I Was Summoned by The Demon Lord(DROPPED)

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It was our field trip back then, I and my childhood friend had a fight. That's why, I want to reconcile with her at our field trip.

It was going well, she gave me a thread as a sign of our connection. Honestly, that's quite embarrassing especially when you're doing it in public. I hold the tip of the thread, she was about to say something but suddenly, a bright light covered my eyes. I unconsciously covered my face... But I didn't know... My life would turn upside down...

I'm too tired...

.... Does her world is colorful without me?

... I want to die...

Table of Contents

Colorless World

- Where getting close to Hakuba everyone!  We are on a trip going to hakuba, it's our Class trip. Everyone is looking forward on... Read Chapter

Side Story

*Gasp! * - Haru!  What is happening?  Where's Haru?  I look everywhere, it was a large gorgeous place, the... Read Chapter


Knock! knock! knock!  - Pardon me, Heredez- Sama. The preparation for summoning is complete.  Said by the two horn demo... Read Chapter


When...? When will I die...?  " The blood of the test subject is unstable."  I want to die...  "Incredible... Read Chapter

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