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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay


They mocked her,



putting her down.

Such derision -

it would not take long

to turn to violence.

She turned,

picked out a woman

and held her gaze

until the first

of the stones

were thrown.

Submitted: August 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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Harry Little

Never should one underestimate the power of others, whether men, women, teenage, child, rich or poor.

As the quote goes:
"Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak".

Sat, August 28th, 2021 7:03pm

dewey green

Such unnecessary judgment in the world today.

Sat, August 28th, 2021 8:33pm

Mike S.

an excellent 'stoner' poem, Hull

Sat, August 28th, 2021 9:54pm

88 fingers

With the way society is, all tense and combative, figure she would pull out a gun and go "Dirty Harry" on her tormentors.

Sat, August 28th, 2021 10:18pm


A gripping poem, Hull.
The writing is strong, and powerful.

Sun, August 29th, 2021 12:35am

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