hatred. 


Evangeline tried to hide her fear and disappointment. She put a fake smile on her face, lest she accidentally embarrasses Alexander with her true feelings. She felt as though she was going to be sick. She felt like she just stabbed Kain in the heart. Her acceptance of Alexander’s proposal would be Kain’s undoing. 


She was now the person he should have hatred for. She was now the person he should condemn as his enemy. She was the monster who had agreed to marry his brother. The one who no doubt breaks his heart. She is disgusted with herself. She will make sure Kain knows she will punish herself for eternity for her crime. She will never let anyone forgive her discretions against him. 




Chapter 10




After Alexander proposed to Evangeline and she selfishly accepted, avoiding repercussions, they said their goodbyes and went back to his room. Alexander finished shutting and locking the door when he burst into uncontrollable laughter. Evangeline felt uneasy because it wasn’t joyful sounding, it sounded evil. “Ah, did you see the look on Kain’s face? He was furious because he knows I always get what I want…” he paused and looked at her “... I always win.” He placed his hand on her cheek to stroke it. He smiled. It almost looked kind. 


“Now, for your punishment, my sweet.” His demeanor changed in a flash. She looked at him in alarm. “Wait, I thought, if I accepted your proposal, you wouldn’t punish me.” She started to back away, but with each step, she took backward he matched them going forwards. “You forget, Evangeline, I owe you punishment for looking at another man.” His tone was stern. 


Without realizing it she let him back her into the bed. Before she could move around him, he grabbed her wrist, sat on the edge of the bed, and held her standing in front of him. With no effort, he ripped her dress from her body and bent her over his knee. He held her hands behind her back with one hand. The other hand gripped her ass cheek. It dawned on her that he was going to spank her as her punishment. 


“Mmm, your skin is so delicate.” He bent down and placed a tender kiss on her right ass cheek. She tried to struggle beneath his hold, but her efforts were futile. “Now, I will spank you five times, for the 5 minutes I caught you staring at Kain, so eagerly. You are to count them out as they are administered. Do you understand?” 


Before she could answer he smacked her ass. She winced. “Yes, I understand.” “Very good.” She tried to anticipate when he would hit, but he decided it would be more fun to taunt her. He was kneading her skin with his hand, then without warning SMACK. 


His hand came down hard and fast. She cried in pain. “One”. Then, SMACK SMACK. He hit her twice even harder. “Two, three” She felt tears welling up in her eyes from the stinging pain. SMACK. “Four” She could tell welts were forming on her skin from the force of his hand. He started to rub her ass cheeks. 


Letting her chafe with the anxiety of when the concluding slap would strike. It seemed like an eternity. Then it came. SMACK. She screamed at the immense pain radiating from the slap. “Five”. He lifted her and turned her around standing in front of him. He admired his skillful work.  


He laid a gentle kiss on each of the welts etched on her skin. “Rest now sweet Evangeline. We have to start preparations for our wedding tomorrow.” Evangeline walked to her side of the bed and moved the covers to make a spot to lay. She curled into a little ball. Alexander got on his side and pulled her delicate frame tight against his chest. He stroked her hair as she fell asleep. 


Evangeline could see dawn behind the drapes. She was dreading the moment she’d have to open her eyes and see Alexander’s elegant, yet ruthless eyes. She’s terrified of him. He knows this and he relishes that truth. The more fear she has, the more power he has. Alexander didn’t waste time planning the wedding. He started the arrangements 2 days ago. The day after Evangeline agreed to marry him. Today is the day of the wedding. 


Evangeline opened her eyes and noticed Alexander watching her. She flinched back. “I was wondering when you were going to quit pretending to be asleep.” He reached out and caressed her cheek. “I hope you’re as thrilled as I am. We get to spend the rest of our lives together. I get to have you in my bed each night, causing you to scream in ecstasy.” He grinned and moved his hand down her body sensually. 


“Did you have to marry me for that to happen? I belong to you. I am your slave.” She couldn’t hide the slight resentment in her expression. Evangeline marrying Alexander will destroy Kain, she just can’t bear it. Her heart aches for knowing she’s the cause of it. A sting on her cheek drew her out of her thoughts. Alexander had just struck her. He had hatred in his eyes. 


“Of course, I don’t have to marry you, but doing so not only lets me show you off and not have to hide your beauty from the people....” he paused “...it also will send my brother to despair. He might even choose to end his life.” He chuckled evilly as she looked at him in disbelief. “You’re a cruel, wicked, and sadistic being.” She spat out. “Ah, kitty grew claws, huh? Let me correct that for you.” 


He seized her hair and drew her close. Then he forcibly kissed her with bruising intensity. “Make no mistake, my sweet, you will marry me and Kain will perish. Whether it be by his hand or if I have to do it myself and make it look like a suicide, he will not live to see tomorrow.” He snarled out. He let her hair go and let it slide through his fingers. When the ends almost left his hand, he brought them to his nose and inhaled her fragrance. 


“Come, we need to start getting ready.” He let her hair slide the rest of the way out of his hand and walked away. He unlocked and opened the door to allow 3 servants to come to serve her with getting ready. Then he walked out. As Evangeline detected the door shutting, she anticipated the distinct click of the lock, but the strange thing was she never caught it. 


That’s not possible. Alexander continually locks the door. She considered for a moment. It could be a trap. Alexander’s too clever to overlook something that significant. Before she concluded the trap idea. She rushed towards the door past the 3 servants. She didn’t care if it was a trap she needed to escape and this was her only opportunity. 




