We dont Die But Reincarnate

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The poem questions a logical and a philosophical question of life after death,it tries to bring to limelight the issue of the connection between this life and after life and also puts to question suffering, it paints vivid pictures in a reader and challenges the mind to think beyond what spirituality talks about life after death. The poem balances the question of most people- why do I need to do good after all, what is the price of doing good?

We dont die but Reincarnate

What if there is no heaven and hell, only a waiting place 
As every people, animals and trees await reincarnation 
And whoever comes back takes the opposite life 
The poor becomes rich the good becomes bad 
What if those suffering now were happy before death? 
And those happy were beggars in their past life 
What if dead relatives are angels awaiting reincarnation 
The bad ones as demons and good ones as God’s angels 
What if a man reincarnates as a woman? 
That’s why men love beauty and women love money? 
What if parents reincarnate as children in present life 
And that is why some children take care of their parents 
What if parents now beating children are revenging? 
For mistreating them when they were children in past life 
What if orphans disrespected their parents in past life? 
What if domestically abused women were cruel husbands?
 What if those feminists were rude husbands now fearing revenge 
What if the lesbians and gays are stubborn creatures? 
Who don’t want to forget their past life sexual orientation? 
What if your wife was your husband?
 What if that thief was a police man in his past life? 
The drunkard as a Priest in charge of Holy Communion 
What if prostitutes, lustful men reincarnate as dogs 
Proud and arrogant women reincarnate as cats 
What if murderers reincarnate as animals to be killed
 What if blacks reincarnate as whites to do racism 
What if why victims of murder cannot revenge is 
They have forgotten everything during reincarnation
 What if pilots reincarnate as houseflies and birds? 
What if what you were taught about death, heaven and hell? 
Are thoughts of a mad man reincarnating as Wiseman? 
What if everything you do now is a debt or reward in next life? 
Debts for the wrongs and rewards for the rights you do 
What if those divorcing abused their marriage before death? 
And the childless had children but abandoned them 
What if as I write this you think I am a mad man? 
And in next life you will be mad writing this too 
What if we lived once or twice but cannot remember 
What if all we struggle for on earth and don’t get 
We will get when we reincarnate in next life 
©Dias Nyesiga 2021

Submitted: August 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Dias. All rights reserved.

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tom mcmullen

What if I dreamt the universe into existence this morning and can't wake up?

Sun, August 29th, 2021 2:10am

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