The magic in love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Without trust love is lost

The strangely stippled sky, bewitched by the sunset greeting the twilight, bloomed with words to share love between souls.Only when they could hear the sounds of the waves crashing along the shore they were brought back to reality.

Jane and Erick walked towards a Canary Island date palm and tried to get an adorable couple picture making sure neither of them are blinking or being funny .

Subsequently, an attractive strange girl walked towards them holding a book ( a book from John's favourite collection) and a reasurring smile.

"Erick! How are you today? " She asked him brightly waving her hands in the air.

While Erick stood quietly as he couldn't help the quiver in his voice.Jane was able to grasp the reason mentally and she silently left the place.

Few minutes later after conversation with the strange girl, John mustered courage and walked up to Jane.

He cleared his throat and said, " She was Liana .A friend of mine. But not very long."

"Wait," interupted Jane calmy.

Erick's heart started beating faster as he was deliberately making a false statement about Liana.Infact, he had been maintaining a dishonest relationship for months.

"Of course,I knew it.She is your friend. And that's not bad to have a friend of the opposite gender. Because, you know your limits and I know mine. Without trust ,Love is lost." She said with her eyes filled up with tears of love and gave him tight hug.

Her words, kindled his mind when he found out that she trust him with all her heart and soul.

That moment, made him feel so fortunate to own a girl nobody could ever have in life.

Thus, he decided to treat her better than she treated him for she deserves the best.

Submitted: August 29, 2021

© Copyright 2022 shaika zafran. All rights reserved.

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