Diary of a Well Woman

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This morning I woke up depressed as usual. And now, I am glowing with joy! A well of life has sprung up inside me.




I had a divine encounter while getting water, of all things. How I have hated that chore. Now I am forever grateful for it, because that is how I met him. 




He was sitting on the ground, eyes closed, rubbing his forehead. Famous as he is, he was just a stranger to me. I did recognize his kind though. Men like him don’t come to my neighborhood.




He shocked me by asking for a drink. I said, “Why would you ask the likes of me for a drink?”




He answered, “If you knew who I was, you’d be asking me for a drink.”




“A drink from where?” I looked at his empty hands. “Are you greater than Jacob who sponsored this joint?”  Little did I know how much greater.




“I can give you something better than any drink here.” His tired eyes suddenly looked sharp.



"Prove it."



He took me up on my challenge, proving his words right there on the spot. He did something astonishing, immediately letting me know he is no ordinary man. I will write all about it tomorrow, but there is one more thing I must record today. 



Tonight, as we were sitting around the fire at Jaasiel's house, hanging on the stranger's every word, we were amazed by his power. I told his friends, who were also there, how thrilled I am to have met him. Their response is the thing I want to record and keep in my heart forever. It is the biggest surprise of all today: They said he was just as excited about meeting me! They said he was so moved after talking with me that he couldn't eat! 


Furthermore, they said the authorities have suspicions of who he is, but as much as they are dying to know, he won’t confirm it. But he told me who he is….






John 4

Submitted: August 29, 2021

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