Chapter 11



Her heartfelt as if it was going to beat out of her chest as she ran. She didn’t know where she was going, but she didn’t care. “I don’t see any guards, they must all be overlooking wedding preparations.” She took a right around a corner and crashed into something unyielding. She fell to the floor with a thud. She looked up to see a guard turning to see what hit him. ‘Oh no, I spoke too soon.’


“Lady Evangeline? Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for your wedding?” He stepped towards her. Before he could grab her, she took off. “Hey! Get back here!” She could hear him yelling behind her as he tried to catch her. “Damn! That was close. I better find a way out before Alexander finds out.”


Evangeline could hear warning alarms going off all around the castle. ‘Great now the entire castle knows.’ She could hear guards running through the halls. She heard footsteps approaching the adjacent hall, so she hid behind a statue near her. A guard stopped in front of where she was hiding and said “Find her, don’t let her escape. Or Prince Alexander will have our heads.” She waited for him to continue his search as she kept trying to find an exit.


Kain could hear the alarms going off. “Evangeline must’ve found a way to escape. I need to find her before Alexander does or else who knows what he’ll do to punish her for an escape attempt.” He took off from his room to find Evangeline. ‘Once I find her, we’ll leave together. We’ll finally be free of my brother's sadistic force.’


The alarms are going off. Alexander looked out the window. “It can’t be, she’s not that stupid.” A guard burst in the door. “Your highness, Lady Evangeline is trying to escape. She ran into me in the east corridor, but before I could grab her, she took off.” He looked at the guard calmly. “Find her and bring her to me.” He turned to leave, but Alexander called behind him. “Don’t let her escape, if she does, I will execute one man every day until she is found. Do I make myself clear?” The guard made an audible gulp. “Yes, Highness.” Then he hurried out the door. “Sweet Evangeline, I hope you enjoy this time away from me because once I find you, I’ll never let you go… again.”


“This is ridiculous, I feel like I’ve been running in circles. There must be a way out somehow.” Evangeline was getting tired from running. She made a quick left and spotted a group of guards. Before she could go unnoticed one spotted her and they all came running. “Stop her!” She took off again, but just as she passed a statue a hand grabbed her waist and another went over her mouth. 


The person pulled her behind the statue just as the guards turned the corner. The person held her still so they didn’t get caught. As soon as the guards disappeared. They let her go. She turned to face them and she almost collapsed in happiness. “Kain!” Evangeline leaped into his arms as he kissed her with overwhelming passion. 


“Oh, Evangeline I’ve missed the touch of your soft skin. I love you so much. I can’t stand being away from you. I won’t let Alexander marry you.” She looked into his eyes and they looked so sad. “Please, forgive me, Kain. I only stayed with him to protect you. I love you more than life itself.” He kissed her again. She pulled back and looked down. Kain looked at her worried. 


“What’s wrong?” She looked back up at him. “We have to get out of here. Alexander is marrying me in hopes you will end your life. He says that if you don’t kill yourself then he will kill you and make it look like a suicide. Then I will be his…. Forever.” She looked away, tears welling up in her eyes. He lifted her chin to look at him. “I will never let that happen. I will protect you until my last breath.” He leaned in to kiss her again, but they were interrupted with a cruel chuckle.


“Isn’t that sweet, too bad your last breath will only last until the moment Evangeline says ‘I do’.” Alexander was leaning against the wall grinning devilishly. Kain pushed Evangeline behind him. “Get out of here Evangeline. I won’t let you ruin your life to protect mine.” He drew his sword from its sheath and pointed it at Alexander. Alexander calmly stood up straight and snapped his fingers. 


Suddenly a swarm of guards surrounded Evangeline and Kain. Kain held fast and tried to shield her. “Drawing your sword on the crown prince is treason, punishable by death.” Evangeline gasped. Kain glared daggers at Alexander. She knew Kain wasn’t going to stand down, and she will not be the cause of his death. “Such a pity.” Alexander shook his head before he could give the order to kill Kain when Evangeline yelled. “Wait!” Both Kain and Alexander looked at her. She stepped forward. 


“I will marry you; Prince Alexander and I promise to accept my fate and never to try to escape… again. But you must let Prince Kain leave this castle on his promise to never return.” Kain tried to object, but she refused to listen. She walked over to Alexander and got on her hands and knees begging him to grant her request. Alexander looked down at her in sick pleasure. He knew she could not defy him. 


“As you wish, my love.” He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her to his chest. Then they turned to walk away. His grip tightened as he spoke. “Kill him!” He spat out. Evangeline's eyes grew wide in terror. “NO!” She tried to pull out of Alexander's grasp to save Kain, but he turned and held her tight and faced her to Kain. He leaned down to her ear and whispered. “I warned you, your punishment would be far worse than that man at the ball if you tried to escape me. Didn’t I?” The memory of that moment flashed before her eyes. How could she be so foolish?


Tears streamed down her face as she looked at Kain. “I love you, Kain.” He smiled at her as he fell to his knees. “I love yo…” Before he could finish a guard sliced his head off with his sword. Evangeline screamed and looked away as his head rolled across the floor. 


Alexander walked over to Kain’s head and picked it up by the hair. He walked back over to Evangeline and lifted her chin and showed her Kain’s head. “I win!” Then he laughed as he dropped Kain’s head and Evangeline sank to her knees.




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