Chapter 2: The Fox and the Vampire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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An hour or so later, outside Tammy's Village...

Drakken and Meredith were walking slowly side by side down a rough dirt path that led to the village's main gates. The weather was still quite compliant, but now they'd left, the skies started getting significantly cloudier and the temperature had dropped a little.

"So Meredith, can I ask something?" Drakken would ask, shifting the rucksack on his back.

"Sure, as long as I get to do the same." Came the reply with a grin and a flash of a fang.

He nodded, his tail swishing a little, taking in the cool breeze that had set in. "Sounds fair. Now I don't know how to word this politely but.. Are you a Vampire?"

Meredith kept smiling, looking forward as a fang poked out onto her lip. "Yes! What gave it away? The pale skin? The red eyes?"

Drakken was hesitant here, scratching his head awkardly. "Umm... no. It wasn't my eyes."

She looked over curious, and then it clicked. "Oooh of course! You're half fox, you probably just smelt the fact I smelt like a dead elf or something?"

He chuckled before replying, appreciating the crass humour. "Nothing that bad. Blood, you smell overly strongly of blood. Which I just found odd."

"Oh, it's that obvious huh?" She chuckled, holding her hand out as small droplets of blood started coalescing into a small sphere or crimson liquid. "Makes sense. I'm probably covered in it. I spent a long time using blood magic."

"How long? Exactly?"

"Now now!" Meredith waggled her finger. "You already had your question, besides, it's rude to ask a woman her age! Especially an undead one~" She finished with a wink, making Drakken chuckle awkwardly. She soon continued, smirking.

"Oh relax silly. Now it's my turn. How come you're staying here? From what I've heard you've been at Tammy's your whole life."

"Pretty much." He replied, though his face went a bit more serious here as he tried to recall things correctly. "Tammy told me that she found me and a twin outside the village, in a basket. Like we were dumped there."

"A twin?" Meredith mused. "Oooh so he looks the same as you?"

"She, and kinda. We look really similar but she has white scales and cream fur. Tammy seems to think there's something... off about us. She says we are mirrors. Kari her name was, she was always outgoing and she left a few years ago to be a Dragon Knight."

"And you stayed to learn the ways of a Shrine Guardian."

He nodded. "Though I didn't enjoy all the meditation I'm glad I did. I feel more ready to tackle whatever's ahead, and I've got more confidence in being able to stay cool headed when things go wrong."

"That sounds boring!" Meredith exclaimed loudly with a laugh. "Sitting around in a dark room thinking? I'd rather be dancing on stage singing!"

"You sing?"

"Naughty, that's two questions, but yes! I am Meredith, The Dancing Vampire of the Stage!" She twirled on the spot, arms open wide, with the right hand high up while the left one was held lower down, in a diagonal line.

"Huh." Drakken nodded. "If you're any good I'll check out your concerts." He grinned as Meredith shoved him.

"Hey! Of course I'm good!"

The two would start laughing before continuing down the path, Meredith skipping, hopping and twirling whenever she fancied, while Drakken walked on a slow and somber march, his mind returning to the topic at hand previously.

"Hey Meredith... Can we head to the Dragon Knight Academy?"

His question made Meredith stand still and pause, a finger on her lips as she thought. "I can't see why not! We'd have to get to Cornaz. Bit of a trek."

"That's the capital right? East of Dragonwall?"

"Yep, and to the right of Yggdrasil. So we'll have to make a few stops on the way."

"Do you mind?" He asked again, a bit unsure at dragging her out so far away.

"Of course not! I was going to take you to Cornaz anyway, it's basically a mandatory stop for any tour guide." She giggled with another wink. "Think of it as a complimentary full service trip all around Midgard!"

Drakken chuckled a little. "I should have a map if that helps." He reached back, pulling one out of his bag and unwravelling it.

Midgard was one of seven continents on the planet of Arcadia, and by far the biggest. To the West lay the Kitsune settlements, all governed by various sages and officials, all reporting to Tamamo no Mae (known as Tammy) or the Shogun, the military leader of the Kitsune Kingdom, known as Raiden.

In the center was the Human Kingdom, the Arthurian Kingdom, or the Kingdom of Camelot. It had many settlements all spread out, centered around Camelot, the capital of Midgard, and by far the biggest settlement in the world, at least, that was publically known. It was here the Dragon Knight Academy was based, an order of Dragon or Dragon Half Breed Knights that travelled the world hunting criminals, monsters or foul Demons.

Where his sister went, chasing her path to shining glory. Maybe... just maybe... if he chased her, he could catch a snippet of that light, work out what he was meant to do.

Submitted: September 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Drakken Amore. All rights reserved.


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