Witnesses of Murder

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a young aspiring, beautiful girl is killed. her death becomes a mystery. her boyfriend tries to connect the dots of the murderers but the challenge comes up that it looks her death is complex and although many know who killed her they cannot talk, those who know her death have been coached to provide a version that a house help killed her. the poet uses animals to describe how the witnesses have the best information about who killed her, but the poem provides hope to the boyfriend, that a fly will go far from the house owner- who is the killer of the girl and tells the truth. the poem portrays injustice, betrayal, deceit and how people who have money and authority can buy justice in their favour.



Cockroaches were listening attentively this time 

But seemed not to care
Mosquitoes were hymning a comical song 
Not the normal feeding hymn they always do
But I knew they were ridiculing me 
And the cat flamboyantly crisscrossing legs 
After eating the sauce of the house owner
Kept smiling at me
 As I listened to testimonies of Lizard and Jackal 
Narrating how my beautiful maiden died 
The truth is the houseboy killed your fiancée 
Ohh my heart bleeds when I know she is no more 
The Lizard narrates with crocodile tears 
The rumpen houseboy killed her by strangling 
Like an FBI special agent solving homicide case 
The Lizard reconstructs the homicide scene
With grotesque pictures ironically depicting truth
 He was standing on the door from the dining room 
The shabby faced houseboy shot his eyes on her
As she was sitting on a sofa seat 
Flipping through messages on whatsApp 
With light from her phone litting her virtuous face 
Like a lion on its prey he jumped and choked her
 I cried as she choked to death, her face turning pale 
But the jackal says he was there, he saw it all 
Like the lizard, the stout house boy killed my angel 
Not by strangling but by cut throat 
After her accusing him of cooking bad food 
Armed with a knife, he dashed to the living room 
While she flipped through her phone messages 
Like a butcher cutting a hen, he cut her throat 
Blood gushing out of her throat filling sofa seat 
Her head lay back helplessly in the chair, jackal says 
As he wipes his dry tears from his Judas Iscariot’s face 
But one thing is analogous to the lizard and jackal 
The timid rat that refused to testify
For fear of the house owner’s wrath says 
As she focuses on the maize she is eating 
They were coached to testify, not what they saw 
But the frowning fly swiftly buzzes around the room
Like America’s F-15E Strike Eagle over Afghanistan 
He wants to speak but fears the house owner 
For grief in his eyes cultivates credence in me 
That he knows the truth, the light to liberate me 
He will fly far from the house and spill the truth 
And there then will the spirit of my angel rest
© Dias Nyesiga 2021

Submitted: August 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Dias. All rights reserved.

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