I Pledge Of Allegiance

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

 I Pledge Of Allegiance

You gave us the throne of the universe
Love and honor unto mankind as we daily converse
The storms, the sun, the rains
Manmade emollients to ease the discomfort of our pains
The window of opportunity to ensue at our feet
Life, liberty, and the pursuit as great minds greet
You thou I walk through the valley of the shallow of death
Labored breaths, that beaming light casted on my soul in the moment of time I felt
A promise from Your son, You, we shall divinely meet

The bombs are still so loud
Faces eradicated as citizens who once stood begging for freedom in crowds
Does that old star spangled banner still wave
How many more lives to be taken before been lowered in graves
We gave you the oath of our loyalty by countless votes
You stand as Commander In Chief, have you forgot about the rite of passage from our ancestral’s boats  
The separatism of walls have been infringed upon, humans in search of peace have flooded in
So many stood in line on the promise America will be fair for all, as a nation we’re make it great once again  
The journey to heal will start from reparations of the forefather’s sin

My eyes have seen the coming of glory for others
Not for the Moorish generation, or for the systematic burdens of a brother
Is the demoralizing propaganda of fixing our grievances with a venomous injection
The same as a Tuskegee trial without medication, without any government hesitation, no interference, no scientific rejection
We stand hand in hand to uplift
The democracy of this country is not forgotten upon hard times, courts now in favor to evict
Yet, welcoming others whose lands we’ve taken, homeless rings, the true patronage of this country is legit  

On your word, withdrew troops, diplomatic and servitude Americans still intact
The victors are now the prey, time is running out POTUS, weapons, which we left behind by our faux pas are now pointing at our backs  
Media’s translation of births and deaths fixated by uprising numbers
If you do not know your science, your biology, anatomy and physiology, or chemistry then your mind is in slumber  
Inhale and exhale, why? The air is cloud seeded, environmental polluted
The water has fluoride and lead in it, and is never entirely diluted
Die for a country as a hero, kinfolk given a folded flag, for classified or black ops military's secrets not mentioned when that serviceman or servicewoman saluted

Please stay safe out there everyone, and take care of your health, and most importantly, your mind

Submitted: August 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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