Lamentation of the Wise Man

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The Poem mocks the people who hate truth and do wrong when they actually know the right thing to do and end up looking at those doing good and fighting to make the world a better place as fools and good for nothing. It portrays a society that embraces evil and fights good people. the poet therefore decides to take a negative aspect to bring out the bad side of the society.


Lamentation of the Wise man


When fools take over the chair of wisemen


 Wisemen become fools  as fools  become  


masters of wisdom, the beconies of truth 


And in foolishness they have become 


they lament;


For now truth is twisted and honesty raped 


As Lie becomes measuring scale balance 


And in that foolishness they have become


that they see light and truth 


 Only them  they see sun rising from west


And setting in south, thanks to scientific wisdom


In foolery have they awakened to see the unseen


In foolishness only them  seen a bull giving birth


A baby suckling its father, thanks to Gender equality


And have seen the blind leading the two eyed


Be wise don’t fall, we always care for you, they say


In foolishness only them seen the poor giving to the rich


Bring that little penny I will plan for you he says


In their foolishness they seen gigantic projects


Where hens produce cows and the poor milk them


In foolishness only  them have seen women


Put on trousers and boom they grow testicles


In their foolishness as they have been christened


They mute for the fools turned wise men  to speak


Showering praises to the rust-iron hearted angel


They chant;


 Thanks for killing our children they deserved it 


They were stubborn, they did not belong to us 


I am a devil’s child,for I have stood for truth 


Fortifying my people against oppression 


And my heart sinned because though;


I don’t have a mouth I have spitted on the holy one


And that  am possessed by evil spirits, a legion or two



I prophecy in Christ Jesus not the holy one


they are  foolish for they know the colour of a lie


They are foolish


For  sleeping like a babies, so peaceful.


And there they rest burying wisdom 


as foolishness takes the place of wisdom


And darkness comouflages light


to light for the innocent world 


©Dias Nyesiga 2021

Submitted: August 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Dias. All rights reserved.

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