A Light in Yawn Forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Another children's fictional story for the kid in everyone.

Through the deepest Darkest parts of Yawn Forest flew Katie Canary. Oh my, she was in a tizzy. Flying this way and that way, fluttering ever so haphazardly through the trees.

"Watch out," said the Screech Owl, or you're gonna crash!

"Take care where you're going, or going you'll not be," said the Badger as he crossed from one hedge to another.

In and out, and up and around the trees the little bird flew. She was knocking leaves from limbs and causing concern from the forest creatures wherever she flew.

"Is she being chased by Feather-Droppers?" asked Mrs. Jay as the Canary flew her way.

Mr. Chipmunk made a remark from a Willow-tree's bark, "I think she's being chased by a flying shark!"

Yes, everyone was making guesses about Katie's fluttering state of flight, when, all of a sudden, she tumbled to the ground.

She didn't crash very hard because she landed on Puffy-grass.

Puffy-grass is as soft and fluffy as you want it to be, and if you are crashing into it, it gets puffy and fluffy enough to save you from disaster. It's true, like many things in Yawn Forest, Puffy-grass is magical.


As Katie Canary lay in the soft grass, she was huffing, puffing, and breathing real hard. Her long and dramatic flight had taken her breath away, and she needed to rest for a time.

So while Katie took the time to catch her breath, the Yawn Forest creatures gathered around her in a big circle. And as they waited for her to say something about her Fluttering Flight, they whispered among themselves.

Now, whether it was by chance, or maybe Katie Canary meant to land in front of Milderpeed Rootlander, nobody knew for sure. But no matter the case, Milderpeed bent his tall trunk over enough for his eyes to see the small yellow bird, and that is when he asked, "Are you alright?"

The Tiny Canary looked up into Milderpeed's two big eyes and replied, "Oh, I'M OK, but the Fairy Princess has a big problem. She has lost her wings!

Well don't you know that all the creatures, that were gathered around Katie Canary, were shocked to hear that the Fairy Princess had lost her wings. So they all Gasp at the same time, "Oh Nooo!"

Then Katie went on to say, "I was seated in my favorite Pepper-Tree, preening my feathers and minding my own P's and Q's, when all of a sudden I heard a great Whirling Sound. And when I looked in the direction of the Whirling Sound, I saw the Fairy Princess and her Seven Handmaidens flying towards the Whispering Pond.

In no time at all they were standing on the shore of the pond, and that is when the strangest thing happened. Two of the Handmaidens flew up above the pond and began sprinkling shinny Glitter-stuff into the air. And as the Glitter-stuff slowly fell onto the water, the Fairy Princess walked into the pond.

Then, when she had walked in up to her waist, she dunked herself under the water and as she rose up, her wings began to glow. Her wings were shinning brightly in no time at all. Then (Wham!), they disappeared!"

All the creatures that were gathered around Katie, and heard about the glowing wings disappearing, were shocked once more. So, of course, they all Gasp at the same time, saying, "Oh Nooo!"

That is when someone from the crowed yelled, "What happened next?!?"

To which Katie replied, "Oh, I was in a Tizzy because the seven handmaiden didn't seem to be doing anything about the poor princess's situation, after all, she had lost her wings.

So I thought it best to come to the wisest spirit in all of Yawn Forest, Milderpeed Rootlander, he would know what to do."

Suddenly, all eyes were on Milderpeed Rootlander, the mighty Oak of Yawn Forest.

Would he know how to fix the princess's problem? Would he be able to wave his Hocus-pocus Branch and bring the Fairy Prince's wings back to her? Nobody knew. But everyone waited to see what Rootlander would do.

Milderpeed thought with his thinker for a very long time. Then he rustled his branches, as he often does when he is thinking very hard. And after that he called his friends, the Finder-birds, and he whispered something only they could hear; then they flew away.

All the forest creatures that were gathered around, waited and watched for some Grand Thing to happen; they didn't know what, but they all thought that it would be something magical, mystical, and utterly amazing.


After just a short time, a great Whirling Sound began. And when everyone looked in the direction of the Whirling Sound they saw the Fairy Princess and her Seven Handmaidens flying towards them.

Then Katie Canary said, with the sound of wonder in her voice, "How can this be? The Fairy Princess has wings!"

And sure enough, the Fairy Princess had new wings, they were a little bigger that the old ones, and with a lot more glitter going on.


The fairy Princess landed next to Katie Canary, and she said, "Every eighth year I am given new wings by way of the Whispering Pond. If you had not been so quick to reach a conclusion, so determined to fly away to tell someone what you saw, then you would have seen the new ones appear.

But it is nice to know that you were so concerned for my welfare, and so kind of you to seek help, so to you, Katie Canary, I give the Fairy's Badge of honor, Sparkle.

Suddenly a Fairy Handmaiden flew above Katie, and when she did she sprinkled glittery stuff that fell on Katie's feathers, (Boom!), Katie was all aglow.

"Wow!" some creatures said.

"So pretty," others said with envy.

But most just looked on with wonder.

Well, with that said and done, the Fairy Princess kissed Katie on the top of her little head, then all the fairies flew away.


"Overwhelmed, and still a little confused, Katie Canary asked Milderpeed Rootlander a question. She said, "So, you didn't fix the Fairy Princess's problem?"

"No," Milderpeed stated, "the problem never was a problem. Her wings grow right back when she dis-guards the old ones."

"You couldn't have just told me about that without all the fanfare and honor stuff? You know that I like helping others, but I don't like the spotlight. And you know that I'm not big on awards. Now I'm stuck with all this glitter and glow. What am I going to do now?"

Milderpeed smiled and then stated, "You could make your home in my branches, this part of the forest gets pretty dark at night, so we could use a Nightlight."

Katie thought for a moment, then uttered, "Nightlight? Hmm. --- Do you have any good nesting material available?"

Milderpeed replied, "You're standing on it, I've been told by the other birds that Puffy-grass is the best for nest building, it becomes whatever you want it to be; it's magic, you know."


So, as the two discussed tree accommodations and Nightlight duties, the other creatures that were gathered around disappeared into their comfortable nighttime places.

And as the sun sat on the darkest part of Yawn Forest, a light was seen at the home of Milderpeed Rootlander.

Ah, tree-houses are the best. ...



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: September 01, 2021

© Copyright 2022 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

This is such a cute story! Katie Canary is a sweetheart. I feel so sorry that she had to panic like that for everyone to notice her. But I am glad that her worry turned out to be nothing at all. On another note, where can I order a Puffy-grass mattress? :)

Thu, September 2nd, 2021 2:41pm


Thanks for the comments, Ann, it's always a joy to hear from you. --- As for your inquiry, I don't know for sure but a little yellow bird told me that Puffy-grass mattresses can be bought for a song at Lullaby-beds, located in the sky-mall near the "Dreams Ville Promenade." Just ask for Mr. Sandman, tell him Katie sent you. :) --- Sweet Dreams.

Thu, September 2nd, 2021 11:03am

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