The Breeze of Heaven

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The Breeze of Heaven!
It was not the first time he had smelled that captivating floral scent. He often felt it while he was alone, the same fragrance, and it was quite recent, as if an apsara was nearby every time he smelled it. The amazing scent in the air, like as if he was suddenly in heaven. He wondered about the good deeds that he had done in life, many in fact. Well, he like any other human had committed minor sins but nothing major that could hinder his way to enter paradise, he was sure of that now! The divine aroma was a clear sign.
After noticing it for several days, and to ensure that the experience was real and not merely a product of his imagination, he finally revealed it to his wife, of course in a casual manner, just in case he was wrong, though he was confident that he was right this time....
His wife shook her head as always, pointing at the new air wick automatic spray device behind the bed containing the fragrance of her choice!
"The product is designed for the time release of a fragrance. You can buy it from any store or order it online. I bought it from Walmart btw."
"Oh, that's why I was thinking that the scent is not that heavenlike, really!" That is what he said, with a weak smile on his face. 
So I need to do more good deeds to enter paradise, that is what he is thinking now!

Submitted: September 02, 2021

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