30 ways to Have an Amazing Birthday After 30

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30 great ideas for birthdays after you’re 30

If you're like me Birthdays are big Deal! 
As it should be... unlike any other Holiday, your Birthday is all about you! 
I'm always searching for ways to have an epic Birthday even after 30! 
So I've put together 30 ways to still have an Amazing birthday for those who are not into clubs or big parties . 

1. Pamper Day
Since this is your special day , one if the best things to do is make it all about you! 
This can be done solo or with a small group of friends . Start the day off with Brunch or Breakfast . Afterwards include : Facials, Manicure , Pedicure, Massage, Wax(if you're willing to handle the pain) A new hairstyle (if you're willing to take out the time ) Anything you choose to do make sure it involves you being pampered and feeling like the Queen or King you are!

2. Get Flewed Out Everybody likes taking trips (right) . This has always been a fan favorite. Plan a special Get-A-Way.  Make sure you plan ahead of time because you don't want to get frustrated on or close to yourspecial day. Book your flight and hotel at least 3 weeks in advance . Good places to go (in the states are Miami , California, New York , Houston ) just to name a few

3. Roadtrip This one is a little more adventurous and time consuming , but never the less a great way to celebrate your special day . Plan your destination and make sure to stop as many places as you can in between. This is a good way to make memories and explore the outdoors. This could be done alone but even better with a partner Or a group of friends . For example if you're traveling from Texas to Massachusetts this will take at least two days. Stop at places like Mississippi, Georgia, North & South Carolina. 

4. By the Sea The ocean , the sea any body of water makes the perfect view for your special day! Getting a beach house or a hotel with a nice view . Spend your day relaxing on the beach, or even turn it up a notch and fun on the water. Go jet skiing , surfing , get in a boat. Any of these ideas are sure to make your day Amazing 

5. Dazzling Dinner Dinners have always been a go too. Choose your favorite restaurant or somewhere new and invite your family & friends , or go alone and treat yourself. Get dressed really nice and go feed your face ????

6. House Party Even after 30 you can never go wrong with a Good House party. Decorating and Themes make it even more exciting ( 80s, 70s, & 90s parties ) are always crowd pleasers 

7. Downtown If you live in a nice city or close to one it's always interesting things to do downtown . Pick a spot to go and enjoy your own hometown. You won't be far from home but also get to experience a new environment 

8. Pose for the camera Grab a couple of outfits and have a photoshoot, professional or you can do it yourself. What better way to celebrate yourself then taking pictures !

9.Face your Fears.  Live on the way wild side and do something spontaneous and daring like skydiving or bungee jumping. Make it a day you'll never forget and challenge yourself to think outside the box. New age New you!

10. Get Fancy Get dressed in your finest appeal and go wine tasting or to a really nice restaurant. Maybe a really upscale lounge something you wouldn't do everyday 

11. Shopping or Window Shopping 

12.Go Outside , Go on a Hike 

13. Feed your inner child and go to an Amusement Park

14. Sing on the mic and do Karaoke 

15. Dance! Have a dance party , go pole dancing , line dancing , Zydeco dancing

16. Finish or start a project If you're like me birthdays are really Send a middle so do something that would make yourself proud something that you can look back on and reflect

17. Write a book Preferably an autobiography or something like a diary, notating your life thus far

18. Go Camping 

19.Pool Party (if your birthday is in spring or the summer)

20. Sip & Paint They have classes for these events or you can buy a canvass and get your favorite wine and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. This could be done alone or with friends 

21. Escape Room 

22. Bar Hop If you want to live on the wild side , go from bar to bar til morning making sure you let it be known it's your special day at each spot

23. Become a parent (A plant parent that is) 

24.Drive the Boat Or rent a yacht yacht parties are always exclusive

25. Movie Night , Binge watch your favorite movies all night with your favorite snacks or go to a movie theater and cuddle with a partner are your friends

26. Luxury stay , Book a luxurious hotel or Airbnb just to get away and have a new scenery all day

27.Mountain climbing of course this is not for the weekend to hide or for the lazy but if you got it in you reaching the top of the mountain on your special day will it be amazing

28. Wake Up in Vegas or any other casino go and take your chances why not is your special day

29. Do something for others on your special day you can make it about someone else and go volunteer or start your own charity

30. Last but not least meditate you can spend the entire day meditating and manifesting your head you don't have to do anything at all but celebrate yourself in the moment in the now !

Submitted: August 24, 2021

